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Fashion. Fashion coat for spring 2019 – latest news

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Fashion week is behind us and all women, walking in step with the times, you know the basic fashion trends. Coming in the spring of 2019, a classic women’s coat will be among the favorites, this is evidenced by pictures in glossy magazines and the latest fashion shows.

Couturier, as usual, brought fresh ideas and came up with original new products, thanks to which we can fit the coat in almost any way. The selection this season is really great: feminine, costume capes, practical products drape, luxurious models on the floor. Consider the main trends of the season in more detail.

Fashion color women’s coat

In the spring, so you want to stand out from the crowd and dress up in bright fancy stuff. Well-known designers took into account the wishes of the beautiful half of humanity, and presented a whole range of trendy shades. For lovers of rich colors provided by deep blue, Sunny yellow and noble red.

Will be good aristocratic color of ripe cherries and luxurious wine shade. More restrained options made in the classical range of shades, which includes black, beige, grey and brown.

Cool spring days ladies can indulge in dessert shades coat. For the current image, you can safely choose the colors of latte, mocha, butter cream or milk chocolate. Loved by many hacks also remains at the peak of popularity. Photos from the fashion catwalks indicate that the shows really stood out, model, purple, and orange.

If you allow the color type appearance, you may want to choose these bold hues.

Among the prints in the first place confidently holds the cage. Long or short, bright or muted, traditional colors or in an unusual palette, any coat in the cage will be trendy in the spring of 2019. Also gained popularity flower and vegetable prints.

In accordance with the latest fashion trends, the designs and patterns should be expressive and large, and their location should create some chaos and asymmetry.

Each print makes a thing unique and unique. In third place is located the popular prints, geometric patterns and ethnic patterns. Such decor will not be suitable for every style, but a good color combination can look very impressive.

The actual coat styles for spring 2019

For the upcoming spring 2019 fashion trends offer so many unusual and interesting coat styles that you don’t want to limit myself to purchase only one model. Considering design photos you can find clothes for all occasions, effectively complement any look and feel cozy in bad weather. Consider the main favorites of the season, according to the latest fashion trends.

Long coat

Striking model in a half crazy fashionistas more than one season. The luxurious coat can be part of office suit and evening dress that become the highlight of the festive attire and adequately complete business bow. Feminine and romantic models suitable for everyday outings.

This season, designers are offering us is not to be limited to classical combinations and feel free to combine the long one with sneakers and jeans.

Short coat

For everyday casual style in active urban rhythm perfectly suited to cropped models, which do not lose their relevance. Elegant and concise they are versatile combined with skirts, dresses and pants, do not hold down movement and warm in bad weather. It is better to give preference monochrome bright models or products decorated cage.

Custom sleeve

To create an unusual and feminine look by using a coat with cropped sleeves. Elegant ¾ length will be incredibly popular this season. Choose slim models or products oversized. Slightly flared sleeves give the image a twist. Wearing such a coat can be long gloves or simply let the warm sleeves of a sweatshirt to warm the hands. Also relevant will be the model without sleeves, resembling a vest.


Incredibly attractive model that is self-sufficient outfit, literally blew up the fashion catwalks. Coat, resembling the outfit look very feminine and elegant. Mostly they have two rows of buttons, the silhouette can be slim, flared or straight. Are products made from soft wool or cashmere.


This outerwear option is not always practical in the off-season, however, is the most favorite designers model. Developing the next new product you can implement any creative solution, turning the Cape into a work of art. Unusual colors, unique decor and a great variety of forms that allow you to choose a coat that will accentuate your individual style.

New models ultra-fashionable coat for spring 2019

With the onset of spring, I would like to upgrade a little closet and buy a new product, which is just beginning to appear on the streets of the city. For the spring season designers have prepared several models, which promise to become real hits.

Fashion trends provide stylish options for a coat not only standard sizes but also interesting suggestions for overweight women, so in the spring of 2019 everyone will be able to choose new clothes for everyone.

Coat without buttons

Laconic monochrome models without buttons are one of the main trends of the upcoming season. The designers decided to abandon the abundance of decor and make a bet on simplicity and style. Easily hang coats should be developed when walking and create an image of the rapid, but it is attractive and easy.

The model is suitable for business style, it will soften the strict lines and make the look more feminine and soft.

Coat with contrast collar

One of the most successful design ideas of the season is the selection of products collar contrast color or other material. This technique allows you to focus on the style and cut of the model, and to draw attention to the face. The novelty looks very stylish and impressive, it stands out against other models and allows you to experiment with different colors and textures. The collar can be marked with fur or any other material.

The main part of the product is done in muted tones, and the collar stands out with bright shades.

Strict leather coats

Classic silhouettes, clean lines and expressive colors that distinguish the new line of leather goods. Fashion designer focused on clean design and quality materials. This season leather coats are formal and strict. For models used mainly black color that emphasizes the silhouette.

Relevant are also models in military style, made in black, orange, wine and green.

Coat from ecomega

The absolute leader among popular gadgets 2019 are the product of a new artificial material, gradually displacing natural fur. Course on conservation of rare animal species and the natural balance picked up by fashionistas all over the world. ECOMEN have not been associated with cheapness, its technology is being improved from year to year, a well-known designers are actively using the latest collections.

Practical material allows to embody any design decisions, to make the thing any color and any shape. So feel free to go to the store for the striking novelty of ecomega.

Fashion coats for fat women

Women who can boast a curvy shape, it is difficult to define the style. They carefully follow the latest fashion trends, examine photos of patterns from the Burda magazine, proposed in the spring of 2019, and spend a lot of time in stores, choosing a new coat. Quite a long time it was believed that women should conceal a curvy shape over the top baggy clothes of dark shades.

But now designers decided to change the established order, turning women coat large size in interesting and creative products.

Among the most popular options coat spring 2019 for fat women can highlight the following:

  • model oversized – comfortable and sleek coat medium-long fashion designer made even more attractive. All superfluous details are eliminated, so you can often find models without locks, pockets, buttons and belts. Popular solid models, as well as small checks and geometric patterns;
  • coat-poncho – light and delicate capes remain in the list of the most popular products for women “body”. Hiding superfluous, these practical razlicici allow you to create feminine and romantic images. Ponchos are not only suitable youth, but the ladies at the age;
  • coat in boho style – bright and unique style is represented by models with asymmetric hem, decorated with fringe, textured buttons, unusual patterns or solid decorations. In these models, women who choose the large size, look slimmer and sleeker;
  • coat – pattern makes the silhouette more slender and proportionate. Thanks to a well-marked collar and waist, the silhouette becomes more fit.

Spring will also be the actual model bat, direct products, and coat without sleeves. Color palette patterns for fat women is widely represented. You can choose almost any color the actual season as well as some popular prints.

Stylish coats for teenagers for spring 2019

For teenagers fashion trends play an important role because at this age, I especially want to look stylish and keep pace with the times. For young fashionistas in the spring of 2019 designers have also produced a number of interesting coats, of which each will be able to choose warm and beautiful option. The main feature of the design line of the coming of spring, is the extended colour gamut. The shades are presented in all variations, from pale pink to bright yellow.

There are more restrained tones, and bright futuristic colors. Among prints will be the main cell, is presented in an interesting color combinations.

Fashion trends, as the pics show, in the spring of 2019 rely on the comfort and variety, so the coat styles also are different. For older teenagers, you can choose About silhouettes or model hourglass. The main trend of the spring will be the oversized collars, and hoods, as well as models decorated with ruffles and artificial flowers. For the cold period, you can choose the model duffle coat. This striking single-breasted coat is of medium length, made of wool.

Interesting! Nails 2019: fashion trends

To complement the stylish new can bright handbags and scarves. Coats are made in pastel colors and pastel shades can be combined with boots and hats of contrasting colors. The highlight of the image will give a stylish hat out of felt, which adds any style coat. The trend will be coat with fur trim collar.

Like the adult models, a clear separation of the collar attracts attention to the face, and makes the product more interesting.

The latest fashion collection of fashion designers contain a huge number of variations on the classic coat. This thing will certainly always popular, and unusual novelties, gradually gaining popularity, will last at least several seasons. So feel free to go to the store for a practical and beautiful thing that will warm you on cool spring 2019.

Focusing on the latest fashion trends and studying photos of new products in the magazine, do not forget that coat should fit harmoniously into your favorite style.

[embedded content]

Select the most appropriate model for everyday casual style, and pamper yourself with new products, allowing you to create a romantic or business image. When buying new clothes stick to your style, but be willing to experiment and innovative solutions.


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[embedded content]​

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Spouse Natalia Koroleva after meeting with the artist tries himself in different roles on stage and in business. The man starred in the TV series and movies, and touring with a theatrical troupe and author of the show, he also has a business and fitness club.

Natalia helps to promote spouse his offspring. For his part he acts for his wife and their son Arkhip personal trainer. Videos with exercises and a singer, and her husband often published online. However, Natalia is not such an obedient student. It does not always adhere to proper nutrition and have a sweet tooth. Often the woman does it in secret from her husband, while he’s not around.

One such video, the actress has published in his own instagram account. Laughing, she called the eating of the cake of your special diet.

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