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Apple “finished off” word Pro

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Source has published a very apt and witty note about how marketers devalue terms. Since the article is a complete work in the genre of the obituary, not devoid of artistic merit, instead of the usual retellings bring him entirely.

Pro (noun), the abbreviation for Professional: born in 1798, died in 2019, at the age of 221 years, after a long illness

We regret to inform you that the noun Pro, short for Professional (“professional”), died at the age of 221 years.

The word “professional”, meaning “one who earns a living”, was first recorded in the modern English language in 1798. It gained popularity in the early 20th century, but in recent decades, been subjected to almost continuous attack.

Along with the reduction Pro, full Professional for some time showed signs of poor health, but things are getting worse especially fast in the mid 2000-ies, the code is the word habitually and arbitrarily began to be added to the names of everything from computers and software to apps for smartphones and kitchen appliances. Even then it was hard to hold firmly, still keeping its original meaning the face of strong irregular applications, which would long ago have killed a less strong word.

But fate was destined. By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, it became clear that the word, originally created to describe someone who is paid for what he does, tortured, applying in the opposite sense: “what people have to pay more.”

When Apple added Pro to the name of its smartphone last month, etymologists warned friends of this word, that they were preparing for the worst.

Unfortunately, with the launch this week of Apple AirPods headphones Pro, the word has become meaningless and, as a consequence, dead. Killed by professional marketers.


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Apple «добила» слово Pro


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Join Apple’s Health Studies With New Research App

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Apple is launching three health studies in conjunction with its new Research app, available to download now from the App Store.

Enroll now to contribute to potentially groundbreaking medical discoveries: All you need is an iPhone or Apple Watch, a pulse, and, in one case, a menstrual cycle.

Conducted in partnership with Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the Women’s Health Study focuses on how women’s periods relate to their overall health.

In what Apple claims is the “first long-term study of this scale and scope,” the study will use iDevices to collect data like cycle tracking information, and use monthly surveys to understand each participant’s unique menstrual experience.

Sounds like a blast.

“Treating the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, such as heart rate or blood pressure, could lead to the earlier detection of many health conditions, both gynecological and systemic, as well as a better understanding of women’s reproductive health and health needs overall,” according to study researcher Shruthi Mahalingaiah, an assistant professor at Harvard Chan School.

“We are uniquely poised to translate this data into discovery that will lead to better awareness and empowerment around women’s health issues on a global scale,” she said in a statement.

The Research app only shares data when a user approves, and includes a detailed consent for each study that allows a user to control the type of data shared. (Photo Credit: Apple)

If the female reproductive system isn’t your thing, you can sign up for Apple’s Heart and Movement Study, which measures the quality and quantity of a person’s movement, or the Apple Hearing Study, set to explore how headphone usage and environmental sound exposure can impact hearing over time.

“In the past it’s been very difficult to quantify behavioral factors. With data from smartphones and wearable devices, we can eventually measure these factors unobtrusively over long periods of time,” analyst Jukka-Pekka Onnela, associate professor at Harvard Chan School, said. 

“This is scientifically incredibly exciting,” he continued. “And I believe that this research will enable more effective and more personalized interventions in the future.”

With regards to privacy, Apple emphasized the promise that user data will not be sold. You decide which studies to join and when to leave, and control what types of information are shared.

Studies must inform participants how their data supports the research.

“[This] marks an important moment as we embark on research initiatives that may offer incredible learnings in areas long sought after by the medical community,” Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said.

“Participants on the Research app,” he explained, “have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact that could lead to new discoveries and help millions lead healthier lives.”

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Apple lost in court and now will pay RED for the use of the ProRes format RAW

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Apple has failed in an attempt to challenge the patents owned by RED that describe compression methods the raw video. She tried to prove that the technology is patented and used in RED codec RedCode, was too obvious and therefore should not be protected by patent. The court rejected the claim, affirming the right RED to license a patented lossless compression manufacturers of cameras, software and accessories. Now Apple will have to pay a RED for using file format ProRes RAW.

Apple проиграла в суде, и теперь будет платить RED за использование формата ProRes RAW

According to RED’s patented technology allows you to compress files at a ratio of 22:1 and compression ratios up to 3:1 loss do not exist mathematically, and compression ratio to 8:1 they are invisible. Using compression raw video, not only can reduce the size of video files, but also to shoot in higher resolutions, keeping the file size within acceptable boundaries, which is useful for intensive cropping and splitting of the frame in post-processing.


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Apple Invites Veterans to Access Health Records on iPhone

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Apple is putting health records directly into veterans’ pockets.

The tech titan partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to give vets access to personal data on their iPhone.

Following a trial run with select patients this summer, all former military personnel who use iOS and receive care through the Veterans Health Administration now have entreé to a “fuller, more comprehensive picture” of their health.

Patients’ medical records are typically held in multiple locations, forcing people to log into various provider websites to manually piece together their data.

But what if those details were stored at your fingertips—accessible with the click of a button?

Apple’s Health Records feature debuted in beta early last year, with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cedars-Sinai, and Penn Medicine among the first participants.

“Helping veterans gain a better understanding of their health is our chance to show our gratitude for their service,” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said in a statement.

Health Records on iPhone brings together veterans’ hospitals, clinics, and existing information in one place. (Photo Credit: Apple)

“By working with the VA to offer Health Records on iPhone,” he continued, “we hope to help those who served have greater peace of mind that their health care is in good hands.”

The VA is the country’s largest medical system, providing service to more than 9 million veterans across 1,243 facilities—including hospitals and clinics.

This week, it joined Johns Hopkins, University of California San Diego, Quest Diagnostics, Allscripts, and 400 other healthcare provider organizations, laboratory networks, and electronic health records vendors to support Health Records on iPhone.

Vets can simply sign into their provider’s patient portal in the Health app to find details about allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, and vitals.

The platform regularly updates personal records, giving folks access to “a single, integrated snapshot of their health profile whenever they want, quickly and privately,” according to Apple.

All Health Records data—including sensitive, personal information—is encrypted and protected with the user’s iPhone passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

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