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Around the anniversary concert of Alla Pugacheva scandal — the money paid, but the tickets do not give

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About the contest

The first important moments in the new world should be as comfortable and pleasant for the baby. Because the parents re-live all of these wonderful events together with a baby – first smile, first steps, first word..

New contest “First moments” with Pampers – this is your opportunity to share with all the precious first moments of life your baby and get great prizes from Pampers! Just take a photo of your baby and send it to us!

Three winners selected by the jury will be sets from Pampers: 1 standard packing Pampers Premium Saga (diapers or panties, depending on the wishes of the winner) and 3D stickers from Pampers.

About the sponsor:



Played THREE prizes.

The prize is a set from Pampers:

  • 1 standard packing Pampers Premium Saga (diapers or panties, depending on the wishes of the winner; the size will be chosen for the child of the winner);
  • 3D stickers from Pampers.

призовой набор Pampers


1. To participate in the competition only to residents of Russia.

2. On competition are accepted the photos of the most anxious moments with your kids.

3. To participate you must:

  • go to the link … below to download the entry;
  • after reading the photo requirements, you need to load an entry, and fill in the participation form: the “Text to photos” and “E-mail”.

4. The number of entries of photos from one author is not limited.

5. The duration of the photo contest from December 25, 2018. January 20, 2019.

6. THREE winners determined by the JURY.

7. The organizing Committee has the right to disregard any photo in the photo contest, without explanation. The pictures are not on the topic of the competition are not taken into account in determining the winner.



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News. “Grand Prix radio Monte Carlo”: Kozhevnikova in the way widows and Malikov with an unexpected message on the cap

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Last weekend in the capital traditionally have been “Racing Grand Prix radio Monte Carlo”. The event was attended by stars of theatre, cinema and show-business, as well as socialite. Which year the organizers are trying to make this event a special significance, however, star rates do not hurry. They perceive it all as fun and the opportunity to once again show themselves.

Also happened this time. Ladies practiced to each other and the lenses of photographers present at the event, extravagance of imagery, and of course, hats. The latter ranged from an unimaginably fantastic structures on the head to the classic “pill” and even caps.

Especially remembered by the audience the image of Mary Kozhevnikova. Actress, former MP and mother of three children, which promotes family values appeared at the races in a very unusual outfit. For the event she chose a black suit with a jacket and a bustier. Deep cleavage Mary impressed many. Reviews regarding the volume of Masha on instagram is enough.

Striking image of the actress added elegant hat with a black veil covering half her face. Members noted that in this form it is similar to the fatal widow of melodramas.

Maria if your image came with great responsibility, Dmitry Malikov dismissive attitude to the dress code. The artist has complemented his suit with a hat with an unusual inscription. Embroidered on her body picture subtly hinted, where you can pass all enemies.

By the way, Dmitry has once again confirmed that the event has the status of a secular parties, which themselves have little interest in horse racing. For example, it is even a symbolic rate do not. Malikov explained that the piano plays much better.

[embedded content]​


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News. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry posted a photo of her son Archie in Instagram


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to please his fans and post a photo of Archie Harrison of Mountbatten-Windsor, his newly born son, on the official website of the Dukes of Sussex in Instagram. This was done on June 16, when the whole Western and European world celebrated father’s Day.

And here it should be noted that Harry and Megan does not have to show your baby as soon after birth they refused for him from all his titles. However, knowing how eager fans are waiting for new photos of the grown-up Archie, Duke of Sussex did not hide the child. The publication was signed simply: “a very Special first father’s Day.” And it clearly points to the fact that her initiator was Megan.

Shortly after the appearance of the photo the whole world began to wonder, who’s more like the Royal baby. Many confused that the photo was processed by the filter, which does not allow to consider the color of the skin, hair and eyes of the baby. The review suggested that Megan did it on purpose to hide the dark skin tone Archie. However, there were also those who considered the child’s face Harry. Although, to judge it too early, after all, even the Duke of Sussex in one of the interviews stated that appearance Archie is changing every day.

However, this is not all the news that came from Frogmore Cottage – home of Megan and Prince Harry. So, a few days ago it became known that the Duchess in the new nanny. But before she started to work, taught by previous bitter experience Megan forced the employee to sign a strict confidentiality contract. Now in the case of dismissal, the nurse will not be able to tell the media or anyone about what is happening in the house of the couple Sussex.

Recall that some time ago a previous employee immediately after the dismissal gave an interview in which he told how uncomfortable she was to work with the wife of Prince Harry. She complained about the unbearable nature of Markle and her desire to control everything around. The words fired the nanny, the Duchess every minute was there constantly discussed and criticized her actions, and unwilling to listen to advice.

[embedded content]

That is why, wanting to protect himself from another gossip, Megan and forced to sign a new nanny Archie contract. However, there is one for women and good news. It turns out that she doesn’t have to work at night, because at this time, the Duchess prefers to care for a child herself.


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Ekaterina Klimova is going through another divorce

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With her third husband Gela Meskhi actress was also unable to build the family fortune. Rumor has it, the husband was not happy with the excessive popularity of the couple and was jealous of the fact that she earns more.

That 41-year-old Ekaterina Klimova relationships with 33-year-old Gela Meskhi, there was talk in the society for a long time. Екатерина КлимоваAnd now the information is confirmed officially, on may 27th in Hamovnichesky court of Moscow the claim was submitted on divorce. Later, on 10 June, and their spouses were interviewed in court. And the meeting on the basis of the claim will, in about a month. At the same time and it is planned the solution of the question about who will live combines the daughter of actors — 3-year-old Bella. Екатерина Климова
Recall that all children of Ekaterina Klimova from previous husbands living with her. In addition to Bella, the actress has a daughter Elizabeth (17 years old) from Ilya Khoroshilov and two teenage sons from Ilya Petrenko — 10-year-old Korney and Matthew, who has reached the age of 12 years.
Екатерина Климова


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