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Chinese Kruzak went “the wrong way”: first test drive of the Roewe RX8

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You subconsciously accustomed to the fact that “er x eight” – it’s something daring, streamlined, and rotary? So, you over the past year have never been to China there is a spring Roewe brand presented their vision of how should look like a car with a name RX8. And the lack of a hyphen in the name – not the biggest difference. This will not lie nor pictures, nor those who have already dubbed this the big guy “China kruzak”. And if so, let us understand what are the chances of this “Chinese” to compete with real Japanese sumoista.

Ekazuna the name Land Cruiser 200 is not young, but at its Doha (the sumo ring) to descent will not give to anyone. So you seriously believe that the Chinese novice will be able for once to push him outside the circle, of course, not worth it. However, we have to admit that it was worth wearing dressy mavasi: something the Roewe looks very promising.

Thick, but serious

In this classroom looks almost the half of success: at least no-one would buy a large SUV, if that will not scare his view of the car from the left row. In this respect, the RX8 is trying to strike a balance, not going into the pure “Asiatic”, but not trying being a European in your party. Simple lines, thick bands of chrome and the correct accents like arches of unpainted plastic and roof rails – the resulting cocktail is quite possible to apply in any country.

Roewe RX8 коричневый три четверти (2)

Under severe shell hides something and expect to see: ladder frame and solid rear axle. However, pneumocylinders, as the same Land Cruiser, there is no suspension spring. But on the other hand, thanks for not spring: indeed, the initial technical basis for the RX8 was the pickup. Here the story is simple, but long: brand Roewe, resting on the Chinese bought the British Rover company, owned by the SAIC group and he also belongs to the Maxus brand, which in the recent past left the truck first T60, and then the SUV D90. In fact, under D90 platform of a truck and tripped, simultaneously replacing the utilitarian springs for a more comfortable spring. Well, Roewe RX8 got same basis, deprived, however, 10 inches of wheelbase length.

Four-wheel drive here is not permanent: unlike the proverbial “two hundred” with the Torsen center differential, here is a multiplate clutch, which throws about 40% of torque to the front axle. But the key 4L that soon we will meet in the parlor, “fair” means not only forced the closure of the clutch, but the lower gear with a gear ratio of 2.48. On the off-road quality and diligently works differential from Eaton in the rear axle, which closes when the difference of wheel speeds in excess of 120 rpm. With this in mind the Arsenal of the maximum angle to overcome rise of the Roewe is 31.5 degrees — despite the fact that, for example, his countryman, Haval H9, this option is 24.5 degrees. However, those who are not interested in all this frodna offal, can save a few tens of kilograms and thousands of yuan: the basic drive in the RX8 – rear. And it hints at the more “premium city” positioning of the car.

Roewe RX8 салон шайба

Inherited Roewe counterparts from the power unit, these findings only confirmed. Of course, no diesel there is in Europe, it managed to fall out of love, while in China, never really disliked. However, a large displacement can not be here: the Chinese tax burden, as we remember, made to install in the seven-seater Chery Tiggo 8 1.5-litre engine. In the RX8 case a little better: its longitudinally mounted engine index 20L4E has a “full-fledged” 2 liters, the turbine and direct injection that outputs 224 HP and 360 Nm of torque. Which for a car weighing under two tons (about the exact figures the manufacturer tactfully silent)… conventionally enough. But paired with the engine works of classical hydromechanical automatic Aisin 6-speed at.

Tchotchke and chips

Sit in the salon and from the splendor of the fully diode optics turn to Shine “from Mercedes” silver keys. The interior is also made with an eye on the best known representatives of the class: simple architecture panel, a good mix of brown leather and light wood and huge screens on the main “work” places.

The dashboard, by the way, arranged pretty clever: cut along the chord analogue scale finish color display, occupied the space between them, and these e-arcs is the fuel level and coolant temperature. Display, by the way, larger than those of other media systems: 7 inches, and the graphics and resolution are quite good. But the main “TV” is located on the front panel: this 10.1-inch touchscreen, which derive the major part of the functionality of the car. Including, unfortunately, and climate. Physical keys below the screen perform the role of a main navigation menu, and then to understand you have your fingers on the display.

More good news is that part of the Assembly and tactile sensations the interior is consistent with its appearance. Keys don’t walk under your fingers, soft plastics with faux stitching side by side with “fake”, but elegant wood, and the feedback of a touchscreen I don’t get distracted while working with him. Perhaps the only thing that somewhat surprised me is the need to adjust the steering wheel in two planes manually, despite the fact that the composition of the test machines was clearly one of the richest. And the inscription “Health air” proudly stamped on the deflector of the air ionizer hidden in the Central armrest, raised a smile. Some subtleties of the translation of the “conceptual” hieroglyphic writing on ruthlessly-letter language remain for the Chinese people is invincible.

But to win many of the equipment they were under strength. In addition to the traditional “luxury” options like leather interior, electric panoramic roof, Roewe offers and it is a modern complex of active safety systems: adaptive cruise with the function of preventing frontal collisions, and retention in the band, and all-round visibility… Also, the back row has a heated and an outlet at 220 volts, the wheel is also “heated” and on the front panel, you can find pad for wireless charging of smartphones. Quite a, I must say!

Roewe RX8 подушки безопасности

Roewe RX8 подогрев сидений Roewe RX8 беспроводная зарядка

Go where you want it

Despite the fact that the time to get acquainted with the car in statics were not as many managed to do it – but to keep it where it expect to see, unfortunately not in our possession was only raceway and two short laps. Therefore, about 4L on the washer choice driving modes could not remember as well as disable the system stabilization. Switch to Sport and roll out wherever RX8 never in my life will not fall.

Roewe RX8 коричневый на треке (3)

Don’t want to repeat myself once again, but first impressions driving up to suspicious similar to “krusarovska”. The same Zadran fit (and back – again: thank you frame), the larger the wheel, the same vibration of a large hood at idle… pedal only enhances the similarities: diesel of Toyota leisurely and quite lean in thrust results in a straight line, and the local “molecularly” the petrol engine simply can’t provide outstanding performance. However, at the peak of the moment he goes for about 2.5 thousand revs, and can maintain a normal pace, giving the feeling that the car is clearly not enough. The sound of the engine at high speeds in the cabin is heard clearly, but not too Intrusive. Pleased with his collaboration with machine: power unit is felt as a whole, without kicks and failures on acceleration and braking.

Roewe RX8 коричневый сбоку на ходу

We reach the “snake” marked by cones and slowly tumble in the first turn. The wheel is, of course, not the shortest, but “bust” it in the transitions is not necessary, enough one interception. Pleased rolls: they are quite moderate and do not cause inconvenience, so that in fast corners the “limiter” are not they, but the demolition of the front axle.

However, the most interesting in the context of the RX8 wasn’t it – but how he will behave in a bad way. In the absence of a genuine off-road I had to cheat, spending the entire second round on the curb. And this, perhaps, was the main disappointment in Roewe. The vibration of the interior and not the most ideal ability to filter out traffic fines we noted at the Land Cruiser – but this dislike of a “comb” manifests itself even more. Vibrate the seats, especially the empty back, shaking in the steering wheel, and the interior is filled with a low-frequency rumble, punctuated by individual sounds. Hum, certainly not deafening – but for example, to talk without raising the voice, it will be uncomfortable. Perhaps a “basic” 18-inch wheels and 60 profile, the situation would be better, but our test car was shod in the top 20-inch Michelin dimension 255/50.

Roewe RX8 колесо

In General, the main thing in this car, apparently, is not a ground clearance of 202 mm, a claimed fording depth of 80 centimeters and a multi-plate clutch connecting the front and three rows of seats, heated seats and maximum cargo volume 2 178 liters when folded seats. According to the manufacturer, the fuel consumption even in four-wheel drive version does not exceed 10 liters per hundred, which, with the not very capacious tank for 70 liters of great interest in their veracity.

True, the path will be?

In Chinese the brand name Roewe is pronounced as “rongwei” in English the same phrase “wrong way” – that is, “the wrong way”, if not “passage denied” or “incorrect method”. To perceive it was a funny coincidence as “a sign” just not worth it: in 2018, the cars under the Roewe brand in the domestic market, has sold over 350,000 pieces. So it only remains to wait and find out when on the way to Russia for the RX8 will be the sign “passage allowed”.

Roewe RX8 коричневый на трассе

Much closer in this sense, is to look at the prices. In China the basic seven-seater, but the rear wheel drive RX8 is 168 800 yuan – that is, approximately 1.7 million rubles. The rich all-wheel drive version will cost Chinese buyer in 228 800 yuan – that is, 2.3 million rubles, although there are “intergalactic” equipment for 251 800 yuan. In Russia in the “frame seven-seater” League at a similar value play, for example, Toyota Fortuner and Haval H9 – but they are a bit smaller in size. The notorious Land Cruiser, with almost identical dimensions (wheelbase, for example, coincides with the millimeter precision – 2 850 mm), twice as expensive. So the question is how if fate, if Roewe RX8 in the Russian showrooms, remains quite interesting.


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Hyundai has launched in Russia the production of heavy trucks

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Pilot production of the new commercial vehicles Hyundai started on the capacities of the Kaliningrad plant “Avtotor”. The line was supplemented by heavy trucks Xcient. Now coming off the Assembly line the first batch of large vehicles of the Korean brand.


In Russia will soon be a serial production of several models Hyundai Xcient with add-ons. These heavy trucks are intended particularly for different types of construction works. We are talking about trucks with a large capacity, and their wheel formula – 8×4; road-construction equipment, established on the basis of chassis formula 6×4; as well as the main tractors with formula 4×2.

The company explained that trucks Hyundai Xcient and machinery, created on their basis were developed according to European standards and adapted to Russian climatic and road conditions. They are equipped with diesel 6-cylinder inline engines with recoil 340, 380 and 410 HP


To date range of commercial vehicles Hyundai, represented on the Russian market are HD35, HD35С, HD65, HD78, HD120 and HD170. All of these models are produced at the facilities of Kaliningrad enterprise. Recall, also, “Avtotor” produces cars of South Korean brand: Sonata, Tucson, Elantra, Santa Fe and Grand Santa Fe.

In addition to this, Hyundai has its own plant in St. Petersburg, where established manufacturing some of the most popular cars in Russia: Hyundai Solaris and Creta, as well as Kia Rio. For the first eight months of 2018, they took the fourth, fifth and first places respectively in the list of the most popular models in the country.

QZ 0441

Not so long ago reported that Hyundai had problems with the signing of specinvtehnica, as the Korean group wants to invest in engineering development in Russia. On this issue, the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has already asked the Vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. So the chance that the company will manage to conclude an agreement before the expiration of the agreement on industrial Assembly, there is. So, Hyundai may not lose tax benefits.


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Company UAZ started deliveries of SUVs in Mexico

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uaz pickup
uaz hunter
uaz patriot

Uaz pickup,Uaz hunter,Uaz patriot. «Мексика — страна пикапов, их здесь много. Мексика — наша страна, мы здесь однозначно обречены на успех», — заявлял год назад директор по экспорту УАЗа Андрей Дорофеев.

Konstantin Bolotov, 2 hours ago. Photo: UAZ

“Mexico is the land of pickup trucks, many of them here. Mexico is our country, we are definitely doomed to success” — said a year ago, the export Director of the Oise Andrey Dorofeyev.

In Mexico, there are private UAZ (Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas): University of Zacatecas this year celebrates the 50th anniversary and therefore, glimpsed in the national news. About our UAZ local media are somehow not write, and in fact, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant begins to “large supply of the entire range of”. We are talking about several hundred cars a year. Until the end of 2018 will arrive 100 Hunters, as well as test samples of a Patriot, Pickup, Pros and “minivan UAZ-2206”.

Export of the name “minivan” it’s time to collect. The Chinese definition of All-terrain off-road MPV and Italian Bukhanka joins the name of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. Whether there will be. In “the geography of the Oise” seems to include Bolivia, Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador.

The Mexican distributor of Ulyanovsk became Logistics Dynamics Corporation (LDC, she’s LDE) in Monterrey, which should not be confused with the American firm Logistic Dynamics, Inc. In 2017, the Corporation imported a 39 cars, the start of homologation, certification and market research. On the shoulders of the LDC lies with the creation of a dealer network and after-sales service. The official website presents five models (Patriot, by the way, renamed the Patrol), but without the price. In 2019 the planned delivery of the three hundred machines, opening dealerships in Cancun and Guadalajara. In June it should make the school off-road driving in Mexico city.


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Insiders talked about the new motors models Jeep Wrangler

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jeep wrangler

Jeep wrangler. Число агрегатов на Рэнглере будет постепенно увеличиваться, а венчать ассортимент должна гибридная система с зарядкой от розетки (на основе турбомотора 2.0).

Leonid Popov, 54 minutes ago. Photo: Jeep

The number of units on the Wrangler will gradually increase, and to crown range have a hybrid system with charging from the wall (based on the turbo 2.0).

About the introduction for the Wrangler three-liter diesel instead of the previous unit 2.8 (163 HP, 400 N•m), as well as of its release in the US, insiders said before the SUV into the light. But the first diesel in this generation of the Jeep Wrangler received the Europeans: they gave the Quartet II 2.2 MultiJet (200 HP, 450 N•m). Now, in the documents U.S. dealers found the first evidence about the long-awaited diesel engine 3.0. Resource JL Wrangler got order codes modifications and learned their transcripts. One of them means four-door version, Unlimited Sport, Sahara and Rubicon with diesel engine 3.0, system start/stop (ESS) and an eight “automatic”.

At the time of the premiere Jeep Wrangler with index JL received only “aspirated” V6 3.6 (289 HP, 352 N•m) with a simple “start/stop” and “turbochetverku” 2.0 (272 PS, 400 N•m) fitted with a combined 48-volt starter generator belt driven (BSG). Other versions introduce in stages.

Preliminary data on the impact of: 264 HP and 599 nm. a Similar unit in 2019 to appear at the pick-up Ram 1500. Another that has not been clarified yet, the code for Wrangler could mean a 3.0 diesel with a six-speed “mechanics”. Finally, if you believe the leaks, in the range of the SUV will appear engine 3.6 BSG, that is, with the integrated motor generator (belt driven). Thus, the familiar “aspirated” 3.6 turn into a mild hybrid. Happen this upgrade maybe before the end of this year. In the coming months, waiting for the declassification and three-liter diesel.


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