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Fashion. Nails art 2018: beautiful ideas and innovations


Girls nails – the first thing you pay attention to the surrounding… Learning an abundance of new products beautiful nails design in 2018, reveals surprising trends!

Focuses on naturalness. Actual nails almond-shaped and oval. Long – medium. As for trends, there is great scope…

Fashion trends 2018

Photo novelties beautiful nail design 2018 define fashion trends:

  1. Three-dimensional modelling. For nail art procedure will require effort and time. The procedure is performed in stages. Modeling associated with acrylic colors and decorations, drawing pictures.
  2. Art painting is decorative. Use gels-varnishes, needle, brush. The design provides for a significant effort to implement original designs on nails.
  3. Stamping. Simple design simultaneously reveals the originality. Stamping close to the classics, presented with a modern twist.
  4. Stickers for nails. The procedure requires minimum time and effort. Themed decals adorn one or all of the nails. Commonly used adhesive and water decals.
  5. Decorative accessories. Miniature items suitable for short length, highlighting the beauty of the hands. Large decor perfect for long nails.

Craftsmen combine several areas of nail art. Often the result exceeds initial expectations.

New trends in nail art

What’s new in 2018 will become popular in nail art?


Version appeared recently. The technique shows the development of the nail industry.
Marble manicure. Elegant design surprises the girls. The result is visually reminiscent of marble.

The effect of broken glass

Nail art is done by the standard technique. The only difference is the bonding foil.

Liquid stones

For design performance requires beads, rhinestones. Elements gold tone popular, because they transform the nails. For manicure take into account important nuances to create a stylish design with a focus on moderation and the laws of beauty.

Unusual effects

A variety of varnishes surprising. Girls have the right to choose lucky with effects. The procedure could hold its own. Special skills are not required due to the ease of performing the nail design.

Beads and rhinestones

Such decoration is not so long ago. Decor options are different. Flight of fancy is not limited. Beads and rhinestones are used to decorate one nail or all nails.


Decor is used for a long time, but the possibility of usage increased not too long ago. On the modern market, a multi-colored glitterthat enhance the design of nails.

The effect of sugar

Color acrylic is required for the treatment of nails, creating the drawings. Design can be big. Powder create different patterns, ornaments. The nail plate is varnished and dried, re-varnished.

After drawing the gel Polish, drying is not required. Figure sprinkled with powder and drying in the lamp. The manicure boasts a stylish design.

Mirror coating

Effective design is recommended as an evening option. Mirrored finish is combined with rhinestones and a marble manicure. All the available options differ beauty.

Translucent manicure in the style of the Veil

The technique succeeds, if properly connected gels-varnishes and drying is performed in special lamps.

Fashion techniques deserve the attention of the girls. Proper execution of nail design transforms the beauty of hands.

How to use nail accessories

Fashion accessories are widely used for nails. Decorative elements are used for spraying applications. For the original design required three-dimensional decorations, non-standard materials.

Accessories are mounted on a special nail glue or wet nail Polish. News beautiful nail design in 2018 to determine the use of original accessories.

Large crystals suitable for evening manicure. Pebbles accents.

Sequins and confetti. Brilliant manicure requires this decor. A variety of sequin allows you to choose the décor with the wishes of. The recent popularity of larger sequins.

Decorative elements are colored and transparent. Colored sequins are used for the execution of bright ideas, clear – to play with light. Versatile material is compatible with different lacquer coatings.

Pearls used for sea or an evening manicure. Pearl has an elegant design, so it is suitable for decoration of women’s nails.

Shells are needed for mosaic design. The main differences to the pearlescent sheen, original form. Shells provide the basis for a marine manicure.

Beads are transparent colored beads of small size. Beads are often used for lunar and sea directions.

Metal and plastic decorations are three-dimensional and flat. Original design long nails provides three-dimensional decorations in the form of flowers, bows. Often large décor with gold acrylic paint and nails with foil.

Choosing a flat and a small decoration, it is possible to create an interesting manicure. Plastic decoration is offered at an affordable price, metal – high. Rubber products are recommended for spring or summer design nails. Jewelry, metal, plastic, rubber, transform your nails.

Nail coating that’s been popular lately. Dust and sequins deserve the attention of fashionistas. Manicure is matte and glossy. Coating suitable for processing various sizes of nails, creating different textures. Technique interested in girls who think the festive looks.

Flock is used to create velvet nails. There is a multitude of colors and shades of coating. For coating use, florider, so the procedure is simplified. The flock keeps the beauty when in contact with water. The beauty of the design persists for a long time.

Gossamer is an interesting and original material. Twisted thin strands are applied to the base coat. Then use clear lacquer for the finishing coat. Applied webs reveal new facets of nail design.

Nail lace perfect for many situations. Desirable fixing a transparent varnish. Fashionable manicure will have resistance when you use reliable finishing varnish.

In 2018, for nails used with natural feathers. Original accessory is rarely used. Manicure with feathers has a right to exist, as it is unusual.

Especially beautiful work Oriental design direction when using feathers.

Dry leaves is a natural accessory. It is desirable to use dried flowers for an autumn manicure. The dried flowers are used for classical and three-dimensional design.

Mica – thin material. When working with mica requires a careful use of tweezers. Material paste in a chaotic manner. On the nails creates abstract drawings associated with decorative stones and minerals.

A variety of decorative elements enhances the beauty of nails.

Drawings for nails

Which patterns are more common in 2018? The diversity of the images is surprising. Photo novelties beautiful nail design in 2018 to determine the direction of the drawings.


The pattern is simple. The brevity of the picture increases popularity. Newcomers cope with the application of pea in all sizes and colors.


For nail art you will need sticky tape or strips. Striped design, running at home. The event takes a minimum of time.


The painting is characterized by simplicity and originality. Especially are considered beautiful black-and-white zigzags.

Floral ornaments

This figure is considered to be the most common. The drawings are especially popular for spring and summer image. Girls choose a color and shade for printing on the nail plate.

Flower fails to execute with large and small drops of Polish of an appropriate color. For the original ornament requires brushes, stickers, appliques.

Geometric patterns

Nail fit triangles, diamonds, squares. Geometric patterns are the complexity of implementation.

Design in cartoon style

Young girls choose bright cartoon design. Marigolds decorate tassels, stickers. The drawings are simple labels, complex and detailed – brushes.

Oriental ornaments are considered to be noble, stylish

Girls choose twisted stems, tendrils, exotic flowers, exquisite Oriental patterns. East effect on nail trends, and in 2018 it becomes more visible.

Animal prints are executed in natural colors

Used brown, beige and yellow shades. Girls tend to choose leopard print, which is performed in the original colors. Also popular are the colors of a Zebra, giraffe, bird feathers.

Ethnic patterns manifest themselves in new ways. Girls have the right to choose drawings in the style of favourite countries.

Art painting requires caution and effort. Master nail-art performing fine work. The successful implementation of the mural guarantees perfect looking nails.


Abstraction is one of the popular destinations. Abstract paintings are complex. Requires creativity, care, courage to execute the original image. Image pleasing eccentricity and originality. Abstract paintings give the space for imagination.

These drawings allow the girls to select suitable options to create a fashionable image.

Directions nail design

Photo novelties beautiful nail design in 2018 is divided into several areas.

Themed manicure

Drawings selected based on the time of year.

  1. In the fall choose the following drawings: towering mountain ash berries and storm, autumn mushrooms and stomachs raindrops. Halloween is applied to images of pumpkins, ghosts, and even witches. For drawings will require the skills of nail art or stickers.
  2. Create a manicure in the winter, given the Christmas theme. Such registration is relevant not only for New year and Christmas.
  3. Summer and spring popular flowers pictures. It is possible to decorate one nail or all fingers.

Graphic shapes are recognized universal for any time of year. Design perfect for everyday and special events. Impressive graphic manicure black and white.

Ttematicheskii manicure popular in 2018. Girls may are interested to execute the nails.

French manicure

This season French manicure a popular one. Allowed experiments with color. French can be bright. In 2018 fashionable to be “layered” smile, consisting of several lines.

The moon manicure

In 2018 the moon manicure will change. Hole and nail plate can be separated by a line of contrasting color. Harmony is required. Girls have the right to create lunar jacket with unpainted areas of the nail plate. You are allowed to leave not painted holes, areas of the plate boundary between the two areas.


A new technique associated with a stylish manicure. Usually the design is performed on 1-2 nails. The patterns are swirls, spirals. Manicure reminiscent of “embossed” designs on silver or gold. This “squeezing” explains the name.

Imitation of natural stone

Marble manicure became the basis for the development of a new direction. Girls have the right to choose the texture under different natural stones. Now, one can create a simulation of other kinds of stones.

Popular destinations nail art deserve attention. Girls have the right to make nails as you wish.


Manicures in 2018 and is often done in a minimalist style. Recommended for any occasions. The choice of this design guarantees a combination of nail Polish with any clothes. Manicure in a minimalist style is created for short and medium nails. The design is a neat design.

Base design – neutral paint. It black or red paint classic patterns. Looks impressive cage on a beige background. Geometric patterns meet the classics.

In the spring and summer manicures performed in bright colors. Impressive look white on a bright color. Striking design in warm time of the year is relevant, but harmonious performance and game balance colors, paint required.

Pastel shades in manicure

In 2018 will be a very popular pastel shades. This manicure suitable for classic, casual and formal dresses. Actual are milky, pastel beige and pink nail Polish. Pastel colors attracts girls, as it emphasizes the tenderness of women’s hands.

Fashionable shades of nail Polish

For manicure allocate popular and fashionable colors. You are:

  1. Burgundy-brown color. This coating is the same color can not be called spectacular. For the transformation of manicure requires dilution. We recommend the following shades: Bordeaux, red, wine, plum.
  2. The natural shades. Recommended light colors: pale yellow, Golden beige, white. Colors are universal, so are suitable for any images.
  3. Coral and orange. It is desirable to abandon the bright orange color. In 2018 will be relevant gentle tones as a manicure should attract affection.
  4. Saturated and dark colors nail Polish – a separate direction. These colors should be diluted with gold, silver shades. Effective is the cosmic combination.

Fashionable shades of nail Polish transforms nails. This design features a beautiful and stylish performance.

Beautiful photo novelties nail design in 2018, encouraging good performance. Girls have the right to transform the nails, selecting the stylish and trendy manicure.


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Hollywood smile – as do the methods

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Self-care is not a privilege but a necessity. And not enough to regularly visit a cosmetologist, Barber, and follow the trends in fashion. All these efforts will be in vain if the teeth are far from ideal. That’s why people who want to look perfect in any situation, do not neglect the services of dentists. And their main goal — a spectacular Hollywood smile, which is achieved in modern practice in several ways.

Ways to create a Hollywood smile

Professional cleaning

Used on healthy teeth to remove Tartar and soft plaque. Performed ultrasound and therapeutic mixture. To maintain results it is recommended to use every 6 months.


Allows you to whiten tooth enamel by 8-10 shades in one session. During the procedure, the teeth to apply the whitening gel that is activated under exposure to a special lamp of cold light.


Represent a special “nozzle” (Capa), which are used to align the teeth or correct the bite.




Are the fastest and most effective way to achieve Hollywood smiles of the owners of imperfect teeth with minor defects. Ideal in cases where a violation of the dentition minor, and other methods of treatment to apply is impractical and time consuming. Enjoy wide popularity due to simplicity and safety in installation and durability of the result.

Features veneers

Imagine an ultra-thin lining (0,2–0,5 mm) made of special material (composite, glass-ceramic, zirconium), which are mounted on the enamel of the tooth using dental cement. Recommended for installation in the presence of:

  • chips;
  • cracks;
  • a small curvatures and/or irregularities;
  • the dark spots.


  • make the smile beautiful and white;
  • completely repeat the shape of the tooth, so they look natural and do not cause discomfort;
  • resistant to temperature changes and staining by food dyes (coffee, turmeric, etc.);
  • securely mask aesthetic defects;
  • serve for a long time.

How is the installation

Typically, the desired result of three visits to the doctor.

The main stages

1.First diagnosis of the oral cavity, exclude contraindications, taken preparatory measures— cleaning, additional surveys, etc.

2.After that the surface facing the teeth to future veneers is a “sit” during the installation. This step is absolutely safe and painless, as nerves and soft tissue are not affected.

3.Next is a cast of the corrected areas, which is transmitted to the dental laboratory. Here veneers are created specifically for each patient, taking into account features of the location and condition of his teeth. The manufacturing process of the plates takes some time, so the patient is put on temporary structures to protect the enamel.

4.Once the veneers are custom made, held their final installation:

  • pads are tried, are adjusted so that a perfect repetition of forms of the native tooth (if needed);
  • on completion of the fitting, the veneer is attached to the tooth using special cement.

Important points

  • veneers are installed only on healthy teeth and can not be used in places where there is no tooth root;
  • it is useless to mount the plate on the sealed grounds, it will not stick;
  • set veneers only on the front teeth. For the side zones, they are not suitable due to excessive masticatory load.

Do not neglect their own health and look for cheaper alternatives to the standard veneers — available in selling the finished lining. First, they are created by the template and will not repeat the native form of the teeth. Secondly, it is impossible to be confident in the quality and safety of the supplied glue. Thirdly, the installation of veneers can be contraindications, to see that only the dentist.

It is important to remember that even when you contact the clinic, the result depends on professionalism of a doctor. Therefore necessary to address to an experienced specialist. After the installation of veneers is an irreversible process and, in violation of the methodology, the consequences can be so dire that to remove them would be long and expensive.

Care after installation

To veneers has served for a long time, should follow simple rules:

  • choose toothpaste without abrasive particles;
  • to floss as needed;
  • do not expose the linings of a high impact — sunflower seeds, snacking thread teeth, etc.;
  • be sure to visit the dentist every six months.

The lifespan of veneers

Depends on the selected material.


Cheap, can be installed directly on the tooth, without creating a separate overlay. Susceptible to staining and rapid destruction. Not add some Shine to the teeth. Service life — approximately 3 years.


More expensive but better quality. Do not lose properties over time, resistant to external stimuli. Look aesthetically pleasing and natural. Service life — 15 years or more.

Contraindications to install veneers

  • bruxism;
  • large fillings;
  • increased abrasion;
  • fascination traumatic sports;
  • malocclusion;
  • the simulation of smiles;
  • diseases of the oral cavity — first, they need to be addressed.

With the advent of veneers beautiful teeth now — not a dream but an affordable reality. Most importantly, do not forget about security and use proven clinic. Only in this case, you will be satisfied with the result, and will be able to smile, confident in the perfection of your smile.

Source: Esthetic dentistry “Proprius”


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The Beau Monde. Inessa Shevchuk before and after plastic surgery

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Departed quickly from the project “House 2” Inessa Shevchuk does not cease regularly to accommodate for its users posts on his page on instagram. Recently she posted new pictures before plastic and after. These photos attracted the attention of subscribers.

Participation in the TV project “House 2”

Fame Inessa Shevchuk before the plastics took part in a controversial project “House 2”. And after she posted a photo of his new teeth on instagram, former member of telestroke again has become incredibly popular.

On the TV show she came in September 2014 at the age of 22 years.

In Moscow the girl came from the Far East. She was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Then her family moved to Khabarovsk, where she graduated from high school. She at the time of moving to Moscow was already a great experience on regional television and in the modeling business. By the time of the arrival of “House 2” Inessa was able to get a higher education and learn the Chinese language.

Interesting! Darin Erwin before and after plastic surgery

Meanwhile on the draft Inessa Shevchuk were not allocated a special appearance to plastics, but the girl managed to attract the attention of the audience, which did not decrease even after she was outside the perimeter of the transmission.

Inessa managed it, and after leaving the project. Pictured in “House 2”, she looked not so impressive, as it is now after the plastic.


While participating in the reality show she started to build a relationship with Sergei Katasonova. Young people United by an interest in drawing. The relationship of the couple during the entire time was rough. She all the time was jealous of the elect to his former family. Within a few months that she participated in the “House 2”, it attracted the attention of the audience uneasy relationship with her partner.

The audience constantly discussed the relationship pair in the network that did Shevchuk popular this reality show, even though short-term participation in the project. The girl left the project results of the public vote in March 2015.

Interesting! Biography Of Tatiana Bulanova

Inessa Shevchuk before and after plastic surgery

After the girl left the project in 2015, she has become heavily involved with their appearance. In March 2015 she displayed her pictures on his page on instagram after plastic surgery.

The girl began to blog on various plastic surgery that she was experiencing. She had posted pictures before visiting a plastic surgeon and after, and shared their impressions.

While Inessa Shevchuk appealed to the most expensive clinics of St. Petersburg. At first she had a boob job, putting the photos before plastic and after the brace. Then came the photo, which was corrected nose. In addition to breast augmentation and rhinoplasty girlfriend cheated on:

  • teeth;
  • lips;
  • hair.

Interesting! Darin Erwin before and after plastic surgery

Members noted that the chest after the correction looks natural. Her little snub real nose became after rhinoplasty thinner. Lips, enhanced with hyaluronic acid, have become more sensitive. Has changed dramatically teeth Shevchuk. She put the perfect veneers that made her smile in Hollywood.

Subscribers acknowledge that the appearance of the girls has improved significantly. The cost of all of the procedures performed is very high. Some believe that the girl could receive a significant discount on all procedures plastic surgeons and dentists, as her page with the results of plastic and dental procedures like advertising reality show, which gathers a large audience of potential customers.

Also, the subscribers notice that the proportions of the girl’s body processed the photos in a special editor, so that they become perfect.

Career model and expert

Inessa Shevchuk with knowledge of the case came to change their appearance. It is not just it improves, but actively and energetically promoting. This allowed her to make a successful career as a model and participating in TV projects.

To achieve a large number of proposals from representatives of the fashion business allows her active self-promotion. The girl puts the numerous selfies that she carefully prepared. She’s always on the pictures is removed only in the carefully applied makeup difficult.

Shevchuk said that the girl, who often work on camera, you need to monitor their appearance.

Of his private life, the girl made a real fashion show, constantly spreading the network a huge amount of their photos. This attracts the attention of a huge number of users instagram to her page, including not only girls who are trying to beauty lessons, but men who like to admire the beauty Inessa.

[embedded content]

Inessa Shevchuk leads an active lifestyle. She continues to appear in “the House 2”, but not as a participant in the reality show, and a respected expert. And her photos before and after plastic surgery never cease to amaze…


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The Beau Monde. Darin Erwin before and after plastic surgery

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At the end of last year in the media appeared information that Darin Erwin has done some plastic surgery. Given that all procedures of a plastic surgeon are expensive, Darina Erwin helped them to pay Alexander Tsekalo. After that was the news that Alexander and Darin were married.

What operations did Darina

Accurate information about how often Darina visited a plastic surgeon, no. We can only guess how many times she resorted to the services of a professional, if you compare the pictures “before” and “after”. Looking at them we can say that Darin used the services at least 4 times.

Among the operations we can mention:

  • facelift;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • the increase in breast volume;
  • Botox injections and lip augmentation.

Professionals who can distinguish the body “before” and “after” claim that the girl was doing even liposuction, adjust the shape of the lower jaw.

Compare the face Darina “before” and “after” to decide what she did.

Interesting! Biography Of Tatiana Bulanova

Plastic on the face

In the “before” picture, the eyes of the girl look interesting in the East. The cut was fairly narrow, which is common for the Asian girls. The fashion for wide-open eyes did the trick and the girl went to the surgeon. After the surgery eyes began and raised corners. Except that had surgery on the eyelids, so also was the work of the upper and middle third of the face and the nasolabial area.

After plastic surgery, the girl began wearing the lenses, thereby changed the color of her eyes. Now her eyes are sky blue.

Please note! Before the girl had a round face shape, and after it worked surgeons are ovals. Also added emphasis in the area of the cheeks.

All changes that were made on the girl’s face began to resemble a fashionable aristocratic features.

As for the body, Darin was never complete. So thinness was probably achieved independently.

Interesting! Biography Duncan Lawrence – winner of Eurovision 2019


Nature has given to Darin’s beautiful nose, which was combined with other facial features. But despite this, the nose also seen changes. He was now much narrower and what outlines clearer. Many believe that the new nose is not in harmony with the facial features. Given that cheekbones from Darina is not small, the new nose does not really fit with her image as a whole.

Rinoplastica is a serious operation. The doctor’s responsibility is not only that it should pass without consequences, so also the physician should calculate how well his new creation will look on your face.

Voluminous lips

Looking at the face, it should be said that lips are by far increased. But despite this, a smile was charming, and left. Speaking about the result, it can hardly be called good, because her lips are too big and not natural.

Fashion for plump lips have long passed, so expect soon a wholesale reduction.

Interesting! For someone like grown up the son of Alina Kabaeva

Breast augmentation

Comparing pictures, it can be concluded that Breasts Darina was increased with the use of implants. The photographs “before” Breasts were small in size, “after” increased. Fourth breast size is impossible not to notice. Bust the girl really is, as it stands out against the contours of the body.

[embedded content]

No matter what operations did Darin Erwin, she really changed after plastic surgery. Now she looks younger and more spectacular, she did have a aristocratic features.


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