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As Maria Kozhevnikova dropped 40 lbs. “BEFORE” and “AFTER” are really impressive

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Some women absolutely do not get better during pregnancy, keeping a slim figure to the late timing. And only gives the rounded belly of the future mother. But not everyone is so lucky. A large number of women faced with the problem of excess weight, starting with the second or even first trimester.
The heroine of this article, the Russian actress Maria Kozhevnikova knows what extra pounds. Mary is married and has three children – all sons: 2014, 2015 and 2017 birth.


And every pregnancy girl gaining weight. Especially “failed” the first two extra pounds were more than 40! And only the third baby added mom “only” 27 kg.


Recently, Maria decided to share a family photo, rather a photo collage. On it are mounted two pictures. At first Masha posing in its maximum weight, and the second is the result of her daily work, which led to noticeable weight loss.


The actress told why she posted these photos. According to Kozhevnikova, her example is used in many ads for weight loss supplements, and the very Mary about it, without notice and without asking permission. “To cut the ground from under the feet” Scam, the girl and placed this material on the Internet.
Masha decided to share with everyone interested in the secrets of her slim figure and how she manages such a form to return after every major set of weights. The secret was very simple – proper nutrition, sports and an active lifestyle. And most importantly – hard work, persistence towards a goal. To quote Maria.


Such rules can help us to lose weight and be slim and beautiful. Here only where to take this most “Will Power”? We wish all our readers the same sense of purpose, and most importantly – results, as the beloved star of “Univer”.




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News. Which of the Hollywood stars began their careers at the strip club

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A successful and popular star at the peak of his fame not really wish to remember how to begin their first steps to world fame. The reason is simple: they all got naked for money.

Amber Rose

Bold actress and model with unusual looks and a curvaceous twenty years ago entertained the audience with a strip bar. She was only 15 years old, and she worked illegally, receiving significantly less than their colleagues passing the age limit.

Amber is one of the few Actresses that proudly and unashamedly talks about his past. Apparently, the impact of training: before getting to the screens amber spun pole 10 years.

Brad Pitt

If not for the companion, fond of acting, the world would never learn about the one that conquered the heart of aniston and Jolie. In his youth, pitt has successfully built a career in the entertainment strip show and even was accepted into a famous team. At leisure, he began to help his girlfriend to learn the role, and eventually it fascinated him so much that he began to try his hand at movies, and very successfully. Of becoming a stripper had forgotten.

Lady Gaga

About his past, the singer, and now successful actress, trying not to speak. Meanwhile, Hollywood is known that the dancing skills she mastered it at the pole. According to rumors, Lady Gaga the crowd loved it. However, I worked in a strip show 18-year-old girl long.

Channing Tatum

Gorgeous man with a great body. After the appearance of Channing on the big screens and his number of fans grew steadily. Among them there were those who remembered the man naked and dancing in the night show. He also started his career with a Striptease, and, moreover, agreed to the proposal to play a role in the film about the everyday life of male strippers.


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Maria Poroshina was there a wedding ring on your finger

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It seems that the actress is on the way to a new family happiness.

In January of this year, Maria Poroshina gave birth to fifth child — a boy.

Мария Порошина  

The baby’s father is still unknown, because last year, the actress was divorced by Ilya Drevnov after 17 years of marriage.Мария Порошина

Then in mass media there was different assumptions about the possible paternity. Someone thought that a child from ex-wife, just a couple didn’t want to do this, someone suggested that motherhood Poroshina has to do with the actor Yaroslav Boyko, and someone was talking about a completely unknown and little-known world of show business new chosen Mary.

As it turned out, closer to the truth and others are assumptions. At least, this is evidenced by the latest release of the artist with an unknown man. With him Poroshina went to the restaurant after showing the film Gosha Kutsenko “the Balkan frontier.” On the road the stranger even managed to answer the question: is he in a relationship with the star of Russian cinema. “Yes, certainly!” — that was the answer to the mysterious satellite.

The actress does not comment. But for many, the most eloquent answer to all the questions was the engagement ring on her finger, which she showed off at the above mentioned premiere.

Мария Порошина

A little more information, the journalists managed to obtain from the matter of Maria Natalia Krasnoyarsk. She told the media that her daughter even tells her a little about his personal life, but it is known that the new beloved artist lives in Spain.


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News. Award “BraVo” Loboda appeared in a dress with neckline to the waist

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In the capital for 3 days as part of the ceremony of awarding the “BraVo” resounded concerts and glittering stars of Russian and foreign music. For appearance on stage, they chose a bold and bright outfits. Most of all spectators and users, was impressed by Svetlana Loboda.

On stage, the singer appeared in a shiny mini dress with long sleeves. The main focus of the outfit was the neckline, reaching almost to her waist. It seemed that the neckline will draw out more than you need, but the embarrassment did not happen. Complement the image of the artist-high boots-stockings, studded with sequins.

The number of rhinestones and glitter Svetlana ahead of only Philip Kirkorov. Viewers have noticed it in several images. On the red carpet performer seemed in a shirt, trousers, bomber jacket and hat. All of the elements of the image were decorated with sequins and rhinestones.

On stage Philip had acted in a GIMP suit, and the awards ceremony came in an elegant blue coat and trousers, with a bowtie and dramatic brooch.

[embedded content]

An unexpected surprise was the performance of Dima Bilan. Artist not long ago had a serious operation on his leg. He did not stop to speak. Dima sang the song sitting on a chair. According to the audience, everything was thought out so skillfully that the uninitiated would have guessed about the trauma of the artist.


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