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Alexander Oblasov decided not to cheat on his wife and went to his mistress

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With age, hormonal changes person. Often it helps to slow down the process of metabolism and cause significant weight gain. Eating habitually, we gain pounds, waist is growing and expanding by leaps and bounds. To stay in shape, we need to apply a large amount of effort, exercise, change diet and lifestyle.
Not all of us can do it for a number of reasons. Someone does not have enough time on my own, someone lacks the willpower. Celebrities are no exception. Star status does not guarantee a beautiful appearance always, celebrities are exactly the same fattening, as we all do. Some sneaked its slimness through the years, and someone turns into fatties and fatties. It was such plump stars and focus of this article.

Anna Semenovich

The former soloist of the “Brilliant” significantly recovered in recent years.


Its shape is certainly attractive and sexy, but the extra weight clearly evident.


And the photo, put the singer in Instagram, the picture is different for the better. S. is often accused of editing photos. She became one of the heroines of our article “Victims” of Photoshop. Inept handling of images of Russian stars leads to comic situations”.

Matt Damon

The famous “Jason Bourne” in recent years, obviously not in form.


If you compare Hollywood handsome at a younger age and see the recent photos the difference is more than obvious.


Sergei Zhukov

The leader of group “Hands up” never suffered excessive thinness, even in their younger years could boast lovely cheeks.


But now, when the idol of the 90s is forty-third year, he’s clearly recovered and is overweight.

полные 13

Critical, of course, there is nothing, but going to the gym obviously would have gone to Sergei good.

Aishwarya Rai

Indian model and actress won the prestigious contest “Miss World” in 1994 year.


Since then she has actively acted in films, doing charity work. Even Aishwarya got married and had a daughter named Aaradhya. The years gained celebrity many extra pounds.



From slender brunettes (or blonde wig) times of the cabaret Duo “Academy”


Lolita has evolved in a rather heavyset woman who is clearly not averse to eat.


The singer did not complex about the extra pounds, easily photographed in tight outfits.

Britney Spears

This girl broke into the world’s charts with remarkable vigor and power. Hit after hit was making a young American singer famous all over the world.


But unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol, drugs destroy not only the stars of rock-n-roll. Talented pop-artists, too, are susceptible to their malign influence. Year after year, Britney was losing form, until he turned into a real fatty.


Fortunately, at present she “got wise” and the practice of sports and healthy lifestyle. Below – a picture from the concert, Spears held last summer. Much better, way to go, Britney!


Eva Polna

At the old pictures from the 90’s we see a slim and attractive blonde, singer of the huge hit of the time “Run to me”.


Unfortunately, the years have not spared the figure of the singer. She was very stout and pokrasnela, gained at least twenty extra pounds.


Eva has been trying various methods of weight loss, sits on trendy diets, but so far tangible results was not achieved.


Matthew Perry

The star of the show “Friends” has significantly recovered since his early youth.


His slender figure was buried under a layer of excess fat. Oval face explode and looks not so pretty as it was before.


Brendan Fraser

Another Hollywood actor, passed a way from the perfect figure early in his career


to grown heavy guy looking forward to the simulators.


Steven Seagal

Action hero was also not alien to the fullness.


Here’s what it looked like in the nineties. These years, the peak of her acting career, Stephen famously used to destroy the enemies on TV and was in great shape. Now about the slim figure of those years we can only remember with nostalgia.


Christina Aguilera

American singer a few years ago was the owner of a perfect figure, without a drop of excess weight.


But now, several years passed, and they brought the star of the world pop scene extra weight. Exterior Aguilera is now significantly different from the pattern of previous years.


The compendium is intended primarily to show that Hollywood and Russian stars are not just celestial or beautiful elves with a perfect figure. They are exactly the same as we gain weight, struggle with it, but it doesn’t always work. Good luck to all us in the struggle for harmony and beauty!

And finally, we offer you to watch a video of the band “Guests from the future”, written in the days when Eva Polna was much slimmer than now. The beautiful, rhythmic song you can dance well and to burn off some calories!


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Gwyneth Paltrow defended the busts of women over 40 after unflattering review of a young person

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The actress is actively communicating with users in social networks. And likes to Express their opinion when something does not agree.

Гвинет Пэлтроу
Not so long ago on Twitter a young lady bragged about his bust, saying she’s 21 now, so she is just the best time to show all its charms. And while she doesn’t “turn 40 and her Breasts are not sagging”, I advise all haters to “pull up to my turtleneck (not to watch) and leave all the unflattering comments about her appearance to yourself.”

This attack did not leave without attention to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, which, incidentally, has already turned 46 years old. She replied with sarcasm that ” in 40 years, the Breasts can still be a hoo!” and asked the young girl not to forget about it.Гвинет Пэлтроу


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News. During the interview with Sobchak Svetlakov released her hard-hitting jokes


The hero of the new edition of the author’s show on channel Xenia was Sergei Svetlakov. The presenter asked a lot of questions about his work and earnings, sometimes going beyond what is permitted. In response, the producer and showman was released to address Sobchak hard-hitting jokes.

So Sergei told honestly that went with the TNT because it does not see its further development in the team. At the time of expiration of the contract with channel salary Svetlakov was 400 – 500 thousand dollars a year. He noted that earnings were good, but the management of STS, OOO offered him an attractive prospect.

Today Sergey is the main face of the channel. He leads the show “Thank God you came!”, and also engaged in the development and launch of the series and developing other projects “STS”. The man is so busy with interesting work that was almost entirely from conducting corporate events. While working on TNT to earn this way he often had.

During the interview, Sobchak said that Kenny g has long moved away from the image of simple-minded men from the area who loves to drink beer. She unashamedly looked to see what brand the jacket is a showman, appreciated his watch and well done manicure and asked whether Sergey, who calls himself a homophobic latent homosexual representative.

In response, he launched into a tirade. He said that Sobchak is not growing as a journalist. According to Svetlakov, she sat 10 years ago around the campfire, roasting potatoes, and has remained there since. Sobchak acute joke. True the next, when Sergei asked her to eat horse meat in the restaurant, a little offended.

[embedded content]​

In the best traditions of PR and show of this format, Sobchak was not cut from the transfer nor his poignant questions, but no less sharp jokes Svetlakov.


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News. Natasha Koroleva admitted that behind my husband eats cakes

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Spouse Natalia Koroleva after meeting with the artist tries himself in different roles on stage and in business. The man starred in the TV series and movies, and touring with a theatrical troupe and author of the show, he also has a business and fitness club.

Natalia helps to promote spouse his offspring. For his part he acts for his wife and their son Arkhip personal trainer. Videos with exercises and a singer, and her husband often published online. However, Natalia is not such an obedient student. It does not always adhere to proper nutrition and have a sweet tooth. Often the woman does it in secret from her husband, while he’s not around.

One such video, the actress has published in his own instagram account. Laughing, she called the eating of the cake of your special diet.

Recall that in marriage with Sergei, Natalia is from 2003. Their relationship began much earlier, and a year before the official painting of the couple had a son. Sergei the artist met at one of the strip clubs of the capital. Initially, fans of the singer doubted that the Union would prove durable. However, time proved the opposite, couple happy in marriage.


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