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Add gloss in the updated Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Prices start from 2,93 million rubles for petrol version P200. Initial D150 diesel is more expensive at 9,000, and D180 is 3 038 000. The most powerful Disco Sport with petrol “four” power of 249 HP will cost not less than 3 463 000.

Remember the shock when the basic Land Rover Discovery Sport has stepped over two million in the course of the crisis? So many to change generations worth of top-end Freelander HSE. Now raise your eyes a little higher — now the most democratic Sport after the upgrade worth a thousand rubles more “second” Ewok, which divides the architecture of the PTA. For Disco, originally equipped rear memorycache, moving to a new platform did not bring equally radical changes to the chassis like the baby of the Range, so that the internal code model L550 saved.

[embedded content]

The surroundings of Barcelona, with intricate mountain paths and highways are better suited to test-drive cars. But was rescued by the landfill Land Rover Experience, where fully managed test-high quality crossover.

Meanwhile, all the European versions are moderately hybrid, with the exception of the simplest diesel D150 (hereinafter, numbers mean power) with the “mechanics” and monodrive. The starter-generator are connected by a 48-volt network with a separate lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 0.2 kW•h In Russia it will ship modifications hybrid without encumbrances with the familiar two-liter engine family Ingenium. We will only see polnoprivodnyj with a nine-storyed “automatic” ZF, including a 240-strong diesel. Available for Ewok trehsharnirnye petrol turbo on Sport bet.

Factory warranty three years or 100 000 km mileage. The service interval is the same for petrol and diesel cars: 13 000 km Extended warranty available, and service package for five years or 120 000 km allows to save on maintenance.

External changes are limited to new headlights and bumpers. Dimensions shifted within the error. The perimeter of the body can still be covered by the zone of unpainted plastic, but the orange machine in the illustrations is decorated with impractical body kit R-Dynamic. Covering thresholds for doors — significantly redesigned interior. Unlike the Ewok and Velara there’s only one screen on the center console. But physical buttons are almost gone: climate control and some secondary functions assigned to a glossy touch panel and two multifunctional knobs.

The concept has changed: the management of support functions was primarily sensory. Washer selector “machine” lost to space lever.

The interior is still trimmed in supple, slightly rough to the touch polymer. Skin smooth or slightly rough — it differs from version to version. The whole interior is subjective has risen due to the fact that glossy surfaces replaced the simple plastic. But during operation dust and scratches, most likely, will restore the status quo.

Adjust the back of the sofa for length and backrest angle are now included in the list of basic equipment. Even passengers with a growth of 185 cm are satisfied with the position and space. In the right picture the most comfortable chairs for 131 of 200 rubles.

The convenience of landing at the wheel depends on the choice of chairs. Pedophobia combined covering of leatherette and faux suede low pressure to my lower back some cushion. A colleague with a height 185 cm — under the blade. The profile of the most expensive leather seats completely satisfied. In addition, they allow you to adjust the lateral support and ventilated.

As follows from the video, visibility is not without drawbacks, and an optional monitor in the rear view mirror is more of a toy. Peripheral vision it will not hook, the angle of the head rotation will not change. But it may be useful to a broader scope of camera: 50 degree vs 25, which covers the normal reflection.

Tandem camera resolution is 1.7 MP resolution and built-in mirror display 1600×320 800 is 19. Increased viewing angle is impaired by the need to refocus every time you glance.

Life of rear seat DirectLOGIC time has not changed. Saved the correct geometry of planting, the stock of space in the legs and overhead, and overhead handle, which we lack in the platform the Ewok. The third man on the second row is possible, but the shape and development of the Central tunnel will not allow to relax. Third row — especially children.

The arm of the sofa is too small and therefore uncomfortable, shallow Cup holders do not keep the container. As an option, available heated and primitive climate control. By default, only the rear socket for 12 V and USB connectors and close the third row need to pay.

In three pieces the back of the sofa allows you to carry long cargo, saving four seats. The geometry of the cargo compartment is good, the edges provides a loop for fixing cargo elastic nets. There is a choice between tokatkoy and full size spare wheel.

Performance petrol P250 unimpressive. The turbo engine responds to accelerator movements with a decent delay, the Sport is gaining momentum smoothly, almost sedately. Microhybrid participation is felt only in the system operation start/stop: the engine starts muted softer than, for example, the Ewok with the same engine and a regular starter in the Russian specifications.

The body has increased by eight millimeters in length (4597) and three high (1727). Curb weight increased by 64-93 kg depending on the modification. In all the illustrations of the wheel maximum diameter of 21 inches, and the “base” 17-inch.

New steering wheel is convenient, though by today’s standards, fully heated rim thin and the diameter large. The touch pad on the spokes are nice, but not particularly comfortable.

The diesel version of the D240 is also not happy. I distinctly remember how unexpectedly fun accelerated pre-reform Sport with the base 150-horsepower diesel engine. In test after restyling by 90 more and the good bit. At the stated capacity, he is clearly not going. But during normal movement of the powertrain is almost bugged in the cabin, and give voice only when the active dispersal. Over the soundproofing apparently worked: even at high speed, the internal noise level is small.

Multimedia Touch Pro with a touch screen diagonal of 10.25 inches — standard equipment. Works more bright, than where a single CPU is dragging three displays. The interfaces support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto should pay 13 200 rubles.

The key became more angular. It recognizes the sensors are located only in the front doors. For induction charging for the smartphone in the lower part of the centre console please 8200 rubles.

Ride leaves ambiguous impression. On the one hand, Sport is attentive to detail, notes the transverse joints, pits with sharp edges and slightly shakes on short wave. On the other — cleverly smoothes long and significantly DAMPS the large marriage. Even the gravel path moving with decent comfort, if the move is high. Energy intensity in the normal range. Only when fast down with big bumps, the shock absorbers previously, and loud thumps on the limit of retreat. Unpleasant.

Ride on gravel road decent. Speed limiter is not the suspension and low-profile tires Pirelli Scorpion Zero, which are easy to damage.

Virtual scale on the HD-screen diagonal of 12.3 inches — option 49 800 rubles. Design and set information can be changed. “In the base” Sport is equipped with analog devices. Terrain Response system 2 controls the right knob on the climate control after pressing the appropriate button.

The wheel makes only two and a quarter turns from lock to lock, with a clear zero position. The increase in stabilizing force when turning the steering wheel and pronounced, but he lacks a bit of naturalness. Updated Sport changes the course of the pre-reform alive, but in the limit as tends to straighten the trajectory. If you just lay the arc abruptly, the electronics bites down loaded the front wheel, anticipating the drift. In automatic mode Terrain Response 2 does not allow disable the system of stabilization, and other programs allow it to dull. But the last word always behind it for safety.

The black roof will have to pay 33 400, the panoramic will cost 99 600. “Metallica” is estimated at 59 500, but a range of colors like red, Orange Namib is 88 700.

“Transparent hood” feature of the system of circular review, 53 800 rubles. Works up to 30 km/h with a noticeable delay. The rear camera is equipped with a washer.

The roads — a real attraction. Sport knows more than me. Skillfully climbing up hills on off-road cruise control, gently rolls down under the supervision of assistant descent. Imitation locks convincing. Geometry during the restyling almost not changed: the angle of entry has grown a bit, Congress declined half a degree increased angle of the ramp. The claimed ground clearance (212 mm) and fording depth (600mm) remains the same. We know that off-road Land Rover rides better than my classmates, but it has not led to market success.

Off-road cruise control operates at speeds up to 30 km/h With the help of the crossover moves on deftly sprinkled with sand hills with virtually no wheelspin. But heavy soils we have not tested the electronics. The stated angles of ascent and descent — 45º.

In its segment, Discovery Sport is the second tier: 633 cars sold in the first half of 2019 — so-so result. Yes, Sport twice as successful British relatives, however, the Germans coupled with the Lexus NX unattainable. Their sales for the same period number in the thousands. Even the Volvo XC60 found nearly a thousand buyers. Restyled slightly to revive interest in the little land Rover, but at first glance does not change the overall balance of forces.

Passport data

Land Rover Discovery Sport P200 (P249)* D150 (D180)
Body type universal universal
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4597 4597
Width, mm 2069 2069
Height, mm 1727 1727
Wheelbase, mm 2741 2741
Track front/rear mm 1626/1632 1626/1632
Curb weight, kg 1794 (1832) [1872 (1910)]** 1841 [1921]
Full weight, kg 2550 [2700] 2590 [2750]
Trunk volume, l 897-1794 [157-1651] 897-1794 [157-1651]
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging turbo
Location front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1997 1999
Max. power, HP/rpm 200/5500 (240/5500) 150/4000 (180/4000)
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 320/1250–4500 (365/1400–4500) 380/1750-2500 (430/1500–3000)
Transmission automatic, nine – automatic, nine –
Drive full full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Tires 225/65 R17 (235/60 R18) 225/65 R17 (235/60 R18)
Ground clearance, mm 212 212
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 207 (225) [206 (224)] 190 (202) [188 (201)]
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, with 9,0 (7,6) [9,2 (7,8)] 11,4 (9,7) [11,8 (10,1)]
Fuel consumption combined cycle, l/100 km 8,0 (8,0) [8,1 (8,2)] 5,6 (5,8) [5,8 (5,9)]
Fuel tank capacity, l 67 65
Fuel AI-92–98 diesel fuel
* In parentheses are data of more powerful versions.
** In brackets the data modifications with a seven-seater salon.


Maintaining factory code L550, updated Discovery Sport after the Ewok the second generation (L551) moved to the platform PTA (Premium Transverse Architecture). Essentially it is an upgraded “cart” D8 (derived from Ford’s EUCD), which was built pre-reform Discovery Sport. All versions for the European market with automatic transmissions have become moderate hybrid MHEV.

Front — McPherson strut with a larger throat levers and rear mnogoryichazhka used branded with a small “integral” link between one of the transverse rods and the fist. Optional adaptive dampers change their parameters every 10 MS. All-wheel drive system Active Driveline, flexibly redistribute the traction between the axles and fully disconnecting rear axle for good coverage, goes well only with a diesel engine capacity of 240 forces, which Russia will not. Improved Terrain Response system 2, which received the automatic mode.

The superstructure is predominantly steel. Increased proportion high strength and extra high strength alloys. The body has a 13% stiffer, and reinforced subframes, among other things, are designed to reduce noise and vibration.

Petrol and diesel “four” family Ingenium is equipped with balancer shafts, driven by electronics water pump, circulators, phase shifters and direct fuel injection. However, here are applied is not the most expensive solenoid injectors Bosch, the performance of which is usually lower than the piezo. The fuel rail pressure diesel is 1800 bar, and the vanes in the turbocharger change the geometry of the working apparatus. Modular engines are combined with a nine-storyed “automatic” ZF, reconfigured to a more smooth motion and has active larger throat. Announced and plug-in hybrid with three-cylinder petrol engine, but the timing of its release is not yet announced.

Behind the scenes

Spent the night at the hotel La Florida, located on mount Tibidabo with spectacular views over Barcelona. Next loomed the tower of Collserola, designed by architect Norman foster and officially open just in time for the start of the Olympic games in 1992. The restaurant at the local landfill Land Rover Experience showed not only a curious collection of miniature rally trucks, including the KAMAZ, but also vintage dirtbikes. Colleague Mike Tatarici demonstrated mastery of action camera. I once again noted British attention to detail: please rate colored fastener license plate.


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The hatchback Maruti Suzuki S-Presso will kozyrnesh cheap

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Konstantin Bolotov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Maruti Suzuki

Length, width, height — 3665×1520×1549 mm wheelbase — 2380, ground clearance — 160 mm. Curb weight varies within 726-767 kg, total — 1170 lbs. the dimension of the tire: 145/80 R13, 165/70 R14. “Very aggressive and bold styling” — admires the Indian press.

The premiere of the hatchback Maruti Suzuki S-Presso will be held in India on September 30, however, the local media is already fully declassified new model. The concept of Future-S binds her appearance except that the color of the body. The power unit is taken from the larger piatigorski Celerio: diesel “Troika” 1.0 (68 HP, 90 N•m) mated with five-speed “mechanics” and “robot” with one clutch. Expected price range — from 330 000 to 450 000 rupees (299-407 thousand rubles).

This is designed for five riders saloon in top configuration VXi+ (there will be nine). Digital speedometer, media center with seven-inch display, air conditioning — all fit on the center console. “Round” design was proposed by Future concept-S.

[embedded content]

The company Maruti Suzuki claims to have developed and built S-Presso directly in India without assistance. Video from the first frame explains: “Mini SUV” stole the name from a coffee beverage to please the target youth audience.

Apparently, the basic package will include STD driver air bag, ABS, rear Parking sensors. Power steering and air conditioning will appear in the following variations of LXi. Performance VXi will offer Keyless entry, audio system SmartPlay and so on. The main competitor of S-Presso will be the Renault Kwid, which will soon be updated on the patterns of electric City K-ZE. While renosky hatch is longer by 14 mm (3679) and cheaper (from 276 000 rupees), and the engines are the same, dead (54 and 68 HP).


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Crossover Jeep Cherokee will go to the service because of the “automatic”

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Jeep cherokee. Как обычно, список VIN-кодов автомобилей, попавших под данную кампанию, можно скачать, пройдя на соответствующую страницу Росстандарта.

Leonid Popov, 37 minutes ago. Photo: Jeep

As usual, a list of VIN codes of the vehicles falling under this campaign, you can download, go to the relevant pageof Rosstandart.

The sudden loss of traction on the drive wheels is fraught with complications on the road. The cause is “sticky clutch”, leading to spontaneous transition the transmission to neutral while driving. To avoid this from happening, you need to reprogram the ECU “automatic” on 65 instances of the SUV Jeep Cherokee from the number sold in Russia from March 2014 to present.

Model Cherokee the last time Russia was invited to the service just a month ago — due to a problem with ERA-GLONASS. In the summer of 2018 Cherokee, along with several other Jeeps demanded re-programming of the cruise control, which refused to shut down. A year earlier replacement soft asked control unit transmission: had problems with her switching.

The Russian review — an echo of a larger campaign carried out now in North America. There is incorrect operation of the clutch and the uncontrollable transition is in the neutral position called for repairs more than 100,000 Cherokee. According to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, there was no reports of injuries or deaths as a result of this defect. This is not the first time the machine is “buggy machine”. In 2018 in the United States spoke of 86 000 copies of the Cherokee due to improper calibration of the powertrain control module. They led to sudden stops of the machine. Solved the problem of “fill” of new software.


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SUV Honda Breeze turned out to be a clone of the model CR-V

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Honda breeze. Breeze длиннее CR-V на 49 мм (4634), остальные размеры идентичны. Внешне новичок отличается от исходника формами светодиодной оптики, дизайном решётки и бамперов.

Konstantin Bolotov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Honda

Breeze is longer than the CR-V 49 mm (4634), the other dimensions are identical. Externally, the newcomer different from the original forms led optics, grille design and bumpers.

The joint venture GAC Honda unveiled in China a “new” model Breeze. It is a turned copy of crossover CR-V, which in China produced another joint venture — Dongfeng Honda. Powertrain taken from the original without any changes: version Sport Turbo features a turboservice 1.5 (193 HP, 243 N•m) with the CVT Sport Hybrid get install i-MMD (215 HP, 315 N•m).

Note, this is not the first time when Honda’s SP divide the model into two. Similar happened with the SUV the HR-V. Meanwhile, in America, crossover Pilot turned in a Passport.

Security system Honda Sensing could be “in the database”, but it is the prerogative of expensive versions. But Breeze the first in the lineup got optional mediabutton Honda Connect second generation. Officially reported that the initial price Breeze $ 180,000 yuan (1.62 million rubles), while the base CR-V is 169 800 (1.53 million). The start of sales will be announced at the auto show in Guangzhou, which will open to the public on November 22.


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