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Cooking with SMEG. Culinary master class in the Studio “Flour”

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Cooking with SMEG. Culinary master class in the Studio “Flour”

Beautiful and functional kitchen is every woman’s dream! Any owner confirm if the kitchen is organized properly and you have access to reliable and efficient appliances, cooking becomes easy, interesting and exciting process. To stay and cook in the kitchen with pleasure for more than 70 years helps elegant and high-performance appliances company SMEG.

Italian company SMEG is a world leader in the production of household appliances. Initially the company produced a gas stove, then started the production of washing machines and dishwashers. Today in stock brand SMEG has all the equipment, which simplifies life and significantly improves quality of life. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, dishwashers, kettles, blenders, mixers and other appliances. Producing reliable, economical and easy to handle equipment, the brand quickly became famous and gained worldwide recognition.

SMEG в Москве

In Moscow at the culinary Studio “Flour” company SMEG held a master class where all the participants had the opportunity to cook Italian recipes. And, of course, all prepared using the technique of Italian production SMEG.

Оксана Теплинская

Before the master-class PR Manager of the company SMEG Oksana Teplinskaya said that many know the brand SMEG as the Creator of the cult retro fridges and interesting solutions in the design of household appliances. During its more than 70 year history, the company has come a long way, having evolved from a small businesses in the city of Guastalla Reggio Emilia area in Italy to the group of companies with offices in nineteen countries around the world. The Russian market is one of the most important for the company, so the appearance of these culinary venues as “Flour” in Moscow where you can feel the taste of Italy and taste of Italian design, SMEG is very important.

Андрей Грушко

The head of the culinary Studio “Flour” Andrew Grushko noted that in developing the concept of the Studio managers have tried to make it different from similar projects and are as functional and technology SMEG have added the flavor of comfort and hospitality.

Шеф-повара кулинарной стулии Мука

In the program cooking class in “Flour” on this day there were two dishes: black ravioli with smoked salmon with mousse of Dor-blue and tobiko and blue Panna cotta with mousse of black currant. Helped to prepare these dishes the two chefs Yaroslav Belolapotkov and Sergey Kuznetsov.

Ярослав Белолапотков

В кулинарной студии Мука

Сергей Кузнецов

Кулинарный мастер-класс

All the participants were divided into two teams. The first team under the guidance of chef Sergei Kuznetsov cooked Italian ravioli, the second team led by Yaroslav Belolapotkov, engaged in cooking a delicious dessert of Panna-cotta with mousse.

Голубая панна-котта 

Черные равиоли с копченым лососем

All participants took an active part in cooking, helping each other, and then with pleasure tasted the result of their work!

Бытовая техника SMEG

Миксер SMEG


Cooking classes are gaining popularity as a new form of communication. Here not only learn to prepare delicious meals, but also communicate, having fun, find new friends and along with them your hands to create culinary masterpieces.


Address culinary Studio “Flour”: Moscow, Shmitovskiy proezd d. 16 p. 1

Author photo Vyacheslav Rusin

Irina Rusina

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SMEG released the Cabinet quick freezing

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SMEG released the Cabinet quick freezing

Home appliance maker SMEG has released a wardrobe to shock freezing, which allows you to cool hot food within a short period of time.

This gadget can chill food from 90 degrees to 3 degrees Celsius in less than 90 minutes. A function of quick freezing will cool a hot dish to a temperature of -18 degrees for roughly four and a half hours. This kitchen appliance has a function Ready to Eat, which allows you to store food at low temperatures and which works both in automatic as in manual mode.

Such a high cooling rate of the products will ultimately increase their shelf life by 70 percent. This prevents the growth of bacteria, and the food retains its taste, aroma and nutritional properties.

Kitchen gadget shock freezer SMEG not only rapidly cools food, but also can defrost and heat the food. For example, it regulates the process of proving, in three temperature and time modes, so it is possible to achieve professional quality yeast products.

New from SMEG are available in the series Linea Classica Dolce Stil Novo and goes perfectly with all other products from these collections.

Below are the models SAB4304X and SAB4604NR:

Шкаф шоковой заморозки Smeg

Гаджет шоковой заморозки Smeg

Шоковая заморозка Smeg

Бытовая техника Smeg

Бытовая техника для кухни от компании Smeg

Шкаф шоковой заморозки

V. R.

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How to choose a comfortable shower with massage jets?

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How to choose a comfortable shower with massage jets?

On the market of sanitary equipment presents such a variety of showers to choose very difficult. We suggest to enjoy hot boxes on is an online store with convenient search filter and a huge range.

Look for:

1. Size, shape;
2. Material, the height of the pallet;
3. Additional functions.

All attention to the dimensions

Visually, all shower boxes are the same. Especially if you look on the Internet. In the description of the model the size of the pallet and of the whole structure. The most often encountered rectangular corner model, measuring 90 by 90 cm to Owners of small bathrooms offer models 80 80 70 or 90. This is a corner cubicles that save space, but spacious enough for a comfortable stay.

Similarly, the market represented a classic rectangular model for corner or wall installation. There is also a corner cubicle with base round shape. They look softer, and most importantly – takes up even less space. Those with large bathrooms offer rectangular boxes, with a size of 170 to 80, the base of which stands a full bath. They are often bought by those who can’t decide between a bath and shower.

Душ с гидромассажем

How to choose a pallet?

High-quality base of a shower enclosure is a durable, non-slip coating that is pleasant to stand. Such characteristics possesses molded acrylic. It is a durable material that heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time. Consequently, it is a pleasure to stand in. And high the pallet will be an alternative to baths for kids. In addition, the molding material sheet is much stronger and does not require additional reinforcement.

Choosing a shower, keep in mind:

1. Material. Buy the base, made from liquid acrylic;

2. Height. If you need a classic shower — buy a product with low basis (2-5 cm). Those who need a deeper tank, there are options, up to 45 cm;

3. The thickness of the walls. The strength of the structure depends on the number of reinforcement layers. In this case, the more the better. The minimum wall thickness is 6 mm.

Душевая кабинка в интерьере ванной комнаты


Classic hot boxes consist of manual watering, as well as a set of injectors. Latest is 4, 6, 8 or more. They are placed vertically on the back or side walls. Many cabins have an additional attachment-the foot massager. Apart from Jacuzzi, modern boxes have a rain shower. It is 3-4 times more than manual watering, but also has an intense flow of water in big drops. Current models have the hood and some types of lighting. Not to mention shelves, mirrors, and dispensers for soap, gel, shampoo.

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How to decorate table for Easter

How to decorate table for Easter

Easter is a beloved and revered by many holiday. This is the main Orthodox holiday celebrating the victory of life over death and good over evil. Carefully prepared, clean and decorate the house, bake Easter cakes, paint eggs. Traditionally at Easter, go to Church, and then the whole family gathers around the festive table to enjoy lit in the Church of the treats.

It is a joyful day you want to celebrate in a special way. One of the options for modern holiday decor for Easter, we saw the charming Kim Wilson is the host site Sand & Sisal , devoted to the arrangement, decoration and home decor. Kim Wilson creates a beautiful design and simple home decor items. On the website and in various social networks it shows with step-by-step guides in DIY, how to create the same beauty at home.

Как украсить стол на Пасху

An important moment in the creation of any decor is the choice of colors. To decorate this festive table: white-green tones, which is very symbolic. Green is the color of fresh, young spring greens, grass, the first leaves. And white is a noble color of purity and freshness and renewal.

To decorate the Central part of the table was used a wooden box, painted white. In the box put the banks mason jars with white tulips in the center – a large, ceramic rabbit, and cover banks green Spanish moss or green, sliced in ribbons of crepe paper.

Пасхальный стол 

Пасхальный заяц

In this embodiment, the decoration is not used the tablecloth – it is replaced by a square napkin. Each napkin is placed wicker stand for hot and arranged the utensils. Don’t forget a beautiful glass or crystal glasses for beverages.

Декор стола на Пасху

Very interesting and fun decor idea is a napkin in the shape of a Bunny. To make it very simple. There are special step by step guide to create a swipe.

Мастер-класс салфетка заяц

This “Bunny” out of a napkin you can use both standing up and lying down. Towel to wrap the present a boiled egg, but you can take the decorative plastic egg and fill it with small candies, jelly beans or put it in a small toy. Would make a great and tasty surprise.

Салфетка в ввиде зайца 

Салфетка зайчик на Пасху

Anna Kuznetsova

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