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Coupe McLaren 600LT from the Bureau Novitec added over time

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Two carbon fiber air intake on the roof not only give the McLaren 600LT of Novitech a more aggressive look, but also quite functional: increase the volume of air entering the motor.

In addition to the unit is the sport exhaust system (optionally available it will be made of stainless steel). And to all fuse power and traction is not lost hurl, the Germans changed wheels with tires. The source was installed Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, the dimension 225/35 R19 front and 285/35 R20 rear and redrawn McLaren settled over a wide P Zero, with a large bore diameter: 235/30 R20 front and 305/30 R21 at the rear.

Approach Novitech complex from interference in the motor and chassis to the new bodywork parts and interior, covered “in leather and Alcantara in any color”.

The wheels are also unusual — this ultra-light forged wheels Novitec MC3 with seven double spokes, was developed in cooperation with the American company Vossen and its well made. Disks can be matte or glossy and painted in one of the 77 colors to choose from. These wheels took almost all available space in the niches. It wasn’t easy, because together with other changes, the firm Novitec put their lowering springs by 30 mm.

In the near future, ATEL intends to present to the public the Roadster 720S N-Largo Spiderwith a body kit as the coupe 720S N-Largo, shown here. Even the Germans prepared a set of changes to the latest from McLaren — supercar GT.

Forced McLaren 600LT bypasses the starting dynamics of senior-ranking supercar McLaren 720S, but the more powerful (there is a turbo 4.0 V8 720 HP and 770 N•m). Acceleration from zero to hundreds have 600LT of Novitech decreased from 2.9 to 2.8, and the maximum speed has grown from 328 km/h to 333. For comparison, the factory McLaren 720S these parameters are 2.9 and 341 km/h respectively. Special miracles is not here. Source 600LT 36 kg lighter than the 720-th (the mass of the modified model, the Germans do not lead).


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The hatchback Maruti Suzuki S-Presso will kozyrnesh cheap

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Konstantin Bolotov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Maruti Suzuki

Length, width, height — 3665×1520×1549 mm wheelbase — 2380, ground clearance — 160 mm. Curb weight varies within 726-767 kg, total — 1170 lbs. the dimension of the tire: 145/80 R13, 165/70 R14. “Very aggressive and bold styling” — admires the Indian press.

The premiere of the hatchback Maruti Suzuki S-Presso will be held in India on September 30, however, the local media is already fully declassified new model. The concept of Future-S binds her appearance except that the color of the body. The power unit is taken from the larger piatigorski Celerio: diesel “Troika” 1.0 (68 HP, 90 N•m) mated with five-speed “mechanics” and “robot” with one clutch. Expected price range — from 330 000 to 450 000 rupees (299-407 thousand rubles).

This is designed for five riders saloon in top configuration VXi+ (there will be nine). Digital speedometer, media center with seven-inch display, air conditioning — all fit on the center console. “Round” design was proposed by Future concept-S.

[embedded content]

The company Maruti Suzuki claims to have developed and built S-Presso directly in India without assistance. Video from the first frame explains: “Mini SUV” stole the name from a coffee beverage to please the target youth audience.

Apparently, the basic package will include STD driver air bag, ABS, rear Parking sensors. Power steering and air conditioning will appear in the following variations of LXi. Performance VXi will offer Keyless entry, audio system SmartPlay and so on. The main competitor of S-Presso will be the Renault Kwid, which will soon be updated on the patterns of electric City K-ZE. While renosky hatch is longer by 14 mm (3679) and cheaper (from 276 000 rupees), and the engines are the same, dead (54 and 68 HP).


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Crossover Jeep Cherokee will go to the service because of the “automatic”

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Jeep cherokee. Как обычно, список VIN-кодов автомобилей, попавших под данную кампанию, можно скачать, пройдя на соответствующую страницу Росстандарта.

Leonid Popov, 37 minutes ago. Photo: Jeep

As usual, a list of VIN codes of the vehicles falling under this campaign, you can download, go to the relevant pageof Rosstandart.

The sudden loss of traction on the drive wheels is fraught with complications on the road. The cause is “sticky clutch”, leading to spontaneous transition the transmission to neutral while driving. To avoid this from happening, you need to reprogram the ECU “automatic” on 65 instances of the SUV Jeep Cherokee from the number sold in Russia from March 2014 to present.

Model Cherokee the last time Russia was invited to the service just a month ago — due to a problem with ERA-GLONASS. In the summer of 2018 Cherokee, along with several other Jeeps demanded re-programming of the cruise control, which refused to shut down. A year earlier replacement soft asked control unit transmission: had problems with her switching.

The Russian review — an echo of a larger campaign carried out now in North America. There is incorrect operation of the clutch and the uncontrollable transition is in the neutral position called for repairs more than 100,000 Cherokee. According to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, there was no reports of injuries or deaths as a result of this defect. This is not the first time the machine is “buggy machine”. In 2018 in the United States spoke of 86 000 copies of the Cherokee due to improper calibration of the powertrain control module. They led to sudden stops of the machine. Solved the problem of “fill” of new software.


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SUV Honda Breeze turned out to be a clone of the model CR-V

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Honda breeze. Breeze длиннее CR-V на 49 мм (4634), остальные размеры идентичны. Внешне новичок отличается от исходника формами светодиодной оптики, дизайном решётки и бамперов.

Konstantin Bolotov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Honda

Breeze is longer than the CR-V 49 mm (4634), the other dimensions are identical. Externally, the newcomer different from the original forms led optics, grille design and bumpers.

The joint venture GAC Honda unveiled in China a “new” model Breeze. It is a turned copy of crossover CR-V, which in China produced another joint venture — Dongfeng Honda. Powertrain taken from the original without any changes: version Sport Turbo features a turboservice 1.5 (193 HP, 243 N•m) with the CVT Sport Hybrid get install i-MMD (215 HP, 315 N•m).

Note, this is not the first time when Honda’s SP divide the model into two. Similar happened with the SUV the HR-V. Meanwhile, in America, crossover Pilot turned in a Passport.

Security system Honda Sensing could be “in the database”, but it is the prerogative of expensive versions. But Breeze the first in the lineup got optional mediabutton Honda Connect second generation. Officially reported that the initial price Breeze $ 180,000 yuan (1.62 million rubles), while the base CR-V is 169 800 (1.53 million). The start of sales will be announced at the auto show in Guangzhou, which will open to the public on November 22.


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