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Changed her hair and looks 10 years younger! Fans excited about the new image of Yulia Menshovoj

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A long time favorite of many viewers, the presenter was faithful to his model, hairstyle, only slightly changing the shade of hair. But Julia decided on a radical change of image, appearing in the air one of the shows in a brand new way!

юлия меньшова

When compared with the classic haircut Menshovoj, it can be noted that new haircut involves a long and straight hair. Important factors for the upgrade was also the fact that decreased visual volume, it immediately catches the eye and flatters the beautiful face of Yulia Tymoshenko. This was a very popular square with oblique bangs suitable Menshovoj hundred percent!

Now remember, looked like the TV presenter with the old haircut


Of course, hairstyle Julia was stylish and neat always.


But the volume is really somehow changed the perception of age Menshovoj. She seemed older than his years.


So change of hairstyle benefited the media personality, it is immediately noticed Yulia fans, placing many positive reviews in social networks.


  • Younger by 10 years!
  • Wow! You are such a Charmer…
  • How pretty you are in this photo!
  • It suits you, you look gorgeous!


That’s how the audience met the new image of their favorite presenter. But, really, Julia began to look younger, so the experiment was a success!


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News. Dmitry Shepelev was subjected to insults on the part of podeschi in Instagram

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More recently, the entire country once again recalled the well-known singer Zhanna Friske. 15 June, it was exactly 4 years, as it was not as a result of severe and prolonged illness. In this regard, a number of channels of transmission were the main heroes of which became close to Joan. Most often they talked about the relationship of the family Friske Dmitry Shepelev and called your causes of the conflict. As a result of these interviews was the persecution being experienced by the presenter.

A few days Dmitry did not mean that it actually touches the criticism of strangers. However, yesterday he broke down and wrote in his Instagram a video message in which he described how surprised to see a seemingly decent subscribers will stoop to personal insults and such terrible wishes like: “burn in hell, you bastard” and “fuck you, bitch”, “motherfucker”.

Of course, such things Shepelev considers hypocrisy, because when he came to page to these ladies, we saw the touching photos of flowers, dogs, cats and pies, and also signed “a loving mom of two wonderful babies.” “I wonder if their families know what the mom in your spare time doing?”, asked shocked by the insults in his address the leader.

At the end of his address, Dmitry called his “impressionable podeschi” who watched TV and made some conclusions, to stop writing angry and offensive comments under his posts. The moderator stressed that it is not going to read them, and especially to respond to what they write. “In the end I have a right not to talk about personal,” said Shepelev. He also heartily thanked all those who kept looking at the whole situation, common sense.

Guys, I have instagram real collapse. Impressionable people watched TV now write angry comments. Rays of good my favorite 🤦 🏼 ♂ I Noticed that I have a category of podeschi who leave comments like “burn in hell, you bastard”, “fuck off and die, scum”. And in their profile, if you look, it is written “a loving mom of two wonderful kids” and photos of cats, cakes and flowers. “Motherfucker”… That’s funny. What a contrast! Interestingly, their Pets know what a mother does in his free time? Okay mother. Grandma! 😂 Going back to the comments my friends, please need not write bad: I still don’t read, don’t answer and argue, too, no one will. And believe me, I have a right not to talk about personal things. Thank you to those who have not lost common sense, and forgive me for the trash on the page. I’m going to do. #60секунд

Publication of Dmitry Shepelev (@dmitryshepelev) Jun 18, 2019 2:39 PDT

Recall that immediately after the death of Jeanne Friske in 2015 between civil husband Dmitry Shepelev and the singer’s family scandal. Major disputes arose for Plato, education was engaged in the father. For a long time the parents of the actress tried to achieve the right to see her grandson. However, despite the court’s decision that allowed Dating, the boy they never show.

[embedded content]

In turn, the sister of Joan Natalia a few days ago gave an interview in which he remembered how Shepelev brought her parents to tears and admitted that he hates Friske family for what they humiliated him.


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News. Sobyanin admitted that she likes fatty and fried foods

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Anna Semenovich is one of the most attractive and magnificent artists of the Russian show-business. Shape Ani is her absolute property and a business card. The artist knows it and that they bet, taking part in photo shoots and filming clips.

Periodically, the fans make and publish in the network are randomly drawn images it is noticeable that photos of her at instagram different from how it looks in reality. In the life of Anya a little fuller. Pronounced waist in the pictures in the account of the singer – this is the accepted view, and a small retouching.

The singer admits that occasionally sits on a diet, to bring her figure in order. To make this mode permanent, the mayor, by her own admission, prevent sporting past.

The artist explains that in figure skating since childhood, experienced a serious physical load. She calms herself and when she wants to eat any harmful dish. Mentally the woman refers to the fact that all life is plowed and can afford it.

Given the fact that Anya loves fatty and fried foods, fast food and other Goodies, the numbers on the scale creeping up often. In those moments, she realizes that it’s time itself to slow down. Semenovich began to train in the gym and eat burgers for a couple.


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Banal treason? The reason for the divorce of Catherine Klimova called love of her husband another woman

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The couple had no immediate comment on the events, but there is evidence that Gela Meskhi has a deep love for the other.

Recently it became known that the third marriage of Ekaterina Klimova is falling apart. For divorce, the couple filed at the end of may this year, and the final hearing is likely to take place in a month. The reasons for the separation Klimova and Meskhi were not disclosed, but I suspect that the culprit may be cheating husband. This is indicated by several facts. First, it became known that the eldest daughter of the actress defended her mother, referring to the publication, claiming that the destruction of the family itself is to blame Klimov, which allegedly became interested in another man. “You know nothing!…You should not write unconfirmed details, trusting only to rumors” — so the oldest daughter Catherine Lisa responded to such assumptions. Екатерина КлимоваElizabeth’s words only confirm the fact that Gela was cheating on the actress. Moreover, the journalists presented to the public several photos of the actor with a colleague at the scene where you can see that a couple nourishes each other tender feelings. Гела Месхи

Гела Месхи

You can, of course, to suggest that the 33-year-old Gela Meskhi and 28-year-old Katrin Assi (the name of a companion of a celebrity) are extremely friendly. But then how about the fact that the photo was taken during the passage of the Moscow international film festival in April, where Katerina Klimova appeared alone, without a husband or a ring on your finger.Екатерина КлимоваAnd he Gela Meskhi appeared on the red carpet only on the day of closing, and never lit up with his wife. Гела Месхи But a lot of attention to Katrin Assi backstage, where he was made the very same photos. Гела МесхиWell, a little later it turned out that the couple filed for divorce. Of course, celebrities are the true reasons for the divorce are not known. Possible, all points over “i” will be placed after the official termination of the marriage bond celebrities.


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