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Beauty. Alexander Pryanikova transplanted hair

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Dear readers! Alexander Gingerbread after a decision about participation in the project “Beauty in a Million” met with many cosmetic procedures. In his next diary he tells about what happened during hair transplantation. You probably noticed that this procedure made his debut only this season, so you will certainly be interested in first hand to find out what it is.

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

So, you already know what I think of the decision to transplant my hair to make my hair thicker and restore lost over the years, a difficult actor-television life hair. About this procedure I’ve heard and even seen people who ventured into such manipulations. I have always looked with feelings of envy, and never left the idea to someday follow their example.

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

And here’s my chance finally fell! In the clinic Reneo on advice from the doctor Buyanova I learned about all the intricacies of hair transplantation. Along with Dr. we have identified the “boundaries” of the transplant and agreed on the date of the transaction. Didn’t even notice it was this long-awaited day for me.
the layout of the hair.

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

In the clinic I came in the morning and the staff is already hard at work. He noted for the atmosphere of privacy, create it here for all guests. And I think it is very good when the clinic is able to remain “incognito” mode is related to the personal life of the patients deserves respect. A moment so private setting is saved in all!

More interesting photo and video materials about the participants can be seen in the instagram project

First I was ushered into a special room where I changed into a medical robe. Then taken to the operating room. By the way, conventional operating room but this has nothing to do. Where, for example, seen in the operating room were a large TV? A chair for the patient it is a different story altogether! It seems, more comfortable in my life, I have never met. It can be compared with the seats in the aircraft for first class passengers, but only better :))
in the chair in front of the TV.

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

When I handed over the TV remote and I comfortably housed in a leather armchair, Vasily Vasilyevich has started its work. First he shaved the back of my head, and then injected the anesthesia. After that, the sensitivity of the scalp was completely lost. I at some point felt that I was unlikely to feel something, even if my head’ll start the coals and start to cook barbecue!

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

Despite the complete painless procedure, there was one negative thing. Believe it or not, it is a necessity to lie down during the whole manipulation. The paradox, however long the lying is exhausting! I managed to sort out a lot of TV programs have done many things… When Vasily was doing a little breaks, I’m so happy rose and stretched legs!!!

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

Even the daughter who came to support me and catch me devouring the food, who kindly offered me at the clinic kept asking me to sit down. But I do not agree. And after about an hour did not return to the operating room, and rasskazyvala.

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

After some time I again called to the operating room where Dr. brawlers with his assistants brought the procedure to the end and put a temporary bandage. He also gave a list of recommendations on what NOT to do during recovery. His most important advice is to protect your head from any knocks and damage. It turned out that to do this sooooo hard :))

Пряников готовится к пересадке волос

It is the end of the third month, I transplanted the hair, but the result I do not feel. The doctor warned that the rate effect will be possible only after a year, so I believe in good and hope soon to see my aristocratic bald areas will grow new hairs!

[embedded content]

review services:

With Alexander we met about nine o’clock in the morning. Before hair transplantation, over a Cup of coffee and discussed the whole course of manipulation, have agreed on the main points and only after that we went to the operating room.
It was a joint decision to use a modern method of transplantation of hair follicles MFT. It is an innovative alternative to the traditional FUE method, because it allows due to the coordinated and quick work of the surgical team to transplant a large amount of hair in a short time.
We initially took into account that the entire operation will be conducted in parallel with video and photo shootings, interviews, so the consistency and speed surgical teams in this situation were particularly significant.
The first stage of transplantation was associated with manual follicular isolation, that is needed to identify the parts of the fence of hair, to be able to understand what number of grafts would be possible to move. This stage took about three hours. To Alexander was not so tiring, we did a three break to rest and tea. Problems with isolation of the hair we didn’t because our patient initially, the hair has very good characteristics.
Next we made a longer break for lunch, then returned to the operating room and continued his operation with all members of the surgical team.
Since the main advantage of the MFT method is high a result of the procedure, to achieve the desired effect requires fast and coordinated work of the whole team. Using special optics and individual lighting for each zone, a team of several people neatly executed subsequent to the task of transferring follicles in the area, the acceptor.
At this stage, an important role plays the fact that hair follicles are moved according to the principle of “skin to skin”, not staying a long time in an artificial environment. And every doctor in the brigade “was responsible” only for its own area: the back, left edge, right edge.
Thus, the second phase of the transplant and the whole process we have completed about nine o’clock in the evening. Only Alexander was transplanted 2500 grafts. At the end of the procedure, he was wrapped up in bandages.
As you know, in the case of Alexander the Protocol of hair transplantation was tailored to conduct surveys and interviews, so in total the surgery took a little longer than usual.
It remains to add that due to natural features Alexander is the owner of good enough in their characteristics hair. So I predict a very good result. But we can see only after 10-12 months is the duration of the recovery period.

Brawlers Vasily,
surgeon hair transplant,
plastic surgeon, candidate of medical science

review dermatologist-trichologist:

The main complaints of Alexander was associated with itching and flaking of the scalp, also some inconveniences it gave him that hair in the parietal area became thin and heavily thinned.
In all cases, Alexander was not addressed to specialists, and has tried to solve the problem yourself. For example, to eliminate flaking and itching, he used a special pharmacy means. But he notes that due to stress, prolonged exertion problems came back again.
In the first consultation we held Alexander trichoscopy. This is a special method of micrometeorite, allowing to evaluate the condition of the hair and scalp. As a result of this study it was revealed that Alexander progresses seborrheic dermatitis, as well as pronounced hair loss on the male type (androgenetic alopecia).
On the basis of the findings we have prepared a detailed treatment plan, which included conducting hair transplantation method and MFT treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. Since transplantation can be carried out only under condition of healthy scalp, at the first stage we are using a procedure of peeling and special care has treated seborrheic dermatitis, and after completed hair transplant.
After all the manipulations Alexander received detailed recommendations for the care of hair and scalp.

Nagaytseva Julia V.,
doctor dermatologist, trichologist,
chief physician of the clinic

comment psychologist:

If we consider aesthetic treatments, men and women to them a completely different attitude. The fairer sex are willing to endure any hardship for the sake of obtaining the desired result. By contrast, men see the worst that they have to wait that the procedure is boring, inconvenient and that sort of thing.
Many men is really very difficult to accept the passive role. They certainly need to act. Alexander, in this sense, completely fits into this format of behavior.
Well, the worst thing for our hero behind, he successfully went through a hair transplant, so now with a light heart can wait, as his hair becomes more thick and beautiful!

Julia sviyash, @jsviyash

Clinic hair restoration and aesthetic medicine CLINIC RENEO

Counselor Yuliya sviyash, @jsviyash

Photo courtesy of Natalia Veselova, @veselkyna

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Tina found that can do it, because she has enough experience and the result. TV presenter admitted that she used was typical and nothing outstanding Armenian girl. Eventually she managed to put in proper form not only the body but also the face.

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A proper bite can change facial features and make them more noble and elegant. The woman told that in Western countries girls who have decided to do them in the first place go to the dentist.

Kandelaki also noted that in the book she tells about other methods, which supports your skin in good condition. TV host admits that some of them are simple and all available recipes, as well as costly procedure.

[embedded content]​

However, the main key to a good appearance Tina sees proper sleep and rest, healthy eating and physical activity. The woman admits that if she allows herself a glass of wine or falls later on a whim, the face instantly lets you know about it.


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