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CD BMW i3s from AC Schnitzer got a bright wrapper

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Bmw i3,Bmw i3s. Наш тест показывал, что i3s рулится точно, живо и с лёгким заднеприводным акцентом. Так что не стоит думать, будто электрокар с максималкой всего в 160 км/ч — это история исключительно про «экономичные поездки в городе».

Leonid Popov, July 17, 2019. Photos: AC Schnitzer

Our test showed that the i3s rulitsya accurately, vividly and with a light rear-wheel drive accent. So do not think the electric car with a top speed of just 160 km/h — this is a story solely about “economical travel in the city.”

The German Studio AC Schnitzer often mentioned in the news in connection with some powerful BMW. Get at least a 570-strong ACL2 based on a coupe-kopeck piece. But far less incendiary models, with a claim to environmental friendliness, in view of the Schnitzer got no time (hybrid i8). Therefore it is not surprising the latest proposal of the Germans: the package of improvements for the compact electric BMW i3s.

[embedded content]

For “AI-third” of the proposed new lowering springs and 20 mm, splitter, black aluminum cover for the iDrive controller, aluminum pedals, spoiler, protective film on top of the rear bumper, dilators gauge (12 mm on each side).

Usual BMW i3 for six years my life has undergone several upgrades, and two years ago got sportivnoi version index i3s. From the base it is not only the appearance, but also efficiency electric motor: 184 HP and 270 N•m against the original 170 HP and 250 N•m. the Dynamics of such electric cars is already possible to characterize as a vigorous — dispersal to hundred in 6.9 vs a 7.3 source S. So now Atelier AC Schnitzer was not to change anything in the electrical part of the BMW, but simply emphasized its playful nature with new parts in the exterior.

That the BMW i3 was not invented for the sake of saving money on fuel, they say, and the price tags. For example, the base i3 in the Russian catalogue of stamps costs 3 840 000 rubles, and sportively i3s — 4 140 000.

We add that the popularity of the i3 model in Europe is going up. Only in January — may this year implemented 13 357 instances, whereas for the whole of 2018 — 24 252, and for 2017 — 21 010. Apparently, it affected the update, conducted last fall, which brought the little one the traction battery with a capacity of 42.2 kW•h On the machines of yesteryear was 33,2 and 22 kWh.


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The concept Aiways U6 Ion hint in Geneva on a new cross-coupe

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Konstantin Bolotov, 2 hours ago. Photo: Aiways

The SUV U5 (pictured) has room to grow, but not so much in size (in length 4680 mm, and a basis 2800), how much battery capacity (65 kWh) and power reserve (503 km in the NEDC cycle). Only the electric motor produces 190 HP and 315 N•m — is also not the limit.

“New Chinese car company is ready to strike at the distant European continent,” writes the press of the PRC on the upcoming March 13 speech marks Aiways at the Geneva motor show. There is an electric SUV makes its debut Aiways U5 (in Europe) and U6 mysterious concept Ion (even the teaser yet). Very likely, it kupeobrazny version of the “ten-fifth” with a similar filling, but possible surprises. At the same time, Aiways will arrange a demonstration of smart technologies, introduce your partners and reveal the sales plan in the Old world.

Model U6 late, because already shown a prototype of crossway U7 (pictured). All electric cars of the brand is built on a modular platform MAS (McPherson and memorycache), endowed with the powertrain’s E-Drive and the beginnings of artificial intelligence.

Because the base Aiways U5 is estimated at 197 900 yuan (1.76 million rubles), it is easy to predict that the initial “coupe” U6 breaks out the level of 200 000. “The Geneva motor show will mark an important milestone for Aiways, as will be announced very exciting news about our plans for Europe. We are set up to compete with the best, creating a revolutionary user experience through unprecedented cooperation with partners”, — said the Vice-President for foreign operations Alexander Klose.


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SUV Ford Bronco showed his mighty chassis

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Ford bronco. Лобовое стекло установлено относительно близко к вертикали, форма передних крыльев и капота напоминает о линиях, присущих прежнему Bronco, особенно в восьмидесятых. Огромные накладки на крыше и задней стойке пока не позволяют оценить силуэт.

Leonid Popov, 48 minutes ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

The windshield is installed relatively close to the vertical, the shape of the front wings and bonnet reminiscent of the lines inherent in the old Bronco, especially in the eighties. Huge overlays on the roof and the rear pillar does not yet allow us to estimate the silhouette.

Noticed a couple of days ago on the trials Ford Bronco Sport many of our readers upset. Famous name and is a compact SUV don’t mix. But that was because the Bronco Junior. And now arrived, and a large Ford Bronco. Real SUV on the frame. New pictures have revealed few details of the exterior and interior and suspension.

The lights made interesting: large circles with a rectangular sections in. In the history of the Bronco was round, and rectangular, so that continuity will work in any case. It’s funny that a camouflage painted thousands of tiny pictograms, symbolizing the active, among them the word “Bronco”.

Sources in the company have hinted that the big Bronco will be available in two body versions: two- (as the ancestor) and four-door (not counting the wicket Keeper or the side rear). A relative of a Ranger needs to supercharged engines 2.3 and 2.7, a six-speed “mechanics” and desjatilopastnye “automatic”. In an explicit competitors have Bronco listed Jeep Wrangler and Ford must answer him a decent variability. For example, the installation of the mirrors suggests that the door can be removed as the Jeep.

In the cabin — tubular frame overhead and, it seems, a removable roof section, the front panel and console with an almost vertical position. Tires — Bridgestone Dueler A/T 255/75 R17. See front wishbones, rear — rigid axle.

Liability on the Bronco 2021 model year is a big. The predecessor behind — long story: for five generations, and production from 1965 to 1996. The successor to the Americans have to show in spring, it is not excluded that already in April at the auto show in new York. But if I don’t reach it, that is, a reserve airfield in the auto show in Detroit in June. The simplest version of the “sixth” Bronco, according to the should cost approximately $33 000-35 000, sales will begin by the end of 2020.


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Brand Maserati have added diversity to the American line

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Maserati quattroporte,Maserati ghibli,Maserati levante. Передок и корма Quattroporte и других Maserati GT Sport оформлены по старой программе GranSport. Образ седана дополняют 20-дюймовые диски Silver Teseo и тормозные суппорты, окрашенные в красный, синий или чёрный цвет. Отделка интерьера включает вставки из дерева, покрытого чёрным лаком.

Konstantin Bolotov, 34 minutes ago. Photo: Maserati

The front and feed the Quattroporte and other Maserati GT Sport are under the old program GranSport. The image of the sedan’s complement 20-inch wheels Silver Teseo and brake calipers painted in red, blue or black. Interior decoration involves inserting of wood, covered with black lacquer.

After the resignation of the tandem of the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, the Maserati brand has remained in North America with three models: a sedan Ghibli, Quattroporte and crossover Levante. This year, they will undergo a restyling to be joined by sports car, previously known under the name of Alfieri. Until that happens, the “Trident” available breeds special version of the Trinity without touching the powertrain. Recently, the world saw the series Royale, now announced a “sport” package, GT Sport Package, giving the car a “more aggressive look”.

The sonorous names of the Ghibli and Levante GT Sport GT Sport — performance GranSport exterior, wheels (20-inch Dark Perseo for Ghibli, Helios 21 inches from Levante), interior design High Gloss Piano Black Wood and Piano Black Composite, colored calipers.

At the same time in the United States launched a series Edizione Ribelle (the analogue of the European Ribelle) “consumers who want to stand out from the crowd and not blend in with the sea of sameness”. In the “rebel” party includes 225 vehicles: hundreds Ghibli S, the same S 25 Levante and Quattroporte S. Nothing really new Edizione is not brought, however, and the package GT Sport, Maserati collects the combination of “proven” solutions.

Levante Edizione Ribelle distinguished by black color Nero Ribelle, darkened chrome package Nerissimo (they are decorated with lattice, trim, Windows, tips, nozzles, markers, and so on), dark 20-inch wheels and Maserati logos on the rear rack. Inside — black-red leather finishing, insert of carbon fibre and a commemorative plaque.

The company Maserati has not yet reported for 2019, but Automotive News reports that over three quarters of global sales fell by 26% (to 19 500 vehicles), and losses reached 159 million Euro, while the same period of 2018 brought a profit of 103 million Conclusions: the new commercial Director appointed 54-year-old native of Mitsubishi Bernard Loire, the Director of marketing has become a 52-year-old Italian Paolo Tubito coming from the company Nike. Guide Maserati is working on a “plan to restart the brand.” The strategy will be published in may.


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