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Decorative ceramic coasters with their hands

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Decorative ceramic coasters with their hands

Slowly, but surely coming autumn. Gardens and parks are putting on their bright outfits. And increasingly, walking in the Park, see the janitors who sweep and sweep the paths, removing fallen leaves. But autumn is on the way, and not all the leaves have fallen. Healthy, strong, green leaves and useful for making decorative holders for storing small items (keys, jewelry, etc.).

Children often play this game. They take coins, leaves of trees, flat stones and covering them with paper, as if to outline them with a pencil to give a kind of impression on the paper. Almost the same method will be used in the manufacture of these stands. Only the impression of the leaves will be on the rolled out in a thin layer of clay. Thus we get not only a timeless “snapshot” of the unique pattern drawn by nature itself, but also the original decorative place to store small but necessary things.

Master-class on making coasters from ceramic

For the manufacture of decorative stands we will need the following materials:

– leaves
– application of self-hardening polymer clay Air Dry Clay
Rollerball, for a print
– craft knife
– glossy varnish
– brush

Мастер-класс по изготовления подставки из керамики

1. First you need to take a small piece of clay and roll it into a thin layer. The thinner the layer, the more realistic will look like finished ceramic tiles. But you need to be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the print will pass through the clay!

Раскатать кусок глины

2. Then put the paper on the layer of clay. Ensure that the edges of the leaf do not go beyond the formation.

Кладем листок на глину

3. Using a roller, gently and evenly press the sheet into the clay.

Вдавливаем лист в глину

4. Gently remove the sheet to see the resulting print.

Получаем оттиск листа на глине

5. Trimmed edge, follow the natural shape of a maple leaf. For this we use a special scalpel or craft knife.

Вырезаем лист из глины 

Лист из глины

6. Now carefully take out the ceramic billet and put it in a bowl. It is necessary to make the sheets were curved and jagged edges and look more natural. Leave blank for the night to dry.

Кладем глиняный лист в миску

7. Then remove the solidified piece, turn the bowl, turn over the leaf and put it on top of the bowl. Allow the leaf to dry completely.

Глиняный лист с загнутыми краями

8. Once the sheet is dry you can apply 2-3 light coats of varnish to protect the clay from being damaged.

Наносим лак

I made this wonderful fall collection of decorative coasters made with your own hands.

Декоративная подставка из глины 

Декоративнгые подставки из керамики

Anna Kuznetsova

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Lamp “Fold” of woolen fabric

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Lamp “Fold” of woolen fabric

Scottish designer, Kyla McCallum, inspired by the ancient Chinese art of origami, has created a modern pendant lamp “Fold”.

Developed for the Norwegian brand Northern and presented at the recent Stockholm furniture fair, the lamp is made from a specially treated wool fabrics that can maintain the desired shape. Lamp diameter is 84 cm and it is available in green, grey or pink.

Светильник в интерьере

The lamp has a tilt mechanism and one hand movement you can direct the light to the desired location. The wool material of the lamp, has acoustic properties that dampen ambient sound, and absorb noise.

Светильник из шерсти 

Шерстяной светильник

Kyla McCallum talented designer and founder of design Studio Foldability in London. Tartan origin Kyla went to a prestigious art School in Glasgow. It is engaged in the development of interior design, window dressing, lighting design.

Kyla McCallum

Kyla personally works on each project and collaborates with many professionals, including artists, engineers, graphic designers, art Directors, photographers and producers. In recent years the designer has developed many methods for folding such soft materials like fabric and paper, she also is experimenting with laminate and metal. Unusual and at the same time, elegant projects, the young designer is always to surprise and delight.

Fold – the result of several years of experimentation, combining a unique combination of handmade and innovation that the designer spent with tissues. Visually beautiful and soft to the touch, the Fold lamp brings the elegance of the Orient in the interiors of the world.

Natalia Mishina

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IKEA has released a collection WINTER 2018

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IKEA has released a collection WINTER 2018

Winter holidays is a pleasant bustle in anticipation of a fun celebration. Every family has its own traditions associated with preparing for the New year and Christmas: some decorate all around and arrange a Grand party while others prefer to relax in solitude and enjoy the silence.

At IKEA there are suitable solutions for any scenario – winter collection WINTER 2018. Fluffy Christmas trees, accessories for home decoration, festive lighting, cozy textiles, beautiful tableware, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and delicious gingerbread cookies, gingerbread house and advent calendar to count down the days before Christmas will be much nicer.

Part of the collection was created in collaboration with famous Swedish designer BEA schönfeld – a master craftsman to make unusual clothes and art objects from paper. The designer has come up with incredible images for Lady Gaga, björk and musicians of the Royal Swedish Opera, and IKEA has created a series of magical Christmas decorations and home accessories – wreaths with swallows, lamps with proteins and velvet cushions with floral patterns.

Винтер 2018 

Икеа Винтер 

IKEA Winter18 

Зимняя коллекция ИКЕА 

Новогодний декор ИКЕА 

Коллекция зимы 2018

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IKEA continues the action “Let’s play”. Change children’s lives for the better

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IKEA continues the action “Let’s play”. Change children’s lives for the better

IKEA continues the campaign “Let’s play a game!” which will help change children’s lives for the better. As in last year all arriving within the stock received from the sale of the toy collection SHOCKETT, created by children’s drawings, received on account of the charitable Fund IKEA. The money will be spent on social programmes in Russia.

From 4 November to 22 December 2018 by purchasing in hypermarkets IKEA children’s toys from this collection, not only will you be able to help children, but will make the world a little better.


Children will also be able to take active part in the action. So from 4 to 11 November in IKEA stores and shopping centers of MEGA children 4 to 12 years will be invited to dream and invent to their fantastic character, drawing it on paper. It is quite possible that the picture of your child will become the prototype of a new toy for the collection SHOCKETT next year.

Игрушки созданные по детским рисункам

As the head of the Department of social and environmental programmes IKEA Natalia Bereslavskaya: “We believe that the game is able to change the everyday lives of everyone. The goal of the campaign “Let’s play” – to create new opportunities for the development of children worldwide, despite the living conditions in which they found themselves“.

Детские игрушки ИКЕА

Vyacheslav Rusin

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