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Flagship sedan G90 first example of a new design Genesis. Waiting in Russia

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Most of the “chetyrehdverki” owned by Hyundai premium brand significantly changed in appearance. Motors, according to preliminary data, remained the same.

A couple of weeks ago brand Genesis has announced the premiere of the restyled sedan G90 to include the only image model, which she hid under the covers. However, now we know how to look refreshed “cityradio”: photos of the car with almost no camouflage was made in Korea, published the local edition of Top-Rider.

genesis-g90 (2)

The flagship Genesis was the huge grille in the style of conceptual crossover GV80 and coupe Essentia, new led headlights and taillights. The back lighting made a “bunk” — the lower band is stretched the full width of the car. Also, the G90 changed the bonnet and the rear number plate moved to the bumper. In the cabin – other Central air vents and climate control unit installation. Even Genesis promised G90 more advanced multimedia system and active noise control.

genesis-g90 (3)

By the way, along with the image intended for the Korean market sedan was replaced and the name – the home of the brand he is now also called G90, whereas the pre-reform model was sold under the index EQ900.

Engines, according to preliminary information, the former in Korea, “chetyrehdverki” Buturlinovsky is equipped with petrol V6 3.3 T-GDi (370 HP), “atmospherically” V6 3.8 GDi (315 HP) and 5.0 GDi V8 (425 HP). All the engines are combined with eight-speed “automatic”. Drive – rear or full (HTRAC, with multi-plate clutch to drive the front wheels).

A full presentation of the updated Genesis G90 will be held in Korea on 27 November, while orders for the model there are already taking. Price – from 77 000 000 won, equivalent to about 4 485 000 rubles on the current exchange rate.


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The braking of the car market forced China to go for a truce in a trade war with the United States

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The Chinese government announced today that for three months to freeze the growth of tariffs on imported American cars. This measure should at least be a little smartservice dramatic drop in demand recorded in the Chinese auto market in recent months.

Experts predicted the stagnation of the Chinese car market three years ago, but it happened in 2018, and a trade war between the US and China, launched by Donald trump, was its catalyst. In the second half of the year the demand for cars in China is steadily declining: in October, sales slipped from 12.7%, after 28 years of strong growth, during which the Chinese market has become the most important and largest in the world.

The Chinese government, of course, taking preventive measures: this year it allowed foreign auto companies to gain control over its factories in China, whereas before it was only possible possession on a parity basis (50/50) with some local partner. The removal of this restriction should spur foreign companies to produce more cars in China to provide more attractive prices for consumers and in General to accelerate the Chinese economy. The new terms are already used by BMW, has announced its intention to increase its stake in the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive from 50 to 75% and to invest 3 billion euros in the expansion of local production. Also about his intention to build a plant in USA has finally announced the company Tesla.


That to wage war, it only aggravated overdue in the Chinese market crisis. China receives from the USA more cars than there imports. So, last year, U.S. factories shipped to Chinese dealers 280 208 cars, and Chinese enterprises sent to the United States, only 53 300 cars. It is clear that 28 million Chinese car market is the crumbs, but the psychological effect to dismiss is not necessary. With a light hand trump, eager fair trade balance, duties collected in China cars was increased from 2.5 to 27.5%, which brought down the plans of Chinese firms in entering the us market (Zotye, however, do not stop even duties). In response, China raised tariffs on American cars from 15 to 40%, making meaningless existence freshly American Volvo plant, intending to produce cars for China. The American divisions of BMW and Daimler announced a multi-million dollar losses, top managers recently met with trump in the White house and explained that this situation is no good.

Trump, it seems, realized that went too far: after meeting with top managers of German automakers and the announcement of the creation of the Alliance between Volkswagen and Ford, the threat of a full-fledged trade war between the United States and Europe greatly reduced. In turn, the trump conversation with the leader of China XI Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina has led to a temporary truce in the trade war between the US and China, what the Chinese government today officially declared. In exchange for a three-month (January 1-March 31) the freezing of tariffs on American cars, the US promised within 90 days to increase from 10 to 25% duties on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion. During the ceasefire, the parties must agree on a new compromise tariff policy and fix it in the long term. The manufacturers of both countries pray for the rulers of the superpowers shook hands and got to stop scaring the markets – they already have something to fear.


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The first electric SUV Infiniti will come to Detroit as a concept

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infiniti concept

Infiniti concept. В 2019 году Infiniti отметит своё тридцатилетие. Этот порог в каком-то смысле станет новой точкой отсчёта для развития марки. Исполнительный директор по дизайну Infiniti Карим Хабиб без лишней скромности назвал данный концепт «началом новой эры».

Leonid Popov, 16 minutes ago. Photo: Infiniti

In 2019 Infiniti will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. This threshold is in some sense become the new starting point for the development of the brand. Executive Director of Infiniti design Karim Habib immodestly called this concept “beginning of a new era”.

Intending to electrify its range in 2021, the company Infiniti is preparing in parallel a new platform and a new design language. Electric “trolley” opens wider possibilities in the layout of the units, and it will be reflected in the appearance of machines, and their salons. How it will look, will show in January at the Detroit auto show concept electric crossover, a first for the brand.

Senior Vice President, global design, Nissan Motor Alfonso Albaisa said that “the new electrified power Infiniti inspired the company and a new visual language embodied in such concepts as the Q Inspiration, shown in Detroit almost a year ago.

Not forgotten and the show car Prototype 10, appearing to the audience in August of this year. Albaisa suggests that from it the new SUV will get something on the part of aesthetics.

Technical details, of course, the authors of the concept did not disclose. However, a large experience in the development of electric vehicles parent company Nissan Motor allows us to hope that here the engineers will rise to the occasion. Recall that the electrification Infiniti provides as a pure battery models, and rechargeable hybrids. Moreover, the focus is supposed to do on a hybrid installation of the series type, similar to the system Nissan e-Power.


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Bosch has prepared the concept of “Shuttle mobility”

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Konstantin Bolotov, 2 hours ago. Illustration: Bosch

By 2020 the roads of Europe, the USA and China will be about a million such shuttles, and in 2025 their number will reach 2.5 million, according to analysts from the firm Roland Berger, quoted by Bosch.

Electric shuttles without a driver, carrying passengers and goods, will soon become commonplace on the streets. This convinced the German company Robert Bosch GmbH is developing a package of solutions for the new mobility, who calls the Shuttle (shuttle mobility). Ideally, Bosch wants to create smart, seamless ecosystem with a full range of services. The prototype will be presented at the electronics show CES in Las Vegas, opening on the eighth of January.

Four passengers Bosch placed opposite each other to have more legroom. Everyone can benefit from touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi. The Shuttle itself becomes a personal assistant, ready to provide all sorts of information.

It all starts with ordering the Shuttle through the app on your smartphone. Smart algorithm will find the nearest Shuttle and other users who want to follow a similar route: the more passengers, the cheaper the trip. On arrival of the machine itself identificeret clients in the transportation system through the same smartphone (Bosch Keyless function Perfectly). Doors open only to customers of travel that occupy the reserved seats. Payment, of course, is in electronic form.

A separate service monitors the battery status of the shuttles. He knows in advance where they will be charged and how much time it will take with traffic and weather. On-Board diagnostics automated, the software is updated “over the air”, so the sudden breakage is excluded.

The location of the Shuttle is determined with an accuracy of “several centimetres”. Bosch develops and manufactures its own radar, ultrasonic sensors and various control systems. When changing road conditions, the autopilot is able to adapt to “your driving style” that should provide security throughout the journey. When it ends, the controller proceeds to check the cabin.

The message about the lost purse was immediately sent to the smartphone of the owner. The camera notices glued to the seat gum or abandoned Cup of coffee. The system determines whether you need interior cleaning, and gives appropriate instructions… Nothing fantastic it is not suggested, and rightly so, because the market already need complete solutions. “In the future every vehicle on the road will use digital services by Bosch” — say the developers. Bosevska ABS is installed everywhere, so that the reasons for ambitions there.


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