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Define for yourself the most important novelties 2019

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Chevrolet Corvette C8 is a phenomenon more cultural than market-oriented. The turning point in the history of the model: after all, the first road Chevrolet mid-engine layout.

Unlike calendar, the new automotive year starts in mid-January with the opening of the Detroit motor show NAIAS. With its premieres, we will introduce you more details, although important for Russia models there are a few. In the same article recall about a fucking dozen of the most iconic, in the opinion of the editorial office, novelties 2019, in alphabetical order.

Aston Martin DBX

Unlike the coupe concept four years ago, conveyor DBX received a more traditional crossover five-door body.

Want to live — have crossover. The main players in the luxury segment, has joined the lineup of the vehicles. Even Ferrari is preparing something. Aston Martin after big British brands is preparing to introduce serial sportgastein. Waiting DBX is closer to the end of the year, perhaps with a different name, own V12 engine 5.2 or Mercedes “eight” 4.0, as the coupe DB11. Keeping in mind also the upcoming premiere electric Rapid, do not exclude the emergence of a hybrid version. McLaren’s next?

BMW of the first series

So sees the future as “penny” Illustrator Andrew Apararii, figures which are published in various car magazines. This, for example, made to German magazine Auto Bild. The premiere is expected in autumn in Frankfurt.

Bavarian “unity” along with some representatives of the second series for a long time remained faithful to the classic layout that distinguishes BMW in this segment. But the car of the third generation will move to the FWD UKL platform, as it already did purposelly sedan for the Chinese and Mexican markets. Materials photospin scarcely hope for the emergence of a three-door hatchback. And rear-wheel drive will only “kopeck piece” — coupe and convertible. For how long?

Chevrolet Tahoe/Escalade Cadillaс

Judging by the prototypes, we got big cars simple form. Cadillac rendered portal TopSpeed. As for Tahoe, it’s good to return to a pattern of the first generations, when by design it was like a pickup truck Chevrolet Silverado HD.

Full-size SUVs Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade tend to follow parallel courses, so that the machines of the fifth generation , we will see almost at the same time. Probably it will happen in the first half of the year: place your bets at the April auto show in new York. Prototypes camouflaged in the glory, but it’s hard not to notice a rear independent suspension instead of a beam axle. In addition to the petrol V8 5.3 and 6.2 coupled with a 10-step “automatic” giants tipped and row “Quartet” L3B 2.7 turbo.

Dacia Logan/Sandero

Independent illustrators according to insiders tipped the family of Logan-Sandero fundamentally new design with no stylistic reference to state employees the first generation.

As a low cost Renault in Russia are technically very different from Daci expected this year Logan and Sandero interesting to us primarily from the point of view of design. And in Europe they are still waiting and moving to a modular platform CMF-B. Subsequently, a simplified version without a developed electronic systems integration will serve as the Foundation for the Russian versions. The timing of their occurrence difficult to predict. We continue to actively suck the juice out of the current Logan, who has just received a version Stepway and CVT. By the way, the fate of the Romanian brand as such was called into question.

Ford Bronco

Everyone is trying to predict how it will look Bronco. We chose quite down-to-earth version, made from the F-150 pickup truck published American edition of Road & Track.

Of course, the most relevant for Russia, the new Ford Explorer is the sixth generation. And it was declassified just as we were preparing this material. Therefore, the place of Explorer we with pleasure give the comeback of the legendary Bronco. It is not excluded that we are waiting for the whole family: in addition to the three – and five-door version of the big Bronco will appear more compact modification. After all, before there were midsize and full-size Bronco Bronco-II.

Genesis GV80

Concept Genesis GV80 denotes the vector of development of the brand almost two years ago at the auto show in new York.

We are closely watching the development of the brand Genesis, which successively is required on the status of the segments. On stage — large crossover GV80, announced in 2017. Wait, that technically the production version will be closer to a sedan than a family crossover Palisade. Hyundai built on a front-drive platform with a transversely mounted powertrain, and Genesis should have a classical layout, with the use of V6 and V8 engines. We have nicknamed the newcomer Givi and hope that a more compact and GV60 GV70 not long to wait.

Honda Urban EV

Judging by the fact that the prototype Honda Urban EV runs in Europe, there will be the debut of new items. If you do not arrive in time for the spring Geneva, we look at the autumn Frankfurt.

Stylish concept electric hatchback Honda Urban EV has been very successfully shown at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017. Honda’s bosses immediately announced that compact (less than four metres in length) electro hatchback costs will fall on the conveyor in a couple of years. It seems that all goes to the prototypes already being rolled out on European roads. Though not quite as we were promised a show car: three doors instead of five, and the front opened against the motion, and the more usual method.

Land Rover Defender

New Def rolls is already on European roads in camouflage, evoking pleasant nostalgia from fans of the previous angular Discovery.

Looking for independent rear suspension, which flaunt prototypes, we assume that the British have abandoned the classic frame. But stored three-door modification, which is cool, because the rough terrain SUV on the market almost gone. Unless Wrangler. But he was just too old school with its two bridges… If the former Defender was offered only with four-cylinder diesel engine (last one was Ford Duratorq 2.2) and only rare special version was equipped with “eight”, a new machine range of power units will be wider. By the way, how about a pickup truck? The Jeep already has a Gladiator

Mercedes-Benz GLS

In addition to the normal version of the division Mercedes-AMG will prepare loaded and badged Mercedes-Maybach will be presented emphasized luxury variant with a mutated body.

If the change in product indices did not affect the production cycle of Mercedes crossovers, followed by the premiere of the new GLE is expected to launch the flagship GLS. He also will move to a modular platform MHA (Mercedes High Architecture) and will acquire a wide range of powertrains, from turbochetverkami to the status of a V12 engine, which most likely will get a version of the Maybach. With an eye on the GLE, we can assume that GLS will be strictly all-wheel drive, and an extra charge be equipped with razdatkoy with dual… Meanwhile the main competitor of the BMW X7 has one wheel in Russia.

Porsche Taycan

Let, according to preliminary data, a Porsche dynamically correspond to the Tesla Model S P100D, his main trump card is quality. Then Tesla will be hard to compete with a division of the Volkswagen group.

The production of electric cars will start this year on a new branch plant in Zuffenhausen. Expect to see the production version in early March at the Geneva salon. While in the form of a hatchback with a power reserve of under 500 km Cross Turismo will appear later. Two electric motors with a total output of 600 HP should provide acceleration to hundred in 3.5 s. Dollar prices unofficially leaked to the network: from $90 000 small for the base rear-wheel drive to $130 000 with extra for all-wheel drive Turbo Taycan.

Skoda Octavia

The first debut liftback. Universal is also necessarily appears ― in Europe, it enjoys a good demand. Based on information from insiders Auto Express defines the image of Octavia.

Sales figures of Octavia before and after the questionable restyling prove that her love is not for looks, but for value, practicality and driving dynamics. Nevertheless, our expectations for the fourth generation is largely related to the increase of attractiveness. Although the addition of the new Octavia’s design promises more advanced and varied techniques: you can count on the emergence of hybrid and fully electric versions. MQB platform will be considerably upgraded. It is possible that, by becoming larger, Skoda nominally entrenched in class D.

Toyota Supra

Many expect that the Supra will give a new impetus to the development of Amateur sport and Junior professional grades. Similar hopes accompanied the release of the GT86, but low-powered machine failed to meet expectations.

The first Supra in 1978 was the result of adaptation of the then Saliki under a six-cylinder engine, which has been lengthened body. New also not out of the blue came from — it’s a variant on the theme of the BMW Z4. But if “the disconnect” — the Roadster, the Supra — coupe, albeit with the same Bavarian turbo engine 2.0 and 3.0. The old Supra was appreciated as a billet for extreme tuning. New first, have to love the flow, although the experience of pumping turbo engine from BMW tuners, too.

Volkswagen Golf

This is the only official picture of the new Golf. But can we compare this sketch with the spy photos, made recently in South Africa, and then it will be clear how it will look serial machine.

Updated back in the fall of 2016 Golf recently returned to Russia — and, apparently, not for long, for the management of the VW long ago announced the start of production of the eighth generation in June 2019. Public assemblies are usually fine Golf in the fall in Frankfurt or in Paris. And with the press it will introduce, probably until the end of summer. At least this scheme Volkswagen adhered to previously. Waiting for interior with advanced multimedia and micro-hybrid power plant based on 48-volt starter generator.


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SUV UAZ Patriot increased the variability of equipment

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uaz patriot

Uaz patriot. Нынешняя вилка цен на Патриот составляет от 777 000 рублей за комплектацию «Классик Fleet» до 1 083 000 за «Максимум».

Leonid Popov, 51 minutes ago. Photo: UAZ

The current plug prices on a Patriot is from 777 000 rubles for the equipment of the “classic Fleet” to 1 083 000 for Maximum.

In the segment of medium-sized SUVs once again updated UAZ Patriot is in the lead by a wide margin (end 2018 — 15 422 instance). This is due to the impressive traffic, and prices which, even after growth last fall, and another, already in 2019, still remain markedly lower than those of rivals. Now UAZ has decided to attract more attention to the model, increasing the available options for primary and secondary configurations.

During the last update the car has received more powerful motor and upgraded front and rear suspension, steering, clutch and “mechanics” improved sound insulation.

So, for “classic” and “Optimum” since February, can be ordered foglights, previously unavailable to them. In the “Classic” version comes multimedia system with touch screen, six speakers and navigation, extra heater, hitherto optional equipment is next in rank “Optimum” (for 32 000 rubles, and 9100, respectively). In the past, too, there is a new option pack — Climate control with climate control and grey insulated glass. Now such a set is optional (16 500) for the more expensive “Prestige”, and “Max” is the default. But in “the Prestige”, again from February, you will have the option in the form of Parking sensors front and rear, and rear-view camera, now present only in the “Maximum”.

Yet there are available alloy wheels of different design (20-30 thousand), locking rear differential (38 900), pre-heater with timer (44 900), heated windshield and rear seat on the “Prestige” (19 900), winch plus steering protection (49 900). And by “Classics” you can buy air conditioning and heated front seats for 69 900.

We add that the most affordable complete set of “classic Fleet” (777 000) is as empty as “classic” (more or less important, there is only driver airbag), but it is one of the pre-reform suspension and the old engine 2.7 (a 135-strong ZMZ 40906 is 150-strong ZMZ 409051 in all other versions of the Patriot). Simple classic starts with 798 000. Intermediate (“Optimum”), which already has a passenger, airbag and air conditioning, worth 899 000, and for the “Prestige” multimedia complex on Android, and a seven-inch touch screen, cruise control, heated front seats and steering stabilization system and a bunch of electronic assistants will have to pay 1 011 000.


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The owners of gyrometers want to distribute traffic

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Such transport is often used by children and adolescents. If the norm is accepted, then the audience may be significantly reduced.

Control over the actions of the owners of gyrometers, Segways, sigview and other small electric vehicles considered in the state Duma of the Russian Federation: on this topic was a round table. It is proposed to equate it to the moped: in this case, these “drivers” will be subject to the requirements of the rules of the road. The initiative came from the head of the Union of pedestrians Vladimir Sokolov.

Riding a scooter

According to the current legislation, to mopeds (light quadricycles) or the desired license category “M” or any other open category (the most common – “B”). If they equate gyrometer, Segways, etc., then their owners will also need a driver’s license.

Regulation segment is necessary because of pedestrians. During the round table the attendees remembered several cases: the first man on the electric skateboard was hit by a woman who fell and suffered a severe spinal injury; second driver electric skateboard collided with the pensioner, causing the latter died on the spot. Accident, these incidents can not be called, since from the point of view of the law in the pedestrian zone and collided with two pedestrians.

Segways - Journee Sans Voiture, Paris 2015

According to Vladimir Sokolova, similar cases are not uncommon (however, the statistics he had not). In order to be able to attract such “drivers” to justice, they should be subject to the relevant rules. Today they have been officially recognized by pedestrians and, in fact, can move in respective areas at a speed from 20 km/h on gyrometer to 50 km/h on a Segway.

Vladimir Sokolov offers to prohibit the movement of the small electric vehicle on the sidewalks. Agree not all. During the round table a proposal was made simply to limit the speed for those traveling on the Segways, Segways, etc: for pedestrian areas – not above 25 km/h, for bike paths, 60 km/h. the Catch, however, is that this electric vehicle has no speedometer.


It is curious that Russia is now allowed to create “Bike zone”, where it is allowed to stop motorists and motorcyclists, provided that they give way to all other traffic participants, and their speed will not exceed 20 km/h. it Turns out, the owners sigview will be able to drive on such roads three times faster? Or in this case, also will be subject to the terms and moped riders?

In Russia in 2018, has sold about 32 thousand Segways and about 10 thousand monowheels. Often buy them for children and teenagers. Recall that the right category “M” is issued from the age of 16. This means that in case of approval the proposal of the head of the Union of pedestrians, the number of customers of sellers of small electric vehicle, most likely, will be considerably reduced.

Last summer reported on the proposal of the Deputy from the LDPR faction, which advocated the registration of alternative transport.


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Kupeobrazny Geely FY11 revealed in the “sports” version

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geely fy11

Geely fy11. От стандартного этот вариант отличается круговым обвесом в цвет кузова (вместо «чёрного пояса»), накладками на двери, двумя парами выпускных патрубков, затемнёнными элементами, алой вставкой в решётке и большими колёсами. Можно считать FY11 кросс-седаном, как Renault Arkana.

From the standard this is a circular body kit in body color (instead of black belt), lining on the door, two pairs of exhaust pipes, darkened elements, al insert in the grille and large wheels. FY11 can be considered cross-sedans, like Renault Arkana.

The company Geely to be congratulated on the development of the first model on the platform of the CMA (not to be confused with BMA). It unites coupe FY11 with a compact “Swede” Volvo XC40 and differs from Satin, resting on its own “cart” Geely. The mid-size crossover with “crushed” the roof, the idea will become the biggest and most expensive SUV in the range, and therefore, waiting for the flagship we have.

The issue of the official pictures shows about the imminent premiere. However, the Russian office Geely today sent along a teaser with the words about the similarities of the car with a predatory cat, grille “in the form of a concentric universe” and running lights like the “digital boom”. Say, a design center in Shanghai has found a new direction.

Recall the dimensions: length, width, height — 4605×1878×1643 mm, wheelbase — 2700. It is not surprising that the dimensions of the rookie close to the platform model Lynk & Co 01: 4530×1855×1654, 2730 mm.

Architecture interior Geely FY11 is more similar to a compact Geely SX11than all the other models in the CMA-kneading. This is a standard interior, no red inserts and stitching, and veneers “under carbon”. It’s funny that the handrail on the console can be confused with a “poker” of the Parking brake.

Under the hood of the SUV FY11 if prescribed turboservice 2.0 (in Swedish terminology T5), derated from 254 to 238 HP at the same torque 350 N•m. there are rumors about the use volvovsky Turbotronic 1.5 in the hybrid setup of the PHEV. In short, the forecasts are also on the Coupe, rolling brand Lynk & Co. Where, by the way, coupe from Volvo?



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