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Concept Renault Kangoo Z. E. will be the serial in 2020

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Renault kangoo,Renault kangoo ze,Renault master,Renault trafic,Renault alaskan,Renault concept. Новое оформление фронтальной части будет схожим у всей коммерческой линейки марки. В концепте, в частности, внедрена новая «световая подпись», а ещё добавлены зелёные акценты (на рейлингах и бампере), россыпь световых точек и линий на бортах.

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo and illustration: Renault

The new design of the front part will be similar for the entire commercial range of the brand. In the concept, in particular, introduced new “light signature”, and added green accents (roof rails and bumper), a scattering of light dots and lines on the sides.

Renault at a special event in France showed the four cars from the updated line of light commercial vehicles. Three of them car — serial and one show car Renault Kangoo Z. E. Concept, which, according to the assurances of the manufacturer, such portends a production model in 2020. Obviously, before us is the impending change to the existing electric van Kangoo Z. E.

A large van Renault Master got a new assistant driver (such as assistant parry crosswind) and from now on “groomed” under the style of fellow Renault Trafic. About pickup Alaskan Renault stated that its capacity is increased to 1.1 t (now, depending on the version, 1007-1024 kg). Right: electric Bicycle with wooden décor, designed by the Renault Design Department together with the French firm KEIM cycles.

The concept has received cameras instead of mirrors. Serial car certainly be a conventional mirror. Although the Audi e-tron shows us that the “digital mirror” can be left to production cars, as only in one country or another, this will allow the legislation.

Electric Kangoo Z. E. Concept continues to “study of the transport of the future”, in particular, the delivery of “last mile”. It complements the recently introduced battery van Renault EZ-Flex. But the concept EZ-Flex is very young (3,86 m in length), and traction battery have a modest (150 km course). But Kangoo Z. E. next generation must demonstrate the parameter is at least no worse than the current electric Kangoo (270 km).



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Crossover Honda CR-V has undergone a minor update in the US

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Honda cr-v,Honda cr-v hybrid. Главное изменение во внешности — новые бамперы с хромированными загогулинами. Чёрный пластик «съел» нижнюю часть передка, ранее окрашенную в цвет кузова. Противотуманки у негибрида теперь круглые, а CR-V Hybrid использует планки с пятью светодиодами.

Konstantin Bolotov, 19 September 2019. Photo: Honda

The main change in appearance — new bumpers with chrome flourishes. Black plastic “ate” the lower part of the front, previously painted in body color. Fog lights have a non-hybrid now round, and CR-V Hybrid uses a strap with five LEDs.

Restyling not be called ambitious, but its results are important for us because the Honda CR-V comes in Russia from its plant in East liberty, Ohio. The exterior design has been updated just enough to see a reformed SUV cannot be confused with the former. From the engine range was eliminated aspirated 2.4 (187 HP, 244 N•m) and the underlying engine is assigned turboservice 1.5 (193 HP, 243 N•m) with a CVT. The hype was supposed to call is already available in Europe CR-V Hybrid, which the Americans will be able to buy in early 2020. The hybrid setup includes a two-litre engine (145 HP, 175 N•m) playing the role of a generator, and traction motor (184 HP). The sum comes out to 215 HP and 315 N•m with all-wheel drive (the other in the United States is not).

[embedded content]

Recycled rear bumper look new chrome trims on the exhaust pipes in the form of a trapezoid (was round). The lights are the same but tinted. The cross-member below the rear window is now in dark chrome. Implemented additional options wheels 18 and 19 inches, and three body colors: blue, Aegean Blue, red Radiant Red and grey Sonic Grey Pearl.

In the cabin of the hybrid (pictured) instead of a gear lever appeared, a push-button selector. The display on the tidy talks about the state of the power plant. Meanwhile, the usual CR-V only got wireless charging for smartphones on the Central tunnel. Over it added a pair of USB ports.

The set of security systems and driver assistance Honda Sensing, formerly in second complete set EX, now there is a “base” for all versions. That is, adaptive cruise control, auto brake, monitoring of marking and dead zones to not need to pay extra. The updated CR-V will appear at U.S. dealers in October, and in the production of the hybrid at the plant in Greensburg, Indiana, Honda is investing $4.2 million and will create 34 new jobs. Note that in August, Americans bought 44 235 SUV CR-V is the best monthly figure in the last five years. In 2018, were sold 379 013 machines.

It became


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Giant BMW X7 M60i customers will appreciate the engine V12

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Bmw x7. Пока самые мощные и динамичные версии «икс-седьмого» зовутся X7 M50i (V8 4.4, 530 л.с., 750 Н•м, разгон до сотни за 4,7 с) и X7 M50d (R6 3.0, 400 л.с., 760 Н•м, 5,4 c).

While the most powerful and dynamic version of “x-seventh” are called X7 M50i (4.4 V8, 530 HP, 750 N•m, acceleration to hundred in 4.7 s) and X7 M50d (R6 3.0, 400 HP, 760 N•m, and 5.4 c).

The model BMW X7, apparently, will appear and the top specification with twelve-cylinder motor. This is indirectly evidenced by the opening of the user jokinawa, a member of the Bimmerpost community. He dug around in the “brains” of the crossover X7 40i and found in his memory the logo… X7 M60i, which even brought on a digital clean-up.

The company officially says nothing, while harvesting of the logo for future top-end modification is obvious.

If you take into account the sedan BMW M760Li, expect on the most expensive “x-seventh” motor V12 6.6 (N74B66) with two turbochargers. On the sedan its impact amounted to 610 HP and 800 N•m to restyling and 585 HP and 850 N•m after the upgrade. In the crossover, of course, numbers may vary. In any case, if X7 M60i really get a twelve-unit, then such a machine can wait to improve the dynamics of dispersal to hundred places about 0.2-0.3 (up to 4.4-4.5), compared to the version of the M50i. By the way, something of their own based on “x-seventh” prepares the company Alpina.


Not the first time a “random” teasers of future models appear on primorko or Central screens production cars. So, in July in a multimedia system crossover Acura RDX was found image of the sedan TLX second generation, and recently in pictures on the display of electric cars Volkswagen ID.3 emerged the figure of the future of Golf VIII. New Land Rover Defender until its premiere lit up on the collection tubes prototype.


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Ineos Grenadier SUV will be produced in Wales

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Konstantin Bolotov, 2 days ago. Picture: Ineos Automotive

Next to the new production centre in Bridgend, while existing only for rendering, is the Ford plant which should be closed by September 2020. The street will be 1700 skilled workers, and Ineos will be employed.

Firm Ineos Automotive decided on the platform on which will be the “world’s best SUV” Grenadier (name confirmed for the production model). By 2021, the factory will be opened in the district of Bridgend County Wales. Investment in a new “factory” will be 600 million pounds ($748,5 million). In the first phase, the staff will include 200 people, and in the long term the number will grow to 500 employees.

Recall that Jim Ratcliffe, who Bloomberg calls “the richest man in the UK” with a fortune of $19 billion, intends to build “the most uncompromising polnoprivodniki.” with an aluminum body on a steel ladder-type frame and accessories BMW. Design of pyatidverny will be “square”, and the interior is Spartan. The name Grenadier is taken from the London pub where the idea was born.

The plant capacity immediately, but will reach 25 000 cars per year. Two-thirds of pre-assembled machines are likely to spread in Europe and the United States, and the rest is on Asia, Africa and so on.

In parallel, Ineos will Fund the Portuguese factory in the city There, where the decision to establish an Assembly body and chassis Grenadier. Petrol and diesel engines from the BMW TwinPower Turbo should ship from the factory in Austria. So the enterprise in Bridgend will only “marry” came from other countries components. Coming Brexit doesn’t bother Ineos: “Barriers will be overcome, or we will catch them,” says the chemical giant. On the question of the “second” Defender, the alternative which will be the Grenadier, the team says: “the New Defender is playing on another field. And what we do, a little utilitarian”.


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