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Find out the stiffness of the updated crossover Hyundai Tucson

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hyundai tucson

Hyundai tucson. Обновлённый кроссовер в народных версиях подорожал на 30–60 тысяч: за базовый переднеприводный Tucson с атмосферной «четвёркой» 2.0 просят 1 399 000 рублей, а самая ходовая версия Lifestyle с тем же мотором и полным приводом обойдётся в 1 649 000.

The updated crossover in folk versions has risen by 30-60 thousand: for the base front-drive Tucson with the atmospheric “Quartet” 2.0 please 1 399 000 rubles, and the most popular version of Lifestyle with the same engine and all-wheel drive will cost 1 649 000.

The term “facelift” is no accident came in the automotive industry of medicine. One of the oldest principles of medical ethics — “do no harm” — is quite fair and for the designers working on the restyling. Especially if their hand — Tucson, the Hyundai purchased in Europe, one of the most popular compact crossovers in the USA. Even in Russia during the first half of 2018 sold more than ten thousand cars! It is not surprising that this time cost minimally invasive surgery.

[embedded content]

Changes in Tulane not too big, so the video this time — in an experimental format propagation. All the most important thing for a couple of minutes.

Thanks to the easy cosmetics and the updated Tucson has freshened up to a further three years was enough, and the pre-reform car turned into a pumpkin. A little more predatory became squint headlights — primarily due to the failure of lens in favor of a fully diode optics have top versions. The radiator grille has become a full hexagon, and the bumper got relief podshtampovki, supplemented with L-shaped running lamps. The back — on the contrary: the plastic is smoothed, and the shape of the lights softened the spirit of the late biodesign.

Led lights only is based on all-wheel drive cars in high trim levels, starting with the execution of Dynamic…

The interior has changed substantially. In the first place because seriously redesigned the architecture of the front panel. Multimedia display stands over her now like a trendy tablet, and framed the screen from the sides of the deflectors sprawled beneath him. Evolutionary in its essence the change felt like a radical renewal. A little different was the location of the keys on the center console.

…same story with the leatherette on the front panel and the combination of natural with artificial leather on the seats. The car with the base two-liter “aspirated” and the trim as pictured is not less than 1 849 000 rubles.

The devices remained intact, and it was good. Their informative and neutral white illumination had no issues.

It is important to note that the most popular market for versions of 150-strong “aspirated” 2.0, nothing has changed. On the one hand, and the following is enough to justify a price increase up to 60 thousand rubles. On the other — updated Tucson rides better than before. The motor is also sluggish at lower levels, and peak 192 N•m develops at 4000 rpm no matter How precious — this frisky crossover will not be called. Even on the passport he needs to 11.8 with to disperse hundreds with all-wheel drive.

Cushion is a bit short, modest lateral support, profile unremarkable — but you can sit for a very long time.

Tucson also prefer a smooth highway, where it seems quite comfortable and she handles well with a synthetic effort. However, the waves are highly prone to the buildup, and have to go to the broken road — getting out of the passenger entity in the chassis. On medium bumps strong shaking occurs. Besides suspension works with clear sound and large potholes digesting at the limit of intensity. Here, the idea is that something worth to work in the first place — but no.

Test cars do not soften the blow with the base 17-inch wheels. All the large discs with a diameter of 19 inches and low-profile tires Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 SUV dimension 245/45. Shoes 16 size no longer available.

Older versions of Dynamic, equipped with a touch screen diagonal of eight inches (left), NAV c display traffic when connected to the phone via Wi-Fi. In the database — a seven-inch touch screen (right). Both systems are compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The main technical upgrade is considered to be the eight-speed automatic for the 185-strong version with two-liter diesel engine, which for six months, bought 249 people (ten thousand!). Although it was previously the most preferred for ease of traction control. Six-speed box just sinned jerks when switching. Now the torque Converter poblaciones earlier and more often, the responses are better, the gear changes seamless.

Because of the stiffer springs Tucson diesel keener responds to the little stuff. But confident the gasoline is kept in a wavy way where the sin buildup.

The main advantage of the rear sofa wide adjustment range of the backrest. Landing in the Executive relaxed with the growth of 182 cm, I have enough overhead space. But the legs — butt.

The power range is extended by ten percent in both directions, which also promises better dynamics and great fuel efficiency. Claimed consumption decreased by 100-200 ml/100 km depending on certification cycle, but the passport acceleration to 100 km/h remained the same at 9.5 C.

Transverse rolls are small. The deviations of steering the car responds without delay, rotates willingly, not his face. Well worth it for smooth high speed arc.

But Hyundai is trying to adjust the demand by reducing the input price of diesel crossover to 100 thousand rubles to 1 769 000. At first glance, it is not much more expensive than the popular gasoline version of the 2.0 AWD Lifestyle for 1 739 000. But compared to her diesel for the money quite a goal. A well-equipped Tucson 2.0 D Dynamic would cost 1.97 million

System of automatic braking has been successfully demonstrated on the dummy. In a complex Smart Sense also includes adaptive cruise control, a withholding system in the lane, automatic high beam control and blind spots. But all this is for version 2 139 000.

The unpopularity of petrol-top version with a turbo 1.6 T-GDi (108 pieces for six months), it seems that no one is confused. Although she once predicted up to a third of sales. The base for it is the performance Dynamic, and rose 177-horsepower machine is stronger than the other: just starting from 1.9 million For what?

The trunk is a good, capacious: L. 488-1478 of the Back parts are formed in the horizon, under the raised floor — full-size spare wheel on the fifth alloy wheels.

Even though it is the fastest Tucson in the range (for 9.1 s to 100 km/h on the passport), but not the most pleasant to operate because of the lame “robot”, which did not wait for the updates. When alternating loads box can be transfer. This is particularly noticeable on the background of the new “machine”. Only in sport mode is established good relationship with the torque motor. But the city is so inconvenient: on accompanied by jerks, the revs too high, and the box even more confused…

Acoustic comfort is good for city speeds. On the highway it all depends on the asphalt coating on the coarse tyre roar starts to pester after 100 km/h.

It often happens that the planned upgrade is beyond the scope of the definition of “restyling”, but Tousana not the case. The most popular atmospheric modification the Koreans have done it a restyling. Even new equipment seems complex security Smart Sense can appreciate only buyers of expensive versions of High-Tech, and there for six months, have accumulated less than 350. All of this — note the authors of reviews in the style of “suspension not ice — wait for the facelift, when will correct the shortcomings.”

Passport data

Hyundai Tucson 2.0 MPI 1.6 T-GDI 2.0 Diesel
Body type universal universal universal
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4480 4480 4480
Width, mm 1850 1850 1850
Height, mm 1655 1655 1655
Wheelbase, mm 2670 2670 2670
Track front/rear mm 1608/1620 1608/1620 1608/1620
Curb weight, kg 1512-1769 1637-1803 1693-1846
Full weight, kg 2060-2150 2200 2250
Trunk volume, l 488-1478 488-1478 488-1478
Type petrol petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging turbo
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1999 1591 1995
Max. power, HP/rpm 150/6200 177/5500 185/4000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 192/4000 265/1500–4500 400/1750–2750
Transmission M6/A6* P7 A8
Drive front/complete full full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk disk
Tires 225/60R17 225/55R18 225/60 R17
Ground clearance, mm 182 182 182
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 180-186 201 201
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 10,6–11,8 9,1 9,5
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 10,7–11,8 9,2 8,0
— extra-urban cycle 6,2–6,7 6,5 5,4
combined 7,9–8,4 7,5 6,4
Emissions Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 62 62 62
Fuel AI-95 AI-95 diesel fuel
* M6 — manual, six-speed,
A6 — automatic, six-speed,
P7 — robotic, seven-speed,
A8 — automatic, eight-speed.


Tucson is based on the modernized chassis of its predecessor ix35 ― McPherson front and memorycache back. During the restyling of chassis changes has not undergone. Clutch rear axle differential ― company WIA Magna Powertrain.

In the power structure of the body 51% of high-strength steels and 102 m of adhesive joints. The result is a five-star rating in crash tests by Euro NCAP maximum rating and Top Safety Pick+ in overseas test Institute IIHS.

Have aluminum engine Nu 2.0 MPI crankshaft is offset from the axis of the cylinders for the sake of reducing friction. The applied low-noise timing chain, shifters installed on the intake and exhaust, changing the length of the intake tract.

Supercharged “four” 1.6 T-GDI Gamma family was submitted in October 2011. There is direct fuel injection, twin scroll turbocharger, the intake tract of variable length shifters on the issue. Pair turbo engine is exclusively double clutch “robot” with two “dry” couplings.

Aluminum four-cylinder turbodiesel Euro 5 R-series with the piezoelectric injector working pressure of up to 1,800 bar debuted in 2009 at the last Tulane. In 2013 was modernized. Now you’ll be a lightweight engine block, optimized variable geometry turbocharger, improved cooling systems and exhaust gas recirculation, and oil variable displacement pump.

Eight-speed hydromechanical “automatic” own development for FWD models Hyudai and Kia debuted the Kia Cadenza sedan. Box as compact as a six-speed, with a 3.5 kg lighter, and the power range is extended by ten percent. For the sake of fuel economy significantly decreased in size oil pump. The control valve (there are now 12 instead of 20) modernized, which reduced the time of switching.

Behind the scenes

On the Federal highway M4 I passed on the adaptive cruise control practically unmanned. Deceived restraint system in the band, downloading the handlebars bottle. The machine thinks it’s the severity at the hands of the driver. Don’t do it! On most local roads of the Voronezh region the wheel just will not release. But there are places with spectacular views.


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Hyundai has launched in Russia the production of heavy trucks

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Pilot production of the new commercial vehicles Hyundai started on the capacities of the Kaliningrad plant “Avtotor”. The line was supplemented by heavy trucks Xcient. Now coming off the Assembly line the first batch of large vehicles of the Korean brand.


In Russia will soon be a serial production of several models Hyundai Xcient with add-ons. These heavy trucks are intended particularly for different types of construction works. We are talking about trucks with a large capacity, and their wheel formula – 8×4; road-construction equipment, established on the basis of chassis formula 6×4; as well as the main tractors with formula 4×2.

The company explained that trucks Hyundai Xcient and machinery, created on their basis were developed according to European standards and adapted to Russian climatic and road conditions. They are equipped with diesel 6-cylinder inline engines with recoil 340, 380 and 410 HP


To date range of commercial vehicles Hyundai, represented on the Russian market are HD35, HD35С, HD65, HD78, HD120 and HD170. All of these models are produced at the facilities of Kaliningrad enterprise. Recall, also, “Avtotor” produces cars of South Korean brand: Sonata, Tucson, Elantra, Santa Fe and Grand Santa Fe.

In addition to this, Hyundai has its own plant in St. Petersburg, where established manufacturing some of the most popular cars in Russia: Hyundai Solaris and Creta, as well as Kia Rio. For the first eight months of 2018, they took the fourth, fifth and first places respectively in the list of the most popular models in the country.

QZ 0441

Not so long ago reported that Hyundai had problems with the signing of specinvtehnica, as the Korean group wants to invest in engineering development in Russia. On this issue, the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has already asked the Vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. So the chance that the company will manage to conclude an agreement before the expiration of the agreement on industrial Assembly, there is. So, Hyundai may not lose tax benefits.


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Company UAZ started deliveries of SUVs in Mexico

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uaz pickup
uaz hunter
uaz patriot

Uaz pickup,Uaz hunter,Uaz patriot. «Мексика — страна пикапов, их здесь много. Мексика — наша страна, мы здесь однозначно обречены на успех», — заявлял год назад директор по экспорту УАЗа Андрей Дорофеев.

Konstantin Bolotov, 2 hours ago. Photo: UAZ

“Mexico is the land of pickup trucks, many of them here. Mexico is our country, we are definitely doomed to success” — said a year ago, the export Director of the Oise Andrey Dorofeyev.

In Mexico, there are private UAZ (Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas): University of Zacatecas this year celebrates the 50th anniversary and therefore, glimpsed in the national news. About our UAZ local media are somehow not write, and in fact, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant begins to “large supply of the entire range of”. We are talking about several hundred cars a year. Until the end of 2018 will arrive 100 Hunters, as well as test samples of a Patriot, Pickup, Pros and “minivan UAZ-2206”.

Export of the name “minivan” it’s time to collect. The Chinese definition of All-terrain off-road MPV and Italian Bukhanka joins the name of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. Whether there will be. In “the geography of the Oise” seems to include Bolivia, Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador.

The Mexican distributor of Ulyanovsk became Logistics Dynamics Corporation (LDC, she’s LDE) in Monterrey, which should not be confused with the American firm Logistic Dynamics, Inc. In 2017, the Corporation imported a 39 cars, the start of homologation, certification and market research. On the shoulders of the LDC lies with the creation of a dealer network and after-sales service. The official website presents five models (Patriot, by the way, renamed the Patrol), but without the price. In 2019 the planned delivery of the three hundred machines, opening dealerships in Cancun and Guadalajara. In June it should make the school off-road driving in Mexico city.


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Insiders talked about the new motors models Jeep Wrangler

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jeep wrangler

Jeep wrangler. Число агрегатов на Рэнглере будет постепенно увеличиваться, а венчать ассортимент должна гибридная система с зарядкой от розетки (на основе турбомотора 2.0).

Leonid Popov, 54 minutes ago. Photo: Jeep

The number of units on the Wrangler will gradually increase, and to crown range have a hybrid system with charging from the wall (based on the turbo 2.0).

About the introduction for the Wrangler three-liter diesel instead of the previous unit 2.8 (163 HP, 400 N•m), as well as of its release in the US, insiders said before the SUV into the light. But the first diesel in this generation of the Jeep Wrangler received the Europeans: they gave the Quartet II 2.2 MultiJet (200 HP, 450 N•m). Now, in the documents U.S. dealers found the first evidence about the long-awaited diesel engine 3.0. Resource JL Wrangler got order codes modifications and learned their transcripts. One of them means four-door version, Unlimited Sport, Sahara and Rubicon with diesel engine 3.0, system start/stop (ESS) and an eight “automatic”.

At the time of the premiere Jeep Wrangler with index JL received only “aspirated” V6 3.6 (289 HP, 352 N•m) with a simple “start/stop” and “turbochetverku” 2.0 (272 PS, 400 N•m) fitted with a combined 48-volt starter generator belt driven (BSG). Other versions introduce in stages.

Preliminary data on the impact of: 264 HP and 599 nm. a Similar unit in 2019 to appear at the pick-up Ram 1500. Another that has not been clarified yet, the code for Wrangler could mean a 3.0 diesel with a six-speed “mechanics”. Finally, if you believe the leaks, in the range of the SUV will appear engine 3.6 BSG, that is, with the integrated motor generator (belt driven). Thus, the familiar “aspirated” 3.6 turn into a mild hybrid. Happen this upgrade maybe before the end of this year. In the coming months, waiting for the declassification and three-liter diesel.


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