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Crossover Buick Encore brought the show to a few friends

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Leonid Popov, 3 days ago. Photo: Buick

In Shanghai, the company showed a version of the Encore for China, however, during the year, a similar model should be represented in the U.S. market. Just another question, will it be based on “just Encore” or his fellow GX. We’d bet on the second option.

The second generation SUV the Buick Encore debuted at the motor show in Shanghai. The old model was a turned Mokko, however, since then, Opel has gone to PSA, but because the new Encore nothing to do with Maccoy has not. A compact car built on a global platform GM GEM (Global Emerging Markets), which debuted on the sedan Excelle 2018. She also got a fellow Anchor — the new Tracker, the Chevrolet Onix sedan of new generation, and her promise to the little pickup‘s GM.

Complete data on motors, the company has not provided, mentioning only that the car will be the eighth generation of the Ecotec units, CVT and nine-storyed “machine”. From the information of the Ministry of industry and trade of China, we know that it will be liter turbotron 115 “horses”.

Model Encore GX is larger than the Encore, there is more chromium and, apparently, the equipment will also be richer.

Together with the Anchor in China debuted and SUV called the Encore GX. The developers presented it as “an elongated Encore” (length 4463 mm, base 2640 mm vs 4295 and 2570 respectively). However, these machines are United only by name and some similarity of style. According to preliminary data, “j-x” company will give turbotron 1.3 165 forces. And it’s not all the difference.

AWD rear label indicates that at least the older Anchor, that is, GX will be versions with all-wheel drive.

Even by the pictures you can see that GX completely different body panels. But this is not so important as the platform. GX crossover Encore is built on modern modular “cart” VSS, not the GEM. Platform VSS (which has several subtypes) is presented to the GM is more global, and GEM (the evolution of “Gamma 2”) — addressed to the models for emerging markets, particularly South America, Mexico, China, South-East Asia.

Even in Shanghai, the company introduced the model Velite 6 MAV (Multi-Activity Vehicle) EV, the first electric vehicle joint venture, SAIC-GM for the mass market (earlier, a similar car was released as a hybrid). Key numbers: length — 4650 mm, width — 1817, height — 1510 base — 2660 mm, the electric motor of 115 HP and 255 N•m, the power reserve is 301 km “in the city”, the price from 165 to 800 yuan (1.58 million rubles at the exchange rate) taking into account subsidies.

Concept Buick GL8 Avenir — evolution of the existing model. Here is a modified exterior design and reshaped the interior, which received a luxurious second row with separate chairs, the topic of waves and waterfalls in the finish, cashmere carpet and giant screens at the front (including a 14-inch projection). All this close to the series, says the manufacturer.

The company addresses a couple of crossovers to young buyers who are trying to lure not only a fresh design but also the technology of the network eConnect Buick 2.0, the latest version of the driver assistance systems, a five-star rating in crash tests C-NCAP. Emphasized the breadth of versions of colourings and all opportunities for individualization.


The first generation model of the Buick Encore appeared in 2012, almost simultaneously with its counterpart, the Opel Mokka. In fact, it was one model with different badges and radiator grilles, but with some differences in equipment. Encore was offered in the United States and China (with their features).

In 2016 Encore experienced reistalling (lower two pictures in the collage), which affected not only the appearance (mostly the front), but has also significantly transformed the interior: has been redrawn and tidy, and the centre console.

The original Anchor was put turboservice 1.4 140 HP, six-speed “automatic” and front wheel drive. In 2016, the Sport Touring version had a different motor. Also turboservice 1.4, but only B14XFT (LE2) is A14NET. The capacity of the new unit totaled 155 “horses”, and torque — 240 N•m instead of 200.


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Sedan Dodge Charger Daytona 50th came out stronger source

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Dodge charger,Dodge charger srt hellcat. Украшение версии: 20-дюймовые колёсные диски Warp Speed с уникальным покрытием Satin Carbon и широкими шинами Pirelli 305/35 R20.

Leonid Popov, August 15, 2019. Photo: Dodge

Decoration version: 20-inch wheels Warp Speed with a unique cover Satin Carbon and wide tires Pirelli 305/35 R20.

In 1969, Dodge created a model Charger Daytona for NASCAR racing. Not so much through power as streamlined nose and huge rear wing (that was a true innovation for NASCAR) Daytona won the first race and the first exceeded the average speed of the round at 200 mph (322 km/h) at the Talladega oval. The record held for 17 years. In addition to the samples racing Dodge built road 501 instance Daytona for homologation. Now, in the memory of those events created a 2020 Dodge Charger sedan SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition.

A distinctive feature of Daytona — contrast white sticker with the name of the series, an exciting rear fenders and spoiler. Exterior colors can be four: Pitch Black, Triple Nickel, White Knuckle and exclusive for this edition B5 Blue. In the case of the basic white color body sticker will be blue.

The car in the commemorative performance will release the same edition as the historical prototype of 1969, — 501 thing. And it is much less than that produced 375-horsepower sedan Charger Daytona in 2012 (the machine, the last time carrying the nameplate Daytona, with a circulation of 2,500 copies).

Another car donated Brembo brake calipers (six – and chetyrehporshnevye, front/rear).

In sedan Daytona 50th Anniversary for top of the Widebody Charger SRT Hellcat. However, the source anniversary monster is not only a special color, or memorial boards in the cabin. The car was boosted engine. Bit. But on a special commemorative editions not everyone does that, most of the power plant do not touch.

In the salon Daytona 50th Anniversary there was a real carbon fiber, black nappa leather, suede leather and Dynamica Alcantara, blue stitching, embroidery “Daytona” accents “bright chrome”, velour floor mats with blue piping, and a “X of the 501”.

In the source Assembly V8 6.2 drive compressor produces 717 HP and 881 N•m, and in the version of Daytona 50th Anniversary — 727 HP (time left unchanged). Once “horse” is not lost, the engineers slightly raised switching point eight – “machine”, to 6100 rpm. it is Unclear, however, how this influenced the dynamics of Americans do not indicate it. And the source (i.e., normal version SRT Hellcat Widebody) gets from a standstill to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.6 sec and to accelerate to 315 km/h. the Manufacturer calls this Dodge Charger the fastest production sedan in the world, although this is incorrect. But he is one of the fastest, of course.

White stripe at the jubilee car is designed to evoke the most famous high rear wing of the original Daytona, which was painted in a contrasting color relative to the body.

Orders for the sedan Charger Daytona edition 50th Anniversary Dodge dealers will begin taking in the fall of this year, and the first copies will arrive in dealerships in early 2020. Well, in public for the first time this car show next Saturday at the event, the Woodward Dream Cruise in Pontiac (Michigan), along with a family of Chargers 2020 model year and a number of other dodges that.


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Edition Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series stand out color

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Lexus lc. Эксклюзивный оттенок зелёного Nori Green Pearl говорит о стремлении создать «более утончённое, зрелое купе», ни от чего при этом не отказываясь. О том же свидетельствуют двухцветные колёсные диски диаметром 21 дюйм.

Konstantin Bolotov, 3 days ago. Photo: Lexus

Exclusive shade of green Nori Green Pearl talks about efforts to create “a more refined, Mature coupe”, neither of which is without subtracting. On the same show, two-tone wheels with a diameter of 21 inches.

The execution of the Inspiration Series for the coupe Lexus LC 500 can be had without remorse just did not notice. A special model intended for the U.S. market, technological innovations zero, and the other differences from conventional dvuhdverka a cat laugh. However, there are three reasons why you should pay attention to. First, LC 500 Inspiration interesting to look at an unexpected new color. Secondly, it is a rare bird: this edition is limited to only a hundred cars. Thirdly, similar to the publication at the beginning of the year made it to Russia.

Price not announced, but it certainly will exceed $100 thousand. Standard LC 500 coupe with V8 engine 5.0 (477 HP, 540 N•m) and a ten step “automatic” is in the US from $92 950 (6.1 million). For 2018 it was bought in 1979 the Americans, in July 2019 — 96.

The interior is decorated in two-tone colours. Unique brown color scheme complement the Bespoke Saddle Tan over dark Alcantara on the door cards and black leather on the steering wheel, dash panel, centre console. Seats are finished in “the softest and finest leather in the lineup of Lexus.”

Sills are attached to “individual” with a number plate of the car in limited series. It is strange that Lexus showed the plate in the photo, after all, there is depicted the geometric shapes resemble the brake lights of the coupe, and made by laser engraving. Sale version LC 500 Inspiration is planned for the autumn. Note that in our country the standard Dogdore only available in picking Sport+ 8 399 000.


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Electric car Chevrolet Menlo debuts in China in the autumn of

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Length, width, height of the electric vehicle is equal 4665, 1813, and 1513 mm, wheelbase is 2660 mm.

Expected in the near future electric subcompact SUV , the Chevrolet Bolt EUV (kinsman a simple Bolt) appeared in China under the name Chevrolet Menlo EV. The debut of the Chinese model will likely be held at the motor show in Chengdu in September (American counterpart later). But pictures have already leaked, and some of the data.

Look at Menlo’s original, but obviously made under the influence of the concept Chevrolet FNR-X 2017 (that, incidentally, was a hybrid).

According to built new not on the chassis of the already known Bolt hatchback, and on the basis of a completely new electric piatigorski Buick Velite 6 MAV EV from the joint venture SAIC-GM. She is allegedly the original “trolley”, developed in cooperation with GM and SAIC. Edition GM Authority says that Chevrolet Menlo — separate model for China and it does not copy future EUV Bolt. We believe they will be very similar in appearance, but inside can be different parameters impact the motor and the size of the traction battery. In General, while we believe Menlo a kind of forerunner of the SUV Bolt EUV.

Left pre-production test sample of the SUV EUV Bolt, right — image of another close relative, insiders say that it will be released under the brand Buick.

Power of electromotor Menlo (made by Huayu Automotive Electric Systems) of different Chinese media indicate how 150, 174 and as “horse”. This is probably data on its nominal returns and short-term peak. This is much higher than that of the related Buick Velite 6 MAV EV (there were only 115 HP). Capacity lithium-ion battery from SAIC Era Power Battery System is not listed as a reserve. It will not be worse than that of the same electric Velite 6 (301 km “in the city”). But before the Bolt hatchback recruit Menlo still grow: the American model engine power is 203 HP and mileage on a single charge — 380 km on the WLTP. But at least that Menlo was ahead. According to preliminary data, its maximum speed is 150 km/h, while the Chevrolet Bolt is content 146.


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