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An elongated Mercedes-Benz X hinted at the development of the model

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Mercedes x. Уточним: это не первый раз, когда длиннобазный пикап попадается на дорожных испытаниях. В прошлом году подобные образцы в камуфляже и без него фотошпионы тоже ловили. Январские снимки 2020-го — доказательство того, что проект не заброшен.

Leonid Popov, 59 minutes ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Update: it’s not the first time the long-wheelbase pickup truck comes in a road test. Last year similar patterns in camouflage, and without photospin also caught. Pictures of the January 2020 — evidence that the project is not abandoned.

Since last summer over the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz X-class hangs the threat of dismissal. Anyway, about the second generation no stutters. Although the current model, apparently, will not go to bed early (X-class is available from 2017). She tries to revive sales with new versions. One of them could be the long-wheelbase variation, which is the counterpart of the Nissan Navara, which is the source of the X-class.

The insert behind the cockpit in the test machine looks alien. In the final version should appear normal cargo Bay. While it is important to check how the car behaves with a long base. It inter alia affects the load distribution along the axes and the behavior of the rear suspension.

Last year there were rumors about the potential arrival of X-class in America, and more about adding to its range of V8 engine 4.0. Now such moves look unlikely, a lot of money in the model’s evolution, not enjoying a notable demand, the group will not invest. And still no change, the truck will not stay, in addition to a hypothetical version with a long base. So, according to the resource MBPassion in March 2020, the Germans will bring to the market “blackest black” X-class Black. The package will be combined with a top modification X 350 d 4Matic (diesel V6 3.0, 258 HP and 550 N•m). Recall that other engines of the model is a 2.3 diesel in two versions (163 HP, 403 nm and 190 PS, 450 N•m), plus a two-liter petrol with 166 forces (238 N•m) in some markets.


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Augmented: Toyota has launched the brand Kinto with cars subscription

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Leonid Popov, Konstantin Bolotov, 25 minutes ago. Photo: Toyota, Lexus. Illustration: Akira Toriyama

Global sales of cars are now close to a hundred million a year, and a number of signs that the long-predicted historical peak, followed by decline. To survive, automakers need to develop new forms of mobility and ownership of cars.

Toyota Motor Corp. has established a subsidiary company Kinto with headquarters in Nagoya and registered capital of 1.8 billion yen. It will offer in the domestic market a new service: the ownership of the car on the subscription (the high-sounding talk about “a new relationship between car and person”). According to the General plan resembles the system recently implemented a subscription model at Polestar, though differing in detail. Shares Kinto 66.6% owned by Toyota Financial Services (is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota), and by 33.4% — Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company.

At the time of the start of the program service Kinto One will offer to drive one of the five models of Toyota: Prius, Corolla Sport, Alphard and Vellfire, plus Crown.

The service is divided into two branches — Kinto Kinto One and Select. In One, the customer can choose one of the car brands Toyota and get it into the possession in 36 months with a monthly payment instead of the traditional shopping. Something like leasing, only a subscription is already included insurance premiums, vehicle tax, registration fees, and even regularly scheduled maintenance. In General, pour petrol and ride. Example of prices: 49 788-59 832 yen per month (including taxes) for the Prius. It is at the current rate is equivalent to 29 600-35 600 rubles. And almost five-meter Crown will require 97 200-106 920 yen (the variation depends on the configuration and options).

Service Kinto Select are generally similar. It also offers car ownership within 36 months, only offered at Lexus. The subscription price for all machines, one fixed — 194 400 yen (115 750 rubles) per month, including taxes. There is another difference from program One: in the Select client every six months to change the selected model to another, that is, for three years to try everything offered at the moment.

Service Kinto Select will begin the sixth of February 2019, and Kinto One the first of March. Initially, the entire project will start in Tokyo and its vicinity on the basis of a number of selected dealers (applications may also be made through the website Kinto). And since the summer of 2019, the program will expand to all of Japan. In addition, the fall will increase the number of models offered by subscription.


A year after the successful launch in Japan, Toyota has announced the launch of Kinto in Europe. Curators of the brand appointed two “daughters”: TFM (Toyota Fleet Mobility) with offices in Cologne and TCE (Toyota Connected Europe) based in London. In the first stage they will offer four types of services in some EU countries.

The brand name comes from the Japanese word Kintoun is a yellow cloud, which fly characters anime Saga Dragon Ball. “As Kintoun, service Kinto wants to be available whenever the customer is looking for simple and smart ways to travel anytime, anywhere,” explains Toyota.

Kinto is One of Lizing the principle of “all inclusive” (with a monthly payment that covers services and insurance), Kinto Share — car sharing hybrids, Kinto Join — group use of vehicle (carpooling) employees of the same organization, Kinto Flex — leasing subscription with flexible terms and premium level. The appearance of Kinto in Russia is open to question, but in 2019 it has earned a firm “Toyota Lease”, making the first steps in that direction.


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Porsche 911 GT3 flashed in Taikang

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Porsche 911,Porsche 911 gt3. Быстрый атмосферный монстр (синее купе на втором ярусе) появляется в кадре на несколько секунд как камео, мгновенно распознанное фанатами бренда. Обратите внимание на сочетание «утиного хвостика» и высоко поднятого антикрыла.

Leonid Popov, 17 hours ago. Photo: Porsche

Quick atmospheric monster (blue coupe on the second floor) appears in the frame for a few seconds as a cameo, instantly recognized by fans of the brand. Note a combination of “duck-tail” and raised wing.

This year, the family of the Porsche 911 series 992 replenished with several new versions and modifications. The next debutants — brothers 911 Turbo and Turbo S, will follow the 911 Targa and 911 Sport Classic. One of the most anticipated newcomers — the Porsche 911 GT3. And it lit up without any disguise in the promotional video, filmed for the super bowl-2020 American football.

[embedded content]

In fact, a humorous video about a car chase from the Porsche Museum dedicated to Taikang, who “kidnap you.” But the most valuable glimpse at the forty-fifth second of the sports car.

The upgraded coupe will get aspirated 4.0, which first appeared on the Speedster series 991. There motor with individual throttles for each cylinder and particulate filters develops 510 HP and 470 N•m. in relation to the 992 GT3 you can rely on these indicators. From predecessor had 500 forces and 460 N•m. will Remain a choice between “mechanics” and “robot”, as well as track performance and Touring without the wing. Of course, in the future, the family 911 (series 992) replenished even more extreme GT3 RS and GT2/GT2 RS, but to predict their output yet.


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Family Fiat Tipo enriched equipment package due to the More

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Fiat tipo. Приставку More получили сразу все комплектации Tipo: Street, Mirror, Lounge, S-Design, Sport. По идее, богатые исполнения сделаются спортивнее, а остальные — технологичнее, безопаснее и комфортнее.

Konstantin Bolotov, 11 hours ago. Photo: FIAT

The console received More all of the picking type: Street, Mirror, Lounge, S-Design, Sport. The idea is that the rich design will become sportier, and the others — smarter, safer and more comfortable.

Hatchback, sedan and station wagon , the Fiat Tipo is now available in Europe with a package More, which, true to the name, offers more equipment for less money. Innovation “guarantees the customer a financial advantage of up to 50%”. Thus, the base Tipo Street More bummed UConnect media centre with five-inch touchscreen and a leather multifunction steering wheel. Tipo Mirror More got climate control, rear Parking sensors and tinted Windows. The latest available version of the Tipo Lounge More along with xenon headlamps and a security system. Picking Sport and S-Design complemented by contrasting black roof and 18-inch two-tone wheels Mopar Sport.

The most affordable in the lineup Tipo is More cityradio — 16 300-18 800 euros (1,12–1,29 million). The hatch is estimated at 17 550-23 050 (of 1.21–1.59 million), universal — 18 800-22 550 (of 1.29–1.55 million).

In December, European sales Tipo grew by 65.2%, and the share in the segment was 2.5% (+0.2%), family showcases the best monthly performances outside of Italy. However, the number implemented in 2019, of machinery is not called. By rough estimates would be about 80 000, against 102 341 PCs in 2018, so, package More coined not from a good life, as the range of C-Series from Citroen or Lada Club.


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