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Find the advantages of individual control valves

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The authors of the system say that it can help to upgrade already manufactured engines. Yes, you will have to change the head unit, but it is much easier than to design the entire engine from scratch.

About the benefits of change of phases of gas distribution of internal combustion engines intake and (or) issue we talked eleven years ago. Now these motors is very common. Sometimes they are complemented by the device, changing the height of the valve lift. And yet full freedom of regulation there. After all, “smart” actuators do not act on the valves, and move a few degrees camshafts, rotation of which is associated with the rotation of the crankshaft. Or such system transferred to the valve operation from one Cam to another with a different profile. To save the phase adjustment from any restrictions allows other technology: Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA) from the British company Camcon Auto.

It looks like the IVA mechanism for one cylinder. On each valve (in this example four of them) — your mini camshaft pivoted to any desired angle by an electric motor, plus your mechanism when the Cam–valve.

In this intelligent actuator camshaft, each valve is not constantly spinning, and is rotated only at the time when the valve should open or close. And the rotation is first in one direction and then in another. Cam with valve connects desmodromic mechanism. That is, the reverse is not due to the spring, and, again, strictly controlled by the camshaft. The valve can be opened much faster than in the conventional engine, then leave almost motionless, then close. You can get it to open twice in one stroke. Or one software to change the firing order in the cylinders. Could I ask you a personal profile raising and lowering each cylinder at any time to change it.

The system works with motors whose working range is up to 6500 rpm Full valve lift occurs for five milliseconds.

Conventional engine technology, the IVA may, at the desire of programmers to realize any thermodynamic cycle — Otto even though Miller/Atkinson, even with compression-ignition HCCI, though it Mostovskoy version of SCCI. Such a motor is possible by simply replacing the program to translate from the four-stroke cycle two-stroke or even ultra-low-cost 12-stroke. The latter is a variation of the old ideas off some of its cylinders under low load. But in a conventional engine electronics deactivates, for example, half of the cylinders for a certain long time. And in the case of an IVA all the cylinders evenly. But only one of them gets the fuel and activates the ignition times in four beats, and each third their stroke (once per 12 cycles). So all the cylinders remain in the normal operating temperature.

In the case of in-line motor (for example, converted in the form of experience of the Quartet JLR Ingenium) each miniature camshaft IVA, oriented transversely to the common axis of the internal combustion engine (i.e. the axis of the crankshaft).

Of course, the Camcon is not the first firm, to reflect on the full system and a completely free control over valve timing. Such projects existed at GM and Ford, Ricardo and Lotus Engineering. Recent example of the need to remember system Qamfree no single camshaft. The development started in Koenigsegg, and continued in the firm FreeValve along with the Koros. In Camcon Auto, as you can see, I went the opposite way — put the personal on the camshaft for each valve.

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To demonstrate the actual work IVA the authors of the device have altered motor Jaguar and released such a car on road tests.

As the developers say, potentially IVA can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15-20%. To test a sample of engines (“turboservice” 2.0) were able to demonstrate fuel savings of 7.5%. In a series of IVA would be cheaper than the hybrid powerplant, think the British. And the cars with the petrol unit would be roughly comparable to diesel. Firm Camcon is ready to supply manufacturers sets their actuators and kits for the adaptation to engines or to cooperate with suppliers of components. Brits predict that production cars will appear in the IVA for five years.


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Family Ford Focus in Europe joined the wagon is Active Wagon

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ford focus
ford focus active
ford active focus wagon

Ford focus,Ford focus active,Ford focus active wagon. К стандартным режимам движения Normal, Sport и Eco у «активных» Фокусов добавлены Slippery для скользких покрытий (грязь, снег, лёд) и Trail, чтобы машина не зарывалась в песок. Проходимцам рекомендованы шины размерности 215/55 R17 либо 215/50 R18.

Konstantin Bolotov, 42 minutes ago. Photo: Ford

To standard driving modes Normal, Sport and Eco have “active” Magic added Slippery for slippery surfaces (mud, snow, ice) and the Trail to buried in the sand. Crooks recommended tire dimensions 215/55 215/50 R17 or R18.

All terrain Ford Focus hatchback Active was presented together with the standard Tricks of the fourth generation. Now he pulled up the station wagon terrain Wagon is Active, which brought about a little more detail at this series, imitating crossovers. Her first-born in 2016 became Active Fiesta, which gave to understand that “activity” is widely spread in the model lineup. However, the second came to light bug Ka+ Active, forced in the breadth to doubt. Now Focus suggests that the wave could easily roll to a Mondeo.

Rear independent mnogoryichazhka SLA (short long arm) of the Active specification is standard. Ferdowsi argue that the chassis of Assets endowed with unique springs, dampers and stabilizers. Ground clearance is increased by 30 mm front and 34 rear. All-wheel drive, of course not.

The interior should have a highlighted color plastic inserts on the front panel and doors. The seats are trimmed in cloth with blue stitching. Yet there is a special sills and floor mats. For entertainment meets media centre Sync 3 with an eight-inch display.

The choice of the Europeans will be offered petrol engines 1.0 EcoBoost (125 HP) and 1.5 (150 HP), diesel EcoBlue 1.5 (120 HP) and 2.0 (150), six-speed “mechanics” and vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”. All the Tricks are going Active in the German plant in Serlui and December will be available for order. When the “fourth” Ford Focus will get to Russia and in what form, is still unclear. Orientirueshsya for the first half of 2019.



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Renault is Carlos Ghosn, Thierry headed Bollore

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Konstantin Bolotov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Stephane De Sakutin/AFP, Yuriko Nakao/Bloomberg

Mr. Bollore 55 years. Career he in 1990 started the company Michelin where he worked until 2005. Then there was the firm Faurecia, where Thierry in 2012 moved to Renault for the post of Vice-President. In February 2018 (see photo) Bollore became chief operating officer Groupe Renault.

The Board of Directors of Renault, gathered yesterday evening for an emergency meeting, took action in connection with the arrest of Carlos Ghosn. The company found him “temporarily incapacitated”, but retained for the prisoner boss of all leadership positions, unlike the Nissan, instantly replace functionary with each managerial position. Acting CEO appointed Thierry Bollore the second person in Renault, which was considered the most likely successor of Gon.

Mitsubishi formally belongs to Nissan, so has behaved exactly like the parent company. The day of the arrest gon was “promptly removed” from the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors Mitsu. Command “diamonds” solo, Osamu Masuko not used to.

During the transition period (how long it will last, nobody knows) the Board Renault is lead independent Director of Philip LaHaye. It needs to regularly collect the Council to protect the interests of the company and sustainability of the Alliance. At the same time prenosniki decided to make a request to Nissan to be “based on principles of transparency, trust and mutual respect set out in the Charter of the Alliance” has provided all available information associated with the internal investigation regarding the Rut.

As CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn in February 2017 passed , Hiroto Saikawa that came in the Nissan a month after the end of the University of Tokyo in 1977. That is, 41 of the 65 years of his life, Hiroto dedicated to Nissan. “In addition to regret, I feel a big disappointment, discouragement, despair, anger and resentment,” said Saikawa about the arrest of a Rut.

The second main figure in the scandal (after the Rut) now becomes the chief of a Nissan Hiroto Saikawa. He was considered the favorite of Carlos, his protégée and “faithful Lieutenant” and now criticizes the arrested boss like no other. They say tension Saikaly a Rut lately reached the limit values. Hiroto opposes the merger of Renault and Nissan, which, according to Ghosn, would have made the Alliance “irreversible.” Sources Financial Times testify that if not for the arrest of Carlos, the merger would happen “within a few months.” Saikawa clearly wants to be the Nissan was out of the Alliance and gained full independence.

Meanwhile Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun revealed the circumstances of the arrest. Though Carlos did not know about any investigation and went to Japan for a meeting with the Governor of Tokyo. Gon was arrested late on Monday evening when I landed in Haneda airport, where it was waiting for prosecutors. Among other things, the case alleged, it appears the real estate, including residences in Lebanon and Brazil, which Nissan acquired for the suspect.


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On the Volvo stand in Los Angeles will not have automobiles

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Konstantin Bolotov, 11 minutes ago. Photo: Volvo

Free from the machinery space the Volvo will offer the public a range of interactive demonstrations. We will talk about such services as delivery of the goods in the trunk, a subscription to car, car sharing and Autonomous movement.

A provocative advertising campaign , “It’s not a phone” I got an explanation. Make Volvo announced that “no show” at an auto show in Los Angeles, which opens to the press on November 28. In the center of the stand will show off the inscription “This is not a car”. According to planner product strategy Maarten Lewenstam, Swedish brand, refusing to demonstrate the machines, will present his vision for the future of mobility. “Instead of the presentation of the concept car we’ll talk about the concept car. We do not receive the award for best car in show, but we have it on hand. Because it’s not a car show,” said the Manager.

Since the advent of the motor show the car has always been a Central element of the exhibition, but things are changing: industry, machinery, and expectations. Brand perception by consumers, according to Volvo, “is now more important than chrome, leather or horsepower”.

Volvo boss håkan Samuelsson develops the idea: “Our sector is changing. We no longer just build and sell cars and provide our customers with freedom of movement”. Note that recently the company has refused from participation in the international auto show, calling them “unsustainable”. Now Volvo seems to have resorted to guerrilla tactics and trying to ruin the exhibition from the inside. This is another level where shes pushing back. The Manifesto “This Is Not A Car” easily turns into “This Is Not A Volvo”, which, coupled with the well-known Chinese component is unlikely to increase positive brand perception.


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