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Beauty. Julia Boyko: “My dream is to make the Olympic”

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In the sixth season of the project “Beauty in a Million” we promised that the participants would be impressive. And this is true, because we selected people with different stories and lives, with different personalities and dreams. If for some, plastic surgery is a chance to gain confidence, to Julia Boyko is a physical need. What happened to this girl? The Word – Julia!

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

Hello! My name is Julia Boyko, I am 26 years old and I want to increase Breasts.

I participated in several ranked projects on television. It all started with the project “factor a” of Alla Pugacheva. However, there is not much I have shown. Because of my youth, excitement, inability to stand on the stage I never even went to the main stage of the competition. But I did not give up. The next step for me was to participate in the project “Battle of choirs”. And here I have already shown what they are capable.

Finally, his “finest hour” I believe participation in the project “Main stage” on the Russia 1 and “Success” on STS. Especially remember the warmth of the past, as the Internet quickly spread a video with a crying Purulent. It was his reaction to my statement. Still leaves me breathless when I remember those moments: an incredibly sincere praise Purulent, which is with sincere regret escorted me out of the project, Vera Brezhneva, she is also very warm said about me, and of course Philip Kirkorov – as he put it, he “sucked” in my work.

In General, I always ask: “When I realized that I would be a singer?” To be honest, I knew that I was going to sing. For me it was already a done deal. I never even pondered. And I am attracted to acting career. Somehow I have confidence that it is in these areas I find myself. And I really want this.

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

By the way, when you make art, sing, then sooner or later you have a need to share their knowledge, transfer their skills to someone else, to help a person to open up, to be the same as you. So over time I came to the conclusion that I should do the vocals as a teacher. And this work gives me no less fun!

You have no idea how unusual that is and it’s nice when you student comes and says that he likes what you’re doing and he wants to learn to sing just like you. To be an example to others to teach them things that I know – it’s really cool, I think!

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

But even more pleasure I get when on stage. You know, when I was lucky enough to get to the concert in the Olympic Timberlake, I realized that I wanted to collect the same crowd of people. That evening the speech of Justin stayed for 6 or 7 hours, but none of the audience left the hall – all this crazy crowd, which I was one, stood on their seats and waited for their idol. Hundreds of thousands of burning eyes, an insane amount of people… When I was going through this endless mass of people, I realized that I wanted to collect the same hall, the entire Luzhniki Olympic or filled with people who came to MY recital!

I think if I will do Max Fadeev, this dream will come true.

In the meantime, I think about something else. I thought every girl in adolescence. As they grow older the problem has resolved itself, but not in my case. The years go by, but my chest never grew. Jokingly sometimes say that she stopped in development…

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

My looks, as they say many of my friends from the artistic community, non-standard. Short stature, baby face, and the figure in 26 years as a teenager. Here is a teenage cliche for me, just firmly entrenched, and so want to feel like a grown woman.

On the background of the thinking about breast augmentation surgery I realized that’s not enough for me to make a new bust, paste, silicone, etc. I want it made a certain person is a plastic surgeon Sergey Nikolaevich Blokhin. By the way, in my profile I pointed out. If I took the project, but said that the operation will be done by someone else, I probably would have refused.

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

You know, as I had with Purulent on the project “Success”. Everybody was telling me how he is severe that all cuts, so many people flew over it. I at that time did not know, were not familiar with his work. But purely on the level of energy in his gaze, I realized that it was “my man” that he will understand me. With Sergei Nikolaevich exactly the same story – I don’t know how it happens, but I was sure that it would draw attention to me. This is what happened.

Well, I am in the project. The first stage is over, very soon, I am going to look at your body, and you at me.

[embedded content]

Help follows:

Julia Boyko – talented singer, who in 26 years has managed to conquer the hearts of such famous artists as Philip Kirkorov, Vera Brezhnev, the rapper Purulent (Slava), and others. The road to the stage a girl from the small town of Sharya in Kostroma region began to lay itself, without any serious help and patronage. The history of the Russian show business unusual, as most artists are when, eminent producers, wealthy parents or, shall we say, grateful fans…

Julia was nothing like that. She only had a mother that believed in her daughter and she didn’t bother to go down a chosen path, and unbridled thirst to be famous. Self-esteem and self-confidence Julia all right, so she did not doubt that she will succeed.

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

However, in the format of 50-thousandth of the city to think about the universal fame was not necessary, therefore, in 19 years the girl alone came to Moscow and decided to stay here. 30 000, received as a fee for the performance in “Battle of choirs”, became her start-up capital. The money Julia had rented an apartment and began to arrange his new life.

With her father Julia relationship is not supported, even though he knows that he has other children that he lives somewhere in Yakutia. The break-up of parents she doesn’t want to assign guilty, because at that time she was only three years of age, insufficient to produce an assessment and analysis of the reasons for the breakup. That was, has passed.

Юля Бойко: «Моя мечта – собрать Олимпийский»

Now Julia is engaged in creativity. She finally managed to make our first music video. And in the future, she sees herself, no less, the Queen of the Olympic. Yes, it was her dream to collect a full hall for your recital.

But it’s all she has, I hope, in the future, and while she started the project “Beauty in a Million”, in which her money how she wanted.

According to the code word “beauty” one million You can sign up for a free 3D-modeling of the breast with implants Motiva apparatus Divina. If you are refused a free consultation, email [email protected] and indicate in the subject “Refused to consult.”

Photographer Alyssa Framm
Implants Motiva



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Horoscope for the week from 22 to 28 April

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At the end of the week try to deter aggression, do not swear.


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In the next week give imagination and show their creativity.

You will see new ways to implement. Try to organize their lives not only at the household level, but also financially.


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During the week, you may have difficulty configuring your discipline and work. Try to control your impulsiveness when communicating.

Weekend spend the trip outside the city, take a break from everyday life.


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It is recommended to pay great importance to detail, they can be hidden something very important.

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Health important to you is emotional and energy state. Their energy you are able to cope with almost any disease.


The fish in the next period it is better to concede the initiative to your loved one, trust him and listen to his advice.

The middle of the week is favorable for dealing with financial problems.

The second half of the week in deals, you can seriously think about advantageous investments. On the favorable work atmosphere, colleagues or the boss will pleasantly surprise you.


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News. Tata Karapetyan first told, how survived the departure of her husband to lopyrevoy

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Tatevik Karapetyan for the first time after her divorce from Igor Bulatov gave an interview and spoke about the adultery of the former husband. To speak frankly about the incident, the woman agreed with representatives of the magazine “Tatler”.

Tata said that he was familiar with 15 years. Their luxurious wedding took place at the insistence of her parents. Immediately after the triumph of the young began to live with them in the same house. Father-in-law and mother-in-law was good in law. Tats my mom often had to cook them Breakfast, and his father introduced Bulatov own business. Samvel, had taught him many things and gave a strong career start.

Tatevik is convinced that the test of money and fame are not all. Igor could not resist. He thought he could continue to go on their own.

The daughter of the billionaire said that about the cheating spouse has learned from the media. For her it was a big surprise. She consulted with her parents and immediately filed for divorce. Igor was dismissed from his post.

According to Tata, the life after the betrayal and departure of Igor it is not stopped. On the contrary, the situation has become for her a big step forward. A woman in a fully realized its responsibility towards its own family. She has no right to throw tantrums and scandals, and should behave with restraint and dignity.

The act of a former husband Karapetyan called a big stupidity and idiocy, because the man loomed large prospects, personally disowned them, in fact, reversing the future in big business. According to Tata, it is a voluntary self-destruction.

About a new relationship the woman is to say not ready. Moreover, at the moment it does not allow in the mind thoughts of the future marriage. Now Tatevik educates children from Igor and combines this with work. In the company of his father, a woman holds the position of first Vice-President of the Tashir group.

[embedded content]​

During that time, Bulatov, since the publication of photos from Miami in company with lopyrevoy, Tatevik never seen Igor, but to prevent contact with children, neither she nor her family are not going to. If you wish to meet with children Igor must agree in advance on the time and place of the meeting. However, for all this time the man saw them only twice.


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