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Beauty. Makeup on New year 2019 for brown eyes

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If you are bright, ambitious, impulsive, a bit arrogant and cunning brown-eyed beauty, so like to change the image, to shock and attract attention. And, despite the fact that until the New year 2019 there will be a lot of time now you think of a spectacular appearance at the holiday party, choosing an outfit, hair and makeup for brown eyes.

Most importantly, remember that there is a trend to focus only on one part of the face and highlighting the eyes, lips should be painted by sudovym a gloss or matte lipstick calm tone.


Any experienced makeup artist will tell you that the perfect makeup is impossible without correct preparation of the skin. With these simple procedures is creating the perfect make-up, able to focus on the positive qualities and hide imperfections of appearance:

  1. Wash, clean the face of the cosmetic cream or milk.
  2. Spread on the surface of the skin moisturizer. Allow to soak in. Lubricate the lip balm.
  3. Use the primer. This is a makeup base that smoothes the relief and skin tone, disguise the flaws (scars, pimples, irritation, redness), and protect from harmful external factors, emissions of gases, fumes, dust, wind, cold.
  4. Apply a concealer.
  5. Use concealer. It will hide dark spots, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, enlarged pores, small spider veins.
  6. Apply highlighter. It makes the face more prominent and expressive features corrects, gives the skin a subtle shimmer and a healthy colour. Application on the inner corners will visually enlarge the eyes to make the look expressive, and the color of the iris is rich. Focus on the highest points of the cheekbones will give the face sharp contours. Swiping highlighter narrow line from nose to tip, will visually make the nose shorter and thinner. Applying the product over the border of eyebrow and bottom line growth, visually raise eyebrows and open eyes. A small amount of cosmetics, feathered in the dimple above the upper lip and the Central part under the bottom, will give a seductive volume.

If at stage 3 you used reflective primer, apply a highlighter is not necessary. Any decorative means should be applied in moderation and in good feather. Otherwise, instead of flawless, glowing skin you will get a vulgar, unnatural mask.

Pencil technique

Makeup with sparkles now again in trend. But it is important not to forget that it is a very bright item and you need to use it as carefully as possible, highlighting only one part of the face, e.g., eyes.

To create it easy, if you follow step by step instructions and to pay attention to the photo:

  1. Prepare the face.
  2. Adjust the shape of your eyebrows touch up with a pencil or shadows. Distribute on all length of a light holding gel and gently comb.
  3. Apply on the eyelids moving the shadow. She makes the makeup resistant, prevents sloughing or rolling decorative, enhance brightness, hide skin imperfections.
  4. Take a brown pencil, draw the outline of the line of growth of upper and lower eyelashes. Highlight the crease on eyelids.
  5. With a brush blend the resulting border.
  6. Apply a gold substrate.
  7. Add shadows with shimmer.
  8. To make the look expressive, on the upper eyelid, draw arrows liquid black eyeliner. Start with corner of the eye and keep a thin line parallel to the boundary of the growth of eyelashes. Then, brush the tail. Very neat, can be applied to the outer corner of the eyes credit card. Paint mascara on migracyjne space with a waterproof black pencil.
  9. Apply it on lashes several coats of mascara.
  10. Lipstick should choose the calm shades: beige, peach, pale pink, nodovoy or mimic the color of the lips. It eliminates the saturation of the make-up.

Use red shades makeup artists do not recommend, as the makeup will look too tacky, vulgar, rude. The only exception is the image in retro style.

For the blonde girls

To emphasize the natural beauty, it is important to take into account not only skin tone but hair color. If you are ash or platinum blonde, prefer cold shadow palette. The beauty of the Golden, straw and light brown strands emphasize decorative warm tones.

At home you can perform the following makeup:

  1. Prepare the face.
  2. Distribute on the upper eyelid base.
  3. Draw the eyebrow pencil.
  4. Apply on the mobile eyelid silver shadows 3 shades. In the inner corner of the eye you need to use the lightest color from the palette on the outer – most dark pigment. Soft brush to blur the boundaries of contact.
  5. A black pencil draw the contour from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of mobile eyelid as shown in the photo. Blend, ensuring a smooth transition tint.
  6. Draw arrows along the line growth upper and lower eyelashes. Blend.
  7. Under the eyebrow, apply a little white shadows.
  8. Highlight the eyelashes with black ink.
  9. If you decide to wear a red dress, this makeup will highlight the beauty of brown eyes, make the image vivid and memorable.

When choosing a lipstick, you can stay on the identical shade, or use a glitter with a hint of scarlet, peach, coral color.

Most importantly, remember that lipstick should not dim the brightness of the dress or make the appearance vulgar. It is therefore desirable to not listen to fashion advice, and evaluate their own reflection in the mirror.

A great option for girls with brown eyes, blond hair and delicate porcelain skin will be the creation of attractive smoky look:

  1. After all the preparatory activities expressive draw the arrow parallel to the line growth upper lashes and on the outer corner of the lower eyelid. Use black or chocolate brown pencil.
  2. Apply a beige pink shade.
  3. Take the brush a small amount of dark pigment and blend the contours on the outer corner.
  4. Pencil arrow to add the expression.
  5. Inner corner of the eye vysvetlit white shadows.
  6. When you create a new year’s makeup, pay special attention to the eyebrows. They should be no more than one tone darker than natural hair color.

Also blush should not stand out from the crowd. On the lips apply a bright coral, red, Terra cotta color.

Makeup “The Bird”

This makeup will help you hide the drooping eyelids and dazzle. all party guests:

  1. Prepare the face.
  2. A thin layer, distribute base under the shadows.
  3. Fill in the eyebrows. They should be as natural. Tinting the hairs better not from above but from below. Area make soft, otherwise a sharp kink will only emphasize the small imperfections in appearance.
  4. On the entire mobile eyelid and under the eyebrow apply makeup light Nude shade.
  5. A black pencil from inner corner of the eye draw a line to the center, then lift it a little and label the circuit as shown in the photo.
  6. The external part of the sketch with a black pencil. Dip the brush in a shade of the same color and blend over the dark area.
  7. On the free part of the mobile eyelid apply a peachy-pink pigment.
  8. Pearl paints vysvetlit inner corner of the eye.
  9. Dial on flat brush thin dark gray shadow and walk them on top of a black pencil along the crease, extending the color slightly above the designated contour. Next, select the area parallel to the border of the lower lash.
  10. Vysvetlit area under the eyebrow is white mother-of-pearl pigments.
  11. Apply several layers of mascara.
  12. To view became more expressive and open, eyelashes before painting can be curled with special tweezers. It is best to use a lengthening mascara with a silicone base. The main rule that you need to remember, if you are troubled by drooping eyelids – was able to use the play of light and shadow.

The shaded areas visually reduced, and bright, on the contrary, increase. This allows you to adjust the shape and size of the eye.

More useful information about makeup for New year’s for brown eyes you can see from the video.

Skillfully executed make-up will surprise others and will become the star of the party. But you must remember that only Shine in the eyes, sincere smile and happiness in anticipation of the holiday can make a woman truly beautiful. So keep a good mood, make adjustments in the proposed technology makeup, experiment and create your astounding look.

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