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Appreciate the updated crossover Mitsubishi Outlander

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mitsubishi outlander

Mitsubishi outlander. В России Outlander доступен с тремя бензиновыми атмосферными двигателями. «Четвёрки» 2.0 (146 л.с., 196 Н•м) и 2.4 (167 л.с., 222 Н•м) агрегатируются вариатором, а трёхлитровая V-образная «шестёрка» (227 л.с., 291 Н•м) работает в паре с шестиступенчатым «автоматом».

In Russia, the Outlander is available with three petrol atmospheric motors. “Four” 2.0 (146 HP, 196 N•m) and 2.4 (167 HP, 222 N•m) is aggregated with a variator, and a three-liter V-shaped “six” (227 HP, 291 N•m) is paired with a six-speed “automatic”.

The buyer of a new midsize crossover for the 1.6–2.4 million rubles have plenty to choose from even not sparkling diversity of the Russian market. One of the most common options — Mitsubishi Outlander, and we study it a slightly updated version on the roads of Tomsk and the surrounding area. Modified bumpers, decorative door moldings, rims, and cars expensive, new spoiler. In the top configuration the headlights are fully led, the other the high beam remains halogen.

Promotional price — 1 439 000, but it starts with 1 639 000. For all-wheel drive crossover is asking for at least 1.8 million, and if the motor 2.4 — 2 070 000. The GT version with a V6 engine will cost 2.4 million.

To distinguish the updated interior, you must know what it was. The front seats provided more lateral support. All the Windows received an automatic mode, and the block is highlighted. Sorry, the motion of the glass feels like breathing door trim. Front USB connector is moved from the armrest to the base of the center console. Another port came from behind, along with personal air ducts. For older models of the prepared inlays, simulating carbon fiber, and the initial Inform and Invite settle for the black gloss.

Finishing materials are of medium quality. My classmates Outlander is the interior and more ergonomic and pleasant to the touch. Widely used in Mitsubishi black gloss collects scratches and fingerprints.

Outlander is not too friendly for tall drivers like me. The wheel want to lift higher and stronger pulling is okay. But with the growth of 190 cm I don’t have enough range of longitudinal adjustment of the chair! Instruments read normal, although the modes of the two-section switch button in the blind spot to the left of the steering wheel. To activate the heated windshield and steering wheel, reach down. Its rim is heated only in the area of the grip. Landing “a” worry about the roof, though the knees and feet are placed with the stock…

Multimedia system that adequately responds to the touch screen, supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some modifications include a rear view camera, devoid of a washer, with an outstanding picture quality.

The most marketable two-liter crossover on test drive not shown. I found the 146-HP version from a local dealer, even in this Outlander gives you a feeling of easy power shortage. It seems that he is not much inferior to the returns version 2.4, but all he is given more difficult: traffic lights and acceleration and a set speed with speed. Paying extra for a more powerful engine, you get a more solid product.

Makes Mitsubishi Outlander office in Russia: it accounts for 55% of sales of the brand. While the share of the two-litre version reaches 70% of Outlanders. Modifications to the engine 2.4 (pictured) attracted a quarter of the audience. And the three-liter GT is not more than five percent.

From the 167-strong polnoprivodniki. a light wheel with a recalibrated electric power steering, but from the first meters it is surprising responsive accelerator. The CVT quickly chooses an appropriate gear ratio, not allowing the motor to hang on a single note. 2.4 opportunities atmosfernika enough to join in a lively stream, overtaking on a country road are without nerves. Need to accelerate sharply — grab paddle shifters if provided by the package. Box and then react to them even faster than “automatic” Outlander GT.

The new bumpers did not affect the geometry. The angles of entry, exit and ramps is still equal to 21 degree centigrades. The claimed ground clearance — 215 mm.

Six-cylinder top model gives you great ease of acceleration, and by 5000 rpm enjoy a hybrid sound. But the principal gain in dynamics compared to the 2.4 does not. Passport acceleration to 100 km/h almost two seconds better (10.5 s versus 8.7), but the family crossover allows you to focus on this. Automatic, invisible on partial loads, takes a pause with every kickdown, so for intensive acceleration course is better to choose a lower. In General, if you ride safely, three-liter Outlander you don’t need.

Now all four-wheel drive versions put the button for Electromechanical Parking brake on the center tunnel. Button 4WD sequentially changing modes: Eco, Auto and Lock forced. The car with S-AWC all a little differently: AWC eco, Normal, Snow and Lock.

Spend the extra 330 thousand rubles for GT makes sense, if you are interested in an advanced all-wheel drive S-AWC. Compared with the standard transmission this is complemented by an electronically locking front differential firm GKN. Controller that is running other software polls the more sensors and uses the lock together with a selective braking of the wheels.

The chassis is not alien to the active drive and it is good energy on the bumpy road. To the brakes either version of questions arise: slowing dosed intuitive.

In civil regimes the influence of the S-AWC is not obvious, but is felt in the limit. Despite the heavy engine, me more interesting and easier to quickly on the pavement. In turn put more speed, the risk of demolition below. Journalistic tests suggest that the lock may instead force the Outlander plugit under the thrust. But in these conditions, the GT seemed to me the most driverscom…

Additional USB port for rear passengers appearing on the two-litre cars only in the two most expensive models. Crossovers with more powerful engines, it is included in the list of standard equipment.

The dampers retrofitted to the entire line of Outlander for a better ride in slow motion. However, small bumps on the chassis still harsh and medium shakes, although it does not cause discomfort. With increasing speed the shaking is not progressing, and the little things become invisible. The primer is comfortable to hold 60 km/h, only large pits are forced to withdraw suspension on the rebound with a characteristic roar.

The cargo Bay of the correct form hiding under the false panels glued to the floor of the organizer, which, according to the Japanese, don’t start to rattle with age. There is a spot under the shade. The spare tire is hanging from under the bumper.

In other situations, the crossover is quiet: noise isolation is another aspect of improvements in the restyling. In the city don’t bother studded Bridgestone tires, the dirt, the stones. Aerodynamic noise starts after 110 km/h. importantly, the improvement of riding comfort and optimization of the chassis touch all versions, so the Outlander forces to strengthen the already good position in the segment. By the end of September the Outlander entered the top three best-sellers with a score of 17 266 machines, losing high-end Toyota RAV4 six thousand units sold.

During a 300-kilometer mileage, the average fuel consumption of Outlander 2.4 to 11.5 l/100 km on the trip computer against 13.9 liters per hundred from a three-liter GT. While the V6 requires the “ninety-fifth”, in others you can pour AI-92.

It is still one of the longest vehicles in the class (although the wheelbase is mediocre), and V6 motors there is rare. But top model is a conditional demand, and “many bodies” in the case of a two-liter engine means a sluggish dynamics. For a family car it is important the hospitality of the cabin, and immediately comes to mind is not less capacious Kodiaq (sixth segment). And the Mazda CX-5 (fifth class) or Volkswagen Tiguan (second place) for comparable money encouraging a more modern and sophisticated interior.

Passport data

Model 2.0 2.4 3.0
Body type universal universal universal
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4695 4695 4695
Width, mm 1810 1810 1810
Height, mm 1703* 1703* 1703*
Wheelbase, mm 2670 2670 2670
Track front/rear mm 1540/1540 1540/1540 1540/1540
Curb weight, kg 1505 (1570)** 1585 1585
Full weight, kg 1985 (2060) 2210 2270
Trunk volume, l 591-1754 477-1640 477-1640
Type petrol petrol petrol
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row 6, V-shaped
Number of valves 16 16 24
Working volume, cm3 1998 2360 2998
Max. power, HP/rpm 146/6000 167/6000 227/6250
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 196/4200 222/4100 291/3750
Transmission CVT CVT automatic, six-speed
Drive front (plug-wheel) plug-in full plug-in full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk disk
Tires 215/70 R16 225/55 R18 225/55 R18
Ground clearance, mm 215 215 215
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 193 (188) 198 205
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 11,4 (12,0) 10,5 8,7
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 9,7 (9,8) 10 12,2
— extra-urban cycle 6,2 (6,6) 6,5 7,0
combined 7,5 (7,7) 7,8 8,9
Emissions Euro 4 Euro 4 Euro 4
Fuel tank capacity, l 60 60 60
Fuel AI-92 AI-92 AI-95
* With roof rails.
** In brackets-the data for version with all-wheel drive.


Based on Outlander 2012 lies streamlined Global Project platform: front — McPherson strut with double sub-frame, rear — mnogoryichazhka, the electric power steering is located on the shaft. Another update brought increased diameter of the shock absorbers for better damping at low speeds. Modified and stands are interchangeable with the former.

Control unit electric power steering recalibrated to get rid of excessive stiffness in the zero position acquired in the course of updates 2015. In addition, the enhanced sound insulation of the engine compartment and trunk.

Both inline 16-valve “Quartet” belong to the family of aluminum engines 4B1 with the timing chain, and also with a proprietary system variable valve timing and valve lift MIVEC intake/release. Developed in the framework of the project World Engine, with the participation of the companies of DaimlerChrysler and Hyundai engines Euro 4 with traditional distributed injection adapted to the use of gasoline AI-92.

Among the features include hydrotransportation V-belt CVT Jatco CVT8 — hydraulic control of the transmission ratio and reverse gear. Compared to the previous model reduced the number of valves, the power range is extended from 6.0 to 7.0, and friction losses are reduced by 40%.

Aluminum V-shaped “six” 6B31 with 60-degree collapse of the block debuted on the Outlander second generation in 2006. In the gas distribution mechanism which is driven by a belt, also applied to the MIVEC system. The current 230-strong version differs from the earlier different combustion chamber shape, other rods and increased from 9.5:1 to 10.5:1 compression ratio. In addition, the engineers added the EGR system, got rid of Moody intake manifold with variable geometry, installed new spark plugs. The generator is now more loaded when braking and at idle and less under acceleration and uniform motion. Euro-4 engine is paired only with a six-speed “automatic” INVECS-III from the previous Outlander.

From the four-cylinder versions of the 4×4 rear axle is driven through a multiplate clutch with electronic control. It is closed either automatically or manually in the Lock up to full lock. The system S-AWC (in the illustration) on machines with V6 supplemented with a front differential electronically firm GKN does not imply a rigid lock. Both varieties of transmission are supported stabilization system, selectively retarding wheel rotation.

Behind the scenes

In Siberia I had ever been before. Mid October in Tomsk and the Tomsk region is from two to seven Celsius and wind. I was surprised by the description of the city in Wikipedia, where Tomsk is called “the oldest scientific and innovation center with nine universities, fifteen research institutes, special economic zone of technical innovation type and six business incubators”. Do not read — do not guess. It seemed to me that the city is an unusually high number of wooden buildings. Pine nuts — gourmet business card. And most of all striking natural scale and freedom. Best of all, they felt on the banks of the Ob river and tributaries, where we stayed for podsjetnik.


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Family Ford Focus in Europe joined the wagon is Active Wagon

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ford focus
ford focus active
ford active focus wagon

Ford focus,Ford focus active,Ford focus active wagon. К стандартным режимам движения Normal, Sport и Eco у «активных» Фокусов добавлены Slippery для скользких покрытий (грязь, снег, лёд) и Trail, чтобы машина не зарывалась в песок. Проходимцам рекомендованы шины размерности 215/55 R17 либо 215/50 R18.

Konstantin Bolotov, 42 minutes ago. Photo: Ford

To standard driving modes Normal, Sport and Eco have “active” Magic added Slippery for slippery surfaces (mud, snow, ice) and the Trail to buried in the sand. Crooks recommended tire dimensions 215/55 215/50 R17 or R18.

All terrain Ford Focus hatchback Active was presented together with the standard Tricks of the fourth generation. Now he pulled up the station wagon terrain Wagon is Active, which brought about a little more detail at this series, imitating crossovers. Her first-born in 2016 became Active Fiesta, which gave to understand that “activity” is widely spread in the model lineup. However, the second came to light bug Ka+ Active, forced in the breadth to doubt. Now Focus suggests that the wave could easily roll to a Mondeo.

Rear independent mnogoryichazhka SLA (short long arm) of the Active specification is standard. Ferdowsi argue that the chassis of Assets endowed with unique springs, dampers and stabilizers. Ground clearance is increased by 30 mm front and 34 rear. All-wheel drive, of course not.

The interior should have a highlighted color plastic inserts on the front panel and doors. The seats are trimmed in cloth with blue stitching. Yet there is a special sills and floor mats. For entertainment meets media centre Sync 3 with an eight-inch display.

The choice of the Europeans will be offered petrol engines 1.0 EcoBoost (125 HP) and 1.5 (150 HP), diesel EcoBlue 1.5 (120 HP) and 2.0 (150), six-speed “mechanics” and vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”. All the Tricks are going Active in the German plant in Serlui and December will be available for order. When the “fourth” Ford Focus will get to Russia and in what form, is still unclear. Orientirueshsya for the first half of 2019.



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Renault is Carlos Ghosn, Thierry headed Bollore

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Konstantin Bolotov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Stephane De Sakutin/AFP, Yuriko Nakao/Bloomberg

Mr. Bollore 55 years. Career he in 1990 started the company Michelin where he worked until 2005. Then there was the firm Faurecia, where Thierry in 2012 moved to Renault for the post of Vice-President. In February 2018 (see photo) Bollore became chief operating officer Groupe Renault.

The Board of Directors of Renault, gathered yesterday evening for an emergency meeting, took action in connection with the arrest of Carlos Ghosn. The company found him “temporarily incapacitated”, but retained for the prisoner boss of all leadership positions, unlike the Nissan, instantly replace functionary with each managerial position. Acting CEO appointed Thierry Bollore the second person in Renault, which was considered the most likely successor of Gon.

Mitsubishi formally belongs to Nissan, so has behaved exactly like the parent company. The day of the arrest gon was “promptly removed” from the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors Mitsu. Command “diamonds” solo, Osamu Masuko not used to.

During the transition period (how long it will last, nobody knows) the Board Renault is lead independent Director of Philip LaHaye. It needs to regularly collect the Council to protect the interests of the company and sustainability of the Alliance. At the same time prenosniki decided to make a request to Nissan to be “based on principles of transparency, trust and mutual respect set out in the Charter of the Alliance” has provided all available information associated with the internal investigation regarding the Rut.

As CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn in February 2017 passed , Hiroto Saikawa that came in the Nissan a month after the end of the University of Tokyo in 1977. That is, 41 of the 65 years of his life, Hiroto dedicated to Nissan. “In addition to regret, I feel a big disappointment, discouragement, despair, anger and resentment,” said Saikawa about the arrest of a Rut.

The second main figure in the scandal (after the Rut) now becomes the chief of a Nissan Hiroto Saikawa. He was considered the favorite of Carlos, his protégée and “faithful Lieutenant” and now criticizes the arrested boss like no other. They say tension Saikaly a Rut lately reached the limit values. Hiroto opposes the merger of Renault and Nissan, which, according to Ghosn, would have made the Alliance “irreversible.” Sources Financial Times testify that if not for the arrest of Carlos, the merger would happen “within a few months.” Saikawa clearly wants to be the Nissan was out of the Alliance and gained full independence.

Meanwhile Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun revealed the circumstances of the arrest. Though Carlos did not know about any investigation and went to Japan for a meeting with the Governor of Tokyo. Gon was arrested late on Monday evening when I landed in Haneda airport, where it was waiting for prosecutors. Among other things, the case alleged, it appears the real estate, including residences in Lebanon and Brazil, which Nissan acquired for the suspect.


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On the Volvo stand in Los Angeles will not have automobiles

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Konstantin Bolotov, 11 minutes ago. Photo: Volvo

Free from the machinery space the Volvo will offer the public a range of interactive demonstrations. We will talk about such services as delivery of the goods in the trunk, a subscription to car, car sharing and Autonomous movement.

A provocative advertising campaign , “It’s not a phone” I got an explanation. Make Volvo announced that “no show” at an auto show in Los Angeles, which opens to the press on November 28. In the center of the stand will show off the inscription “This is not a car”. According to planner product strategy Maarten Lewenstam, Swedish brand, refusing to demonstrate the machines, will present his vision for the future of mobility. “Instead of the presentation of the concept car we’ll talk about the concept car. We do not receive the award for best car in show, but we have it on hand. Because it’s not a car show,” said the Manager.

Since the advent of the motor show the car has always been a Central element of the exhibition, but things are changing: industry, machinery, and expectations. Brand perception by consumers, according to Volvo, “is now more important than chrome, leather or horsepower”.

Volvo boss håkan Samuelsson develops the idea: “Our sector is changing. We no longer just build and sell cars and provide our customers with freedom of movement”. Note that recently the company has refused from participation in the international auto show, calling them “unsustainable”. Now Volvo seems to have resorted to guerrilla tactics and trying to ruin the exhibition from the inside. This is another level where shes pushing back. The Manifesto “This Is Not A Car” easily turns into “This Is Not A Volvo”, which, coupled with the well-known Chinese component is unlikely to increase positive brand perception.


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