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Find the arrogant Toyota RAV4 crossover fifth generation

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The current RAV4 series XA50 debuted a year and a half ago, but the reception of orders began only in the fall. With localized sedan Camry crossover divides not only the Assembly plant in Shushary, but and platform: at the heart of both models lies a modular architecture, TNGA. Hybrids produce under Peter or import are planned, and diesel from new Rafiq is not in principle. Remain petrol “four” 2.0 (149 HP) and 2.5 (199 HP). The first is combined with a six-speed mechanics or CVT, the second — with vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”.

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A few hundred miles on Romanian roads has helped me to better understand the RAV4 and formulate observations in the little video.

With localized sedan Camry Toyota RAV4 series XA50 shares not only the Assembly plant in Shushary, but a modular platform TNGA. However, atmospheric petrol “four” crossover while its. Two-liter capacity of 149 HP combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or CVT, the 2.5 motor (199 HP) is paired with vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”. Presented in other markets hybrids to release no under Peter, no import is not planned, but the diesel is not in principle. By the way, it is possible that the Camry will move to new engines.

Brakes are effective even with the inappropriate cover of winter tires. Easy vatnost pedal at the beginning of the move on the tyre is written off.

I like the design. Especially that arch, like a Jeep, or 4Runner , the fifth generation, zealous covered with plastic covers and thresholds — doors. Exhaust pipes peek out from under the bumper on both sides. It seems that they limit the departure angle.

The interior is simple, but fortunately, there are no easily soiled, covered with scratches gloss. Solid plastic arm will not go cheap on the kind of plastic “aluminium” is not annoying. To connect your smartphone to the multimedia system via Bluetooth better: Mirror Link does not work with iPhones and brakes, and CarPlay or Android Auto are not supported.

All machines, except for the base, window sills, doors trimmed with leather with a soft backing. A good wheel diameter and cross section, but the seam stitching is coarse. The rim is heated only in the areas of grip. Glove box small and devoid of decoration, but can be locked.

The only RAV4 with factory navigation and an eight-inch touch screen costs 2 661 000. But the graphics menu and user experience in General, not correspond to this price. Archaic multimedia complex in the localization process should have been forcibly replaced by Yandex.Auto.

Fabric seats versions of the standard and Comfort lacks lumbar support adjustment, but the interior is nicer than the leather in the more expensive machines. But there seat electrified: the lower back can be supported with a movable roller, and settings remember. Lateral support is unobtrusive but sufficient. Layered filler soft top layer and a denser bottom distributes the load well.

Sofa’s spacious without reservation. The back angle is changing purely nominal, there are two provisions. Expensive configuration is not added adjustments front passenger seat, and they remain mechanical.

Visibility in a clean car with good stands of moderate width and huge outside mirrors. In bad weather it will be worse, for it left the janitor stops four centimeters from the edge of the windshield, and the rear rake stubby sector the fifth door. System of the circular review — one more helper: none of the four cameras are not protected from dirt, and the picture quality is not tenable.

In the back row was more spacious than it was. Cabin width increased by four inches, nearly five attached to the legs. This is a significant interior the standards of performance, so even the passengers are taller than 190 cm sit without scruple, freely placing the feet under the high mounted seats. But the average makes life difficult growing up in the center tunnel. But added baffles and a pair of USB connectors.

All the Windows go up and down with one touch. Induction charging appears in the car for 2.3 million, but smartphone it rests only in its silicone case, but without him fidgeting. All five USB sockets in the cabin — old-school. No USB-C.

The trunk of the correct form is remembered in the highest degree unhurried electrically operated cover. For a raised floor includes two levels. However, if the roller is folded in the reserved niche, the bottom cannot be used. But you can flip the deck pile down to transport something dirty. The back of the sofa in parts decomposed almost flush with the floor.

The volume of cargo compartment increased from 577 litres to 580. Disappointing lack of any means for fixing of the goods. Hatch for long-length no. Underground lives a stowaway.

All the machines for the Romanian test drive change the shoes in winter tyres Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV R3. Even adjusted for the fact that they are softer than regular summer, obvious improvement of riding comfort. During relaxed driving, even on 19-inch wheels cross the joints rather hear than feel. With increasing speed Toyota starts to shake, vibrate on short wave, but perturbations come into the salon pretty smooth.

Dimensions hardly changed. The crossover is only five millimeters shorter than its predecessor, and ten is wider. But base one time three inches. The ground clearance depends on the wheel size and in the range of 195-200 mm.

On large pits with sharp edges machine shakes the whole body, but tracking is not allowed. Smoothness improved not at the expense of intensity. Insulation is clearly better. At low speeds the cabin is quieter than the old machine. But on acceleration merciless solo motor, and after 100 km/h main acoustic stimulus becomes a breeze, masking other sounds. In conversation you have to raise your voice.

Devices top configuration Prestige and Prestige Safety supplemented by a seven-inch display. Cars easier — two classic dial and a screen diagonal of 4.2 inches. This panel is informative. Multimedia good only by the fact that the touchscreen is heard of the plate.

The wheel is light and a little viscous near-zero zone. Stabilizing force it is logical only grows when rotating the wheel at a considerable angle, and at small deviations hardly marked. Calmly lead the RAV4 is comfortable, but nothing more. But when trying to change the course or dropping out of gas in turn, the crossover suddenly goes into a skid, throwing adrenaline.

Would be stabilization rather abruptly triggered the correction of the wheel, but it still need time to perform. An experienced driver such attacks may amuse, but a beginner is unlikely to go fast enough, Toyota showed arrogance. But on the road because anything is possible…

Suspension allows to keep a high pace on the primer, providing more than tolerable comfort. Wheel unleashed from shocks and vibrations.

In September, journalists from the Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld noted suspicious behavior in hybrid versions when performing a moose test: RAV4 falls into the skid with the connivance of the stabilization system, and even tries to stand on two wheels. Then colleagues-avtoremontniki complainedthat in turn with jagged coating is localized crossover of dangerous jumps from the trajectory and behaves badly on pristavka. Everything is back to normal only with a maximum load of ballast.

All Rafikov fully diode lighting. Only top-performance Prestige Safety lights are equipped with lenses and is able to automatically switch from upper to lower. Optics other versions of the uses of parabolic reflectors.

In Romania we have such crime do not face. Really, I just drive a loaded machine on a soft and less grippy winter tires. Therefore, in our case, transients are smoothed. The route is only on public roads where you didn’t polyacite. Just keep in mind that the spirited driver should keep an eye on this Toyota.

A set of electronic assistants in the top version works perfectly. Adaptive cruise control is functioning well on the road, with a small number of machines. And in traffic jams annoying, because you can not fully trust automation.

Try the RAV4 with the different powertrains will say that I like the character two-liter cars. The variator is configured cool: on acceleration it makes a kind that switches between the seven virtual gears. The linkage on the accelerator — pure. Just her I miss in the car with the 2.5 motor and automatic transmission. That responds to the flow of fuel with a small hitch, though to work the box not to find fault. In addition, the version 2.5 is not going to two hundred “horses”. Two-liter subjectively fully justifies the claimed one hundred and fifty.

Blatant seam on the door frame and looks messy. Double seals at the bottom of the doors can not cope with the onslaught of road debris that settles on seems to be covered by the thresholds.

The new RAV4 is offered with two types of four-wheel drive. Picking Comfort put the old scheme with multi-plate clutch connecting the rear axle. The top version is equipped with transmission, devoid of rear differential: each axis is driven with its clutch pack. Thanks to the possibility to redistribute the traction between the rear wheels, Toyota actively screwed into a turn under gas, and more self-confident on the roads.

System Multi-Terrain Select put all poluprovodnikam. It looks like the remote, the most expensive machines. In the configuration Comfort handle not only buttons, but the settings are the same. When you are lifting slightly deform the opening of the trunk, but all the doors are closed properly.

Sample diagonal hanging crossover easy to cope with as a variator, and with “automatic”. Asprawl on the car is easy to feel the peculiarities of different modes of a system Multi-Terrain Select, which with Rafiq shared Land Cruiser. There is more suitable Rock & Dirt, zealously fighting with slipping. However, if you activate Mud & Sand, the wheels get a lot of freedom. However, the old Toyota here goes. We only need a little to shake her or to provide a minimum amount of speed to overcome the obstacle course…

The price includes a package of three prepaid THEN covering the run of 30 thousand kilometers. A three-year warranty can be extended for a year (up to 130 000 km) or two (up to 160 000). The dealer network has 113 centers.

Russian for Toyota RAV4 Camry, along with the product key: two localized models account for 63% of sales. Crossover fourth generation for several years was the best seller of the segment and only the curtain passed the position. For the first nine months of 2019 21 sold 270 pieces. Next came Sportage (26 068) and Tiguan (25 441). There is a feeling that the novelty effect will soften the effect of sharp rise in price. Objective achievements of Toyota, I also not going to belittle: improved driving comfort, slightly improved interior, the car became more spacious. And people got used to the compact SUV with dvukhmillionnuyu price tags.

Passport data

Toyota RAV4 2.0 2WD MT6 2.0 CVT 2WD 2.0 CVT AWD AT8 2.5 AWD
Body type universal universal universal universal
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4600 4600 4600 4600
Width, mm 1855 1855 1855 1855
Height, mm 1690 1690 1690 1685
Wheelbase, mm 2690 2690 2690 2690
Track front/rear mm 1610/1640 1610/1640 1610/1640 1600/1630
Curb weight, kg 1570 1605 1675 1715
Full weight, kg 2015 2090 2120 2175
Trunk volume, l 580 580 580 580
Type gasoline combined fuel injection gasoline combined fuel injection gasoline combined fuel injection gasoline combined fuel injection
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1987 1987 1987 2487
Max. power, HP/rpm 149/6600 149/6600 149/6600 199/6600
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 206/4400–4900 206/4400–4900 206/4400–4900 243/4000–5000
Transmission mechanical, six-speed CVT CVT CVT
Drive front front front front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk disk disk
Tires 225/65 R17 225/60 R18 225/60 R18 235/55 R19
Ground clearance, mm 200 200 200 195
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 190 190 190 200
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, with 9,8 10,7 11,0 8,5
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 8,6 7,8 8,2
— extra-urban cycle 5,7 5,7 5,8
combined 6,8 6,5 6,7 7,3
Fuel tank capacity, l 55 55 55 55
Fuel AI-92 AI-92 AI-92 AI-92

Appliances Nikita Gudkov, The Deputy Of Brevdo

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) is a set of modules and components, allowing you to create related, but still distinct from each other “trucks” for passenger cars (including SUVs) of different classes with different type of drive. In TNGA unified elements of the floor, sills and engine compartment, they can be complemented by standard abs suspensions and different length rear parts of the floor. Today formed three platforms: GA-C GA-L and GA-K — the latter just uses a RAV4, and its splattermania are the Toyota Camry and Lexus ES.

The pendant designed from scratch, although the architecture remained the same: applied front front McPherson, rear memorycache is used. Unlike the fourth-generation RAV4, the new car electric power steering JTEKT company is located in the rake and not on the steering shaft.

The body is mostly steel. Made of aluminum hood, front fenders and tailgate. High-strength steel are mainly used for strengthening floor and Central tunnel. Their share in the composition of the body the Japanese are not voiced. Body rigidity in torsion compared with the predecessor increased by 57% due to the increased number of welding points and the area of the adhesive joints.

Both petrol “four” belong to the new family Dynamic Force. A combined fuel injection combines with a high compression ratio of 13:1 and the ability to operate in the Atkinson cycle under light loads. The shifters are equipped with both camshafts, the intake includes an electric actuator. Two-liter engine M20A-FKS (left) different valve seats with laser cladding and slightly colder spark plugs. For the Russian market it deforsirovan forces from 175 to 149. In addition to Rafik this motor can be found on the Lexus crossover UX. The second engine A25A-FKS also deforsirovan from 205 to 199 forces. Yet it comes with a Lexus ES and Toyota Camry for the Chinese market.

The variable-speed Direct Shift-CVT (left and middle), which are equipped with two-liter crossovers, interesting availability of seed transmission. At speeds of 20-25 km/h gear open and begin to work the pulleys. Thus, the launch is more intense and no load on the belt. This is useful on the roads where the box is works in adverse conditions. The range of gear ratios, the new eight-speed “machine” UB80F (right) rose to 7.8% against 5,42 the former is shestistolpny. First gear is shortened for more confident movement beyond the asphalt, and raising the seventh and eighth are used for fuel economy.

[embedded content]

In the top trim levels Prestige Prestige and Safety on Rafik put four-wheel drive transmission Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD with a separate clutch pack for each rear axle and a pair of jaw clutch for disconnecting the propeller shaft. In addition to a more accurate distribution of torque along the axes of such system allows to save up to two percent of fuel compared to the traditional design.

The Story Of Alexei Smirnov, Nikita Gudkov

In 1994, the appearance of this baby was a blast! Toyotovskie bosses just wanted to make youth a vehicle for active recreation (hence the abbreviation RAV4: Recreational Active Vehicle, the Quartet pointed to the permanent all-wheel drive), which used the platform of all-wheel drive coupe, the Celica, and has created a car class, an interest in which is not quenched until now.

Pioneer of the class of compact crossovers have lasted in the production line until 2000.

The original RAV4 was produced in three-door body, but after a year and a half after the debut came five-door modification. The only two-liter petrol “aspirated” depending on the degree of force developed 128, 135, or 178 HP transmission had two five-speed “mechanics” and Quad “machine”. Type: permanent full or front.

Appeared under the hood “ravic” and TD (113 HP), and the most powerful engine 2.4 (163 BHP) with a shared crossover sedan Camry in 2004. The second generation was produced for just five years.

Grown-up RAV4 second generation grew in size and comfort, but the ideology of the car remained the same: a crossover for an active holiday with three – or five-door body, front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Engines at first were two. Petrol Quartet 1.6 (100 HP) relied trehdverka basic and more advanced versions packaged with a new two-liter “aspirated” with the mechanism of variable valve timing producing 150 HP.

On top of the scales settled the crossover with a V-shaped “six” 3.5 capacity of 270 HP Such a motley range of engines meant a wide choice of gearboxes: there are six types!

In 2005, the world saw the RAV4 ‘s third generation, built on an entirely new platform. Crossover-lost three-door versions and all-wheel drive, but were issued with the regular wheelbase and extended up to 2660 mm. Connecting the rear wheels was in charge of the multi-disc clutch. And in General it was a RAV4. Larger body demanded powerful engines. So, the former has a new turbo diesel unit D-4D 136 impact forces.

Crossovers of the fourth generation, introduced in 2012, had only one size of the body and produced in Japan, Canada, China and Russia. In the spring of 2015, the RAV4 has undergone restyling (photo bottom right).

The fourth generation RAV4 was the evolution of the structure of the sample in 2005. Under the covers of the new corporate design was hiding a familiar technique. Based body lay platform predecessor — or rather, its extended version. Suspension, all-wheel drive transmission and part of engine it’s, however, engine range has disappeared the V6 engines only row “four”. Simultaneously with the restyling appeared and hybrid modification.

Behind the scenes

Bran castle actually has nothing to do with Vlad Tepes, known as count Dracula. That’s kind of like sleeping in a tent near the fortress, but no more. In the citadel, decorated with special creativity on the eve of Halloween, let 40 Romanian lei (about 600 rubles). In particular, you can see the exhibition of instruments of torture… in Addition to the ancient Duchy in Romania are plenty of other vintage equipment, but many machines are in a deplorable state as this Unimog. And in this country the oil is extracted, although the field is pretty depleted. In the lower right corner is my self — portrait on the screen of the camera of Denis Pliskin, who kept me company on this trip.


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Note the change of gender identity Audi Q3

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Audi q3. Цены начинаются с 2,25 млн рублей за переднеприводный Q3 35 TFSI мощностью 150 л.с., который не очень богат опциями. Полноприводная версия 40 TFSI quattro (180 л.с.) ― плюс 310 тысяч рублей.

The prices range from 2.25 million rubles for the front-drive Q3 35 TFSI 150 HP, which is not very rich in options. All-wheel drive version 40 TFSI quattro (180 BHP) plus 310 thousand rubles.

Small car ― so feminine. There are still some civilized countries, such a strong dogma, as we do? That a small crossover Audi Q3 in 70% of cases in Russia lead women, and, according to the manufacturer, mostly aged over 35. With the new generation of Q3, the situation must change. Belatedly moved to the MQB brother volkswagenesque Tiguan has become more universal and attractive to both sexes. Even this formulation is not suitable for a world where Facebook offers over 70 gender identities.

[embedded content]

Modern design is combined with proven ergonomic solutions. For example, the selector “robot” is left fixed. Two USB sockets of different standards, which is convenient. Small imperfections too: the button “emergency” not be found by touch.

However, Q3 has remained a option for single or childless: sensors unlock the locks in the rear handles do not appear, and the openings of these doors were narrow. Space bit was added: the growth of 187 cm tall though I sit down without touching the knees of the back. But without the stock. Sofa when pushed this far back ― the adjustment of the longitudinal position and backrest angle should be considered only as a way to lengthen the trunk for specific purchases. Himself cargo Bay with moving floors, capacious and comfortable. There’s even room for a shelf in the cellar. Loading height was reduced by three centimeters, but remained high: 75 cm

Design devices, you can choose the mood, and almost always they are well read. At the market there is only one physical control ― the volume knob and switching of channels (tracks). Everything else is touch.

Logically all this is due to the increase in the length of the decimeter — to nearly four and a half meters. Look what happened: Q3 no longer looks disproportionate, he has a serious and quite harmonious appearance. It is a pity, devoid of noticeable traits, according to the tradition of Audi, except for the light pattern for higher trim levels with animated turn signals and matrix headlights.

The thresholds should remain clean because their covers the lower part of the doors. Clap it is a scale that, according to the people from Audi, due to the more advanced seals, the opposing noise. Unusual interior door handle, curved downward. Discomfort like do not cause, have the fingers and bottom, and top. But everytime you need to open the door to fall into a momentary stupor how to take answers?

[embedded content]

The test car shod in 19-inch tires, and the diameter of the base is two inches less. In the list of options is paramilitary, but there is no heated windscreen and heated sofa.

Increase length and base (77 mm) relaxed posture behind the wheel. Column tilted at four and a half degrees less and the fit will no longer bus Association. The driver’s seat pleasing balanced profile, but extremely quick in the hips. Interestingly, the right front seat freely. A wheel with a heavily sloping bottom ― the option which should be abandoned. Because the heating relies entirely normal circular bagels. The visibility is complaining a sin. Unusual combination of jet fan washer jets. But the cameras of the circular review with excellent image quality protection against dirt deprived.

Inside handle look down clearly at the whim of the designers. Screen media system is deployed not only to the driver but to kepadamu the sky. Blank panel with start button looks weird. Or is it a place for traffic of the iconostasis?

Man-made interior is cute and Nebadon. What are the cloth inserts in the armrests, including the back. Electronic devices are included in the “base”. Optional 12-inch version is like a completely different design options. In the middle of the salon ― mediacompany the latest MIB version 2+. Functionality and responsiveness correspond to the spirit of the time, however, the screen flashes terribly, especially when shifted curtain panoramic roof. The inconspicuous power button located a couple of floors below the surface, if left without attention of designers.

The mirrors are quite functional, but the system of monitoring of dead zones begin to offer only in 2020. Annoying reflection in the side Windows. The washer sprays at the same time a fan at the bottom of the glass and jets in the upper part.

Russian gamma still consists of two modifications. Powerful four-wheel drive Q3 40 TFSI quattro is equipped with two-liter turbo engine with 180 HP (More powerful engines if appear, only kupeobrazny Sportbike, except for the RS Q3.) On monoprivodnom Q3 35 TFSI is a 150-HP 1.4 engine. Judging by its popularity base of the unit is seven times lower. However, until the first quarter of 2020 we will be sold only to “thirty-fifth”. As a test.

The absence of system start/stop and overall a good speaker, if you push the accelerator to the floor. A logical response at the beginning of the pedal stroke. But at partial loads the six-speed “robot” DSG ranting and raving, then hovering at an accelerated rate, then at once throwing off two or three. Fortunately, the brakes are unequivocal: short-stroke pedal provides precise dosage of slowing down.

[embedded content]

There are four version of the design appearance. Sport Line (pictured) is even a form of the bumpers.

In warm Italy, where from +15 ºC to 20, the test car came with winter tires, so about the handling not much to say. For steering gear with variable pitch slats do not mind to pay 20 thousand rubles. Control the trajectory with it is precise and logical, and at the turn need not be wound on the wheel, making each side only one turnover. The behavior in bends, rolls, feedback in artificially, but not much stagelevel the steering wheel I will not undertake to distinguish Q3 from the Tiguan. All familiar, strictly,-volkswagenaudi.

The front seat is designed more for the young or at least thin. In the slide you can see the ugly screw adjustment. Back closely, there is a tenacious and ceiling door handles, side storage compartments and vents. Frame covered with plastic.

The level of riding comfort can also be called medium-volkswagenaudi. Suspension is a little stiff, but small and medium sized bumps transmitted to the body less than see with their eyes. Is this not noble? In our market, Q3 is deprived of the adaptive dampers, but you can enjoy low sportchassis. Whether it is necessary? Even with the usual deep pit with sharp edges are more sharply than expected. Especially against the background of silence in the cabin, where there are almost no sounds from the street, and only the hum of rolling rear wheels noticeable at highway speeds.

The boot time increased by 70 liters to 530 largely due to the refusal chopped smooth walls. The floor can be moved to three inches below. The door can be equipped with fast electric drive with Usmanova sensor.

Note that neither the ergonomics nor the character of the car there are specific feminine traits. It turns out that Q3 is no longer “malipulate”, and quite adult, I suppose, the men’s car. Compromise it seems is that 17-inch ground clearance under durable, but the plastic protection. As compensation in the menu of driving modes of the Audi Drive Select option has been added to Offroad, logically changing the shift program of transmission, and the control algorithm is a throttle.

In the first two years of the warranty mileage is not considered at all. But if it does not exceed 120 000 km, it is the obligation of the manufacturer shall be extended at the same rate ― in fact up to four years.

In General, if the 180-HP version behaves as sanity, I would stick to this with pleasure. The main thing — to keep his spirits after paying the bill: the one car that the pictures drawn by 3.77 million! And compare prices on the Q3, imported from Hungary, and localized Tiguan is an ungrateful. Direct competitors ― the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA ― not too expensive. Seems to me the sales records of a gender-variable Q3 does not deliver.

Passport data

Audi Q3 35 TFSI 40 TFSI quattro
Body type hatchback hatchback
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4484 4484
Width, mm 1849 1849
Height, mm 1585 1585
Wheelbase, mm 2680 2680
Track front/rear mm 1584/1576 1584/1576
Curb weight, kg 1495 1620
Full weight, kg 2070 2150
Trunk volume, l 530-1525 530-1525
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1395 1984
Max. power, HP/rpm 150/5000–6000 180/4200–6700
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 250/1500–3500 320/1500–4100
Transmission robotic, six-speed robotic seven-speed
Drive front full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Tires 215/65 R17 215/65 R17
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 207 220
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, with 9,2 7,4
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 6,9 9,5
— extra-urban cycle 5,3 6,4
combined 5,9 7,5
Emissions Euro 6 Euro 6
Fuel tank capacity, l 58 60
Fuel AI-95–98 AI-95–98


The second generation crossover Audi Q3 moved from the old platform PQ35 on the modular MQB architecture. A very close relative of Q3 ― volkswagenaudi Tiguan. Wheelbase differ by just a few millimeters.

The body is mostly steel. Mass fraction of high-strength alloys hot forming used in the power cell compartment, reaches 26%. Of sheet aluminum made hood, the profile is used in the design of the cross members bumpers.

The front suspension arranged on the racks McPherson, rear ― multi. Gear ratio steering ratio is 14.8:1. Have the option mechanism with progressive cutting teeth this value applies only to near-zero area and edges of the slats it decreases to 11.4:1.

The modifications 35 TFSI ― turbo CZDA 1.4 TSI EA211 series. It is economical and environmentally friendly, but constructively challenging. Block and cylinder head made of aluminum, the sleeves are cast iron. Made of aluminum and developed a crankcase with integrated oil channels and installed the same filter. The engine has two cooling loop plus water intercooler, two thermostat, and oil pump of variable productivity. The injection of fuel (for example gasoline AI-95) ― immediate. Through a six-speed “robot” DQ250-6F unit powers the front wheels.

The version 40 TFSI under the bonnet, the 2.0 TSI turbo engine of the EA888 series. He has a timing chain, balancer shafts, the phase shifters at the inlet and outlet, the system changes the lift of the exhaust valves with a composite camshaft, the combined fuel injection with the injectors in the cylinders and manifold, thermostat with electronic control and electric drive overflow valve of the turbine. Power — 180 HP, all-wheel drive transmission with seven-step “robot” DQ500-7A.

The Story Of Leonid Popov

The first generation of crossover Audi Q3 was produced in 2011, and was preceded by this project the concept of the Audi Cross Coupe quattro 2007. The car was equipped with petrol engines of 1.4 and 2.0 with a capacity from 125 to 220 HP, and also two-liter diesel engines (120-184 HP). There was also “charged” RS Q3 with “TURBOMATIC” 2.5 TFSI (310, 340 and later HP). At the top of the range is located RS Q3 performance at 367 HP and 465 N•m, is able to gain the first hundred in 4.4 s.

Restyled 2014 affected the bumpers, grille, lights. Was also adjusted the output of the motors. Plus another small update was done in 2016.

The crossover is equipped with front-or all-wheel drive depending on model and motor. Transmission: six-speed “mechanics”, six – and seven-step “robots”, and in North America was still dvuhserijnaya two-liter version with a classic six-speed “automatic” Aisin.

Behind the scenes

The test took place in the vicinity of Naples. Enjoyed the tour in the ancient Pompeii, and did not like the narrow congested roads where it is quite difficult to feel the car. And how do you get a license plate with three zeros?


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Model Mustang Mach-E prematurely revealed the appearance and settings

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Ford mach e,Ford mustang mach e. После целого ряда снимков замаскированных образцов мы наконец-то можем увидеть машину без камуфляжа. Фонари и правда вызывают ассоциации с Мустангом.

Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Photo:,

After a number of shots of the disguised samples we can finally see the car without camouflage. Lights really evoke associations with the Mustang.

On Sunday evening, November 17, in Los Angeles, Ford will introduce an electric crossover Mustang Mach-E (in Europe it will be early Monday morning). However, only the community members Mach E forum was able to extract from the Network a closed formal model page, with pictures, main technical characteristics, list of specifications and prices. In particular, it was found that the machine will have five trim levels, two versions of the traction battery by volume, the two versions of the type of drive and as many as five variants of return of the electric motors (combinations of power/torque).

The relationship with the pony car Mustang , the new SUV only nominal: the selected design features the word Mustang in the title Yes the emblem of the horse on the nose.

So, for $43 895 (2.8 million rubles) will be offered a starting package Select with selection of type of drive (rear or full), with a return of 258 HP and 415 N•m rear-wheel-drive or 258 HP and 581 nm with a full. Acceleration to 60 mph (97 km/h) takes about 6.5/5.5 with (back/full). Battery here is one without an alternative, Standard Range, and it will provide electrocreaser mileage on a single charge in 370/338 miles on the EPA cycle (with rear/all-wheel drive, respectively).

The standard equipment already in the basic version will include security systems Co-Pilot360 2.0 and assistant driver Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0.

Next step: Premium ($50 600). Two batteries to choose from (Standard Range/Extended Range) and also two types of drive. The efficiency of the motors with the younger battery is the same as that in the select (258 HP, 415/581 N•m). With the older battery returns is equal to 286 HP and 415 N•m rear-wheel-drive or 337 HP and 581 nm with a full. Acceleration latest variations of up to 60 mph will take about five seconds of a penny. The reserve from the Premium, depending on battery and type of drive, ranging from 338 to 483 km on the EPA standard. The last parameter is identical to the reserve rival the Tesla Model Y Long Range.

All power supplies speed and acceleration equipped with a PostScript targeting (targeting, target), so that when the actual receipt of the model on the market, they can be adjusted.

Next is the version of California Route 1 ($52 400). She drive only the rear, the battery Extended Range, the motor 286 HP and 415 N•m, cruising range of 483 km, acceleration to 60 mph in about 6.5 s. Higher priced equipment First Edition (from $59 900), in which the drive is just full, Extended Range battery, motors at 337 HP and 581 nm, acceleration in 5.5 seconds with the power reserve on a single charge 434 km. Finally, the Mustang Mach-E will be the top version of the GT (from $60 for 500), whose impact is not yet listed. It will have four-wheel drive and the Extended battery Range, power reserve promised to 402 km, while acceleration from zero to 60 mph she can run about 3.5 C, which is identical to the acceleration of the Tesla Model Y Performance.


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The Hyundai group will provide Los Angeles services mobility

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Leonid Popov, 1 day ago. Photo: Hyundai

Mobility from Hyundai is a complementary technology like personal transport, joint missions, Autonomous vehicles or assisting the driver, such as a holographic screen with augmented reality, created with the Swiss firm WayRay and shown in January at the CES show in the depths of the sedan Genesis G80.

Hyundai Motor group established in the U.S. the company MoceanLab, which will focus on “mobility as a service”. In the sphere of interests of the enterprise will include “personal mobility” and “micromobility” (means to overcome the “last mile”), multimodal transportation, city shuttles, ridesharing Autonomous machines and others. But will start working MoceanLab with the simplest — with the opening of its own network of Carshare car sharing Mocean. Well, the first city to launch MoceanLab selected Los Angeles. Later the activity of a startup can be transferred to other items.

Firm MoceanLab will work in cooperation with the city authorities. On the photo: Executive Vice President, Hyundai Motor Group, Keun young lim and the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

The pilot program starts in late 2019 with twenty-rechargeable hybrids Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in. Gradually, the Park carsharing network Mocean Carshare will be transferred to pure electric cars brands Hyundai and KIA and expanded to 300 units. Other types of services will be deployed in stages, until the Autonomous taxi, similar to those that Hyundai has launched in trial operation in California, Irvine. For the Olympic games in Los Angeles in 2028, Hyundai plans to significantly relieve traffic and enhance the convenience of transportation in the city.


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