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About you / Rest. Black Friday in 2018: when to start buying everything in sight?

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Most shopaholics are interested in the question, when is Black Friday in 2018 in Russia, when starts and when ends. We will try to respond in detail to all these questions.

When will

Model American sales in Russia will begin on 22 November at 19:00 and will end on 25 November at 23:59. Therefore, very soon, those on a budget can enjoy huge discounts, which sometimes reach even 90%. For three days you can stock up on cheap clothes, shoes, appliances, the list is huge.

In addition, this action applies to many services, for example, you can buy a cheap ticket abroad and to visit places which had long dreamed of, but could not afford it.

Oddly enough, Black Friday in 2018 in Russia will begin on Thursday, and although the most worthwhile and popular items will fly on this day. The main day of the sale will be Friday.

Some people are waiting for this moment to purchase an expensive thing affordable, others are simply buying the entire product to then resell it at a higher price.

Most often, the sale of shopping centers is accompanied by a large crowd and crush, sometimes there is fighting, there are injuries and strokes. This is one reason why the sale is called Black Friday. According to other sources, this name was because, usually the accountant, summarizing the balance sheet, write losses in red ink and profit in black.

For some people, a great sale, it’s not a chance to save, and the ability to have fun. In America, for example, these days in the shops you can see many famous people and even millionaires. In the CIS countries everything is much easier here, people mostly prefer to make purchases online.

The rules of Black Friday

23 November 2018 will begin the massive sale, some shops open early, and others do prefer to work around the clock.

In Russia this tradition has appeared recently, so many stores are trying these days to sell stale goods, to advertise themselves and collect information about customers ‘ demand.

We recommend a few tips that will help not to get lost in such variety of goods:

  1. Pre-register on the online stores that will participate in the sale. In response come the registry of the best deals.
  2. Make yourself a list of products that you need and try not to go beyond it.
  3. A few days before Black Friday, check prices on items in shops, because some unscrupulous sellers state that the products discounts and in fact the price remains the same.
  4. To make purchases in the first hours of sales, is a choice.
  5. First you make large purchases, and then proceed to detail.


And, of course, it is better to come on sale on Friday, because this day will be the hottest deals.

What stores participate in Moscow

Introducing the large shopping complexes of the capital, which will participate in Black Friday:

  1. “Afimall city” – more than 200 tenants of this center said the expected discounts from 40 to 80%. Cheap the menu also awaits guests in many restaurants.
  2. Chain stores shopping malls Vegas Crocus City Kashirskoye promise to lower prices on many brands up to 70%.
  3. TRTS “European” announced discounts on merchandise from 30 to 50%.
  4. Shopping center Okhotny Ryad, metropolis, Fleet, Children’s world, Savelovskaya promise to surprise guests with unusual offerings.

To the Grand sale also connect the following stores in Moscow:

  • Concept;
  • Club;
  • Kapricca;
  • Alba;
  • Koza de Reza;
  • Lawine;
  • Domalina;
  • Mr Dom.

Black Friday for many stores, this is a great opportunity to present themselves to buyers, to show his reliability and loyalty.

I wonder: What day is Mother’s Day in 2018?

A list of stores of the participants throughout Russia

In order to know what to buy and where, represent the largest stores participating in the big sale that are in almost all cities of Russia.


  • Auchan;
  • Metro;
  • The intersection.

Home and garden:

  • OBI;
  • K-RAUTA.


  • Media Markt;
  • Player-ru;
  • Hardware;
  • Technopark;
  • Citylink;
  • Panasonic;
  • Tefal;
  • Moulinex;


  • Messenger;
  • NOKIA;
  • Samsung;
  • Microsoft;
  • TELE2;
  • honor.

Sporting goods:

  • Sportmaster;
  • Reebok;
  • adidas;
  • NIKE;
  • KANT.

Clothing and shoes:

  • OSTIN;
  • Timberland;
  • BAON;
  • lamoda;
  • Econika;
  • Wild Orchid.

Jewelry and watches:

  • The sky with diamonds;
  • EPL;
  • 585;


  • NYX

Baby products:

  • Picollino;
  • mamka;
  • Helptomama;
  • Happy Step;
  • Acodia;
  • Dochki-synochki.

Books gifts:

  • Republic;
  • OZON.RU;


  • OZON Travel;

Here you can buy everything your heart desires at the most competitive prices.

Discount in online stores



Sale on Aliexpress will start November 23 at 10:00 Moscow time and will end at 11:59 on November 26. All goods will be offered discounts of 90%, however, these prices are only possible on the first day. They are available to only a few hundred people, the latecomers will get the goods with 50% discount.

To not fall for the tricks of unscrupulous sellers, you can install a browser extension that created the service Letyshops. Thanks to him, really not only to get cashback for buying, but also see the monitoring of commodity prices and even the seller’s rating.


Discounts at Sephora, this is a great opportunity for the beautiful half of humanity to buy genuine French perfumes at a low price. Men, too, will be able to purchase not expensive, but high-quality perfumes. This year on Black Friday, the store promises an unprecedented discount of 35%.

Unfortunately, the price reduction will not apply to premium brands Dior and Chanel.


In Eldorado in Russia, also scheduled for Black Friday in 2018. Under discounts will get almost all groups of goods, their list can be viewed on the official website, a few days before the sale. The range of discounts varies from 3 to 60%.

Due to this collapse of prices, you can save up to 30% of the family budget. The cost of many models of appliances will be reduced so that to give a dryer, a blender or a meat grinder will have no difficulty.

Moreover, in Eldorado provide long installments, a little more than two years, although a long time, but unnoticed.


In the period of the enormous sales at Lamoda, you can buy discounted fashion items this season. Be affected almost all the brands. Expected discounts amount to 50% or more.

On Black Friday at Lamoda can be purchased at competitive prices in the following items:

  • men’s and women’s clothing (not only summer but also the winter);
  • footwear (shoes, sneakers, shoes, boots);
  • accessories (bags, backpacks, belts);
  • hats.

In addition, during this period, customers will receive many benefits. All things are delivered right at. You can order multiple sizes of any clothes home to try on her, and unsuitable items to give to the courier.

The biggest discounts this year up to 90% on Black Friday promises Wildberries, and Bonprix, “Magnacarta” – up to 50%. It should also pay attention to the “Laticeps”, in addition to competitions and prizes, there will be played on the new SMART car 2017.

[embedded content]

Do not relax, Black Friday comes cyber Monday, which will also bring unprecedented discounts.


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Keti Topuria and rapper Guf officially broke up. A few days ago, the young people are no longer following each other in Instagram and ceased all communication. Fans wondered what could cause such a sudden breakup. As it turned out, that’s treason.

Just a few hours made public an audiotape on which Gough admits his affair on the side, spread through numerous online resources and telegram channels. It clearly audible as outraged by the fact that the girl he spent time in his country house, took his blackmail. “Well, what do you want me with you after it is communicated? If you this way want me to draw, so I left her, if you’re capable to throw my woman here all these pictures get in the way” – outraged Alexey Dolmatov.

And it seems that Yana from the city of Yekaterinburg his threat fulfilled. Now Topuria and emergency couple is not. And a home wrecker seriously thinking about the protection because he feared retaliation on the part of the rapper. According to her, the man continues to call and write her, so in order to its security Jan and made this situation public.

[embedded content]

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[embedded content]

Himself Gough the hoopla surrounding his name does not comment. And Keti Topuria on the question of separation from the beloved said, “Now I have Mickei Mouse”.


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