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Children’s room in bear den

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Children’s room in bear den

We all know that children love to play. And they love to build all sorts of shelters: in the room that houses out of chairs and blankets, huts made of branches and sticks, are available materials, the main desire of your hands to create a secluded and cosy area. It is this love of “construction” and was brought to life by two designers from Argentina.

Interior designers Ludmila Drudi and Carla Barconte in collaboration with architect Mariana Paccieri has created a unique children’s bedroom that is designed like forest caves and even a little similar to the bear den.

The project is called TheBearsCave, which translated means “Bear den”. To create the appropriate slot and at the same time cozy atmosphere were used natural materials and soft natural light.

A place to sleep is in the “lair” caves, it is located in a recess in the wall.

Детская кровать

The bed has a special pull-out place on the occasion of the arrival of guests or relatives – plenty of space.

Спальное место для ребенка

At the end of the wall, where there is the main bed, there is a staircase just like a staircase for climbing children’s climbing wall. On this ladder you can climb up on a kind of second floor. Here is another sleeper.

Скалодром дома

An alternative ascent is gripping the handle on the wall near the bed.

Лестница на "второй этаж"

From the second floor you can survey the whole room and consider a big bear, painted on the wall. There are shelves with books and toys. For security purposes, near the bed has a protective grid.

Детская двухэтажная мебель

The wall, which is the main bed, functional. She has lots of cabinets, in which you can store clothes, toys, books.

Шкаф для одежды

In the nursery large Windows, framed by curtains. The window – a place for recreation. In the corner of the room – a small table sitting at which you can draw or play Board games. The table is well lit by hanging lamps.

Детский уголок

Looks cozy and unusual baby room, which will surely appeal to kids.

Irina Rusina

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How to choose and place the furniture in the bathroom?

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How to choose and place the furniture in the bathroom?

Bathroom – not the easiest place for furniture. In the room with high humidity and temperature extremes, even a good wood hard to preserve the original appearance. Not to mention the slabs of compressed wood shavings. A good example of bathroom furniture called the collection of moisture resistant MDF. Also some types of wood can withstand such difficult conditions.

Buying furniture for your bathroom, keep in mind three aspects:

1. How it is made?
2. How do you install?
3. Is there enough place for it in your bathroom?

MDF, chipboard or array?

Bathroom furniture manufactured from moisture-resistant MDF or chipboard. From the latest make parts of the building, the facades are often made from MDF. This material is more resistant to water, vapors and mechanical damage. Cabinets or cupboards from moisture resistant particle Board often belong to the category “economy”. In small rooms they will last 3-5 years.

As for natural wood, many rocks absorb the liquid and deform. For the manufacture of furniture in a bathroom used by such species: wenge, Zebrano, ash or oak. Of course, they are repeatedly treated with primer, varnish, oil, as well as near waterproof means. The only way they can survive in warm, moist environments. Collection of solid cost several times more expensive tile counterparts, but are an order of magnitude longer.

Choose the type of installation

Outdoor furniture without legs is rarely used in the bathroom. Producers know that 1-2 cm under the cupboard or wardrobe will be a real problem when there will begin to leak water. Due to the lack of natural ventilation and access for cleaning the bottom will get wet, warp and soon will become worthless. Outdoor elements appropriate to put only in the bathrooms with heated floors.

Over the last 5 years, great popularity gaining suspended furniture. Dressers and cabinets are fixed to special rails mounted on the wall. They look fresh, modern, and more pleasing Housewives functionality. Suspension components simplify cleaning of the floor, freeing up space to accommodate low baskets or floor scales. This set will make any modern bath.

Keep your distance

Lifetime tables, a chest of drawers or Cabinet installed in the bathroom, often depends on the placement. Designers never put furniture close to each other, and especially in the bathroom. The lack of space accelerates the process of deterioration of the material. It is important that between the walls of all the elements was a space of not less than 3-5 cm the same applies to installation in corners. No need to put the pencil box right next to the walls. The balance is to consider in advance, given how open the door and there are bedside tables.

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Opened a new store in an urban format IKEA Khodynka

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Opened a new store in an urban format IKEA Khodynka Field

In the shopping center “Aviapark” opened a new store in an urban format IKEA Khodynka. We reported earlier about the opening a year ago in the shopping center “Aviapark” the store of a new format IKEA in the city. Now, in this Mall there was a full store, which is located on two floors with a total area of 7700 square meters.

IKEA Khodynka entire range are grouped into zones – kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, with furniture from all the necessary accessories. Accessories and most popular small furniture you can take home with them immediately, and oversized furniture – book in delivery at an affordable price. All goods brought home the next day.

The address of the IKEA store: Moscow, AVIAPARK, Khodynsky Boulevard 4, floors 3 and 4. Next to the metro station CSKA.

ИКЕА Ходынское поле

ИКЕА Авиапарк

ИКЕА Москва


V. R.

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Company Smeg has released a mixer in a retro style

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Company Smeg has released a mixer in retro style

The secret of a perfect style is in the details, and the brand Smeg has again proved it by releasing a model of the mixer in the series “50s Style”. Its brightness attracts attention, at the same time, the device surprises with its practicality. The range is available in seven different colors: white, chrome, red, black, cream, pastel green and pastel blue to meet the different taste preferences!

Mixer Smeg will make spending time in the kitchen as comfortable as possible. If you used to have to wash the dishes on weight, but now everything has changed. Pull spout with a powerful and accurate pressure jet that will effectively wash away impurities from all surfaces and even in the most remote places. Now you can wash large objects to collect water in a vase or large pot. Also, you can not worry about the kitchen countertop: the height of the mixer allows to avoid splashing of water.

This small kitchen appliance from Smeg is endowed with the systems of ESC and WSC. The system WSC (Water Saving Cartridge) allows you to save water consumption, adjusting water flow, while the ESC (Energy Saving Cartridge) reduces the flow of hot water. The mixer is an important part of the kitchen space, which depends on our everyday comfort. With the help of the new gadget from Smeg, you can not only enjoy the cleanliness of your dishes, but also choose the perfect combination of colors, pick up the mixer to the other kitchen appliances and make your kitchen really special.

Смеситель SMEG в ретро стиле

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