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A new crossover based on the SsangYong Tivoli revealed “face”

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The crossover, which is still known by the internal index S201, Mahindra is testing from last year. Fresh photos of the model published by the portal Team-BHP. “SUV” is based on the SsangYong Tivoli (Indian auto giant owns Korean brand), and, according to preliminary data, the novelty will be Mahindra two versions – standard and short. The length of the second option will not exceed four metres – such machines in India based on tax benefits. Probably short cross imprinted on the photo. Note, the length of Tivoli 202 is 4 mm. by the Way, “Korean” still have “stretched” version of the XLV (4 440 mm), but such modification is in India, does not appear.

mahindra (2)

Mahindra S201 haven’t lost camo, but even through the masking tape, externally, the model differs from the “donor”: Indian cross received a new grille, headlights and tail lights, different bumpers. The salon, according to local media reports, going to replicate the interior of the SsangYong Tivoli.

mahindra (1)

It is expected that S201 will be offered with a new turbocharged 1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel engine of its own design Mahindra. The power of the first motor will be about 140 PS, the return of the diesel engine is still unknown. Crossover SsangYong Tivoli is equipped with “aspirated” 1.6, with a capacity of 128 HP and 115-horsepower diesel engine of similar displacement. The model of the Korean brand has four-wheel drive version, will full drive S201 – data yet.


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A major insurer, gained customers for insurance, may leave them without payment

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In the case of sharp fluctuations of loss and deterioration of the economic situation “Rosenergo” may not be able to cope with the obligations to their customers. This conclusion was made by the actuary on the results of the mandatory assessment of insurance reserves of the company for 2017. Now that the insurer has liquidity problems, as 82% of the business accounted for as insurance.


NSG Rosenergo within 2017, significantly increased its customer portfolio by auto insurance. In the end, the fees of the insurer has increased by more than 80% and made in the segment to 5.2 billion RUB.

News / Car and society

The government will waive the protection of insurance policies

More and more customers insurance when buying a new or renewing existing insurance policy, make a choice in favor of the electronic version. According to the representative of the Russian Union of insurers Igor Fatianov,…

50003 0 0 29.06.2018

Thus the group was able to rise up to 12 lines in the list of most major insurers, according to the Central Bank.

In the opinion of the actuary States that “a large proportion of CTP in the portfolio poses a threat to the financial condition of the organization.” He advises companies including to reduce the proportion of policies sold through the “Single agent” (last year their share increased from 1% to 9%).

Recall, this system allows RSA to share the risks between insurers: in this case, the customer is assigned a company number of the TCP or of the certificate of registration.

As reported by “Vedomosti“, the total liquidity gap on the horizon above the year “Rosenergo” amounted to almost 160 million. There is also a lack of provision for unearned premiums (it is formed for future payments): the size is 30.6 million RUB This suggests that insurance companies may have problems with commitments.

Note, from such not insured by any one company, since the applicable rules of the Russian Union of motor insurers there are no restrictions in the issuance of forms of insurance policies, even in the case of lack of reserves of the company. It can be assumed that such limits will be introduced, as now in the case of revocation of SK license payments under its contracts “avtograzhdanki” produces exactly the CWA.

Car accident involving two cars on the street

The actuary also advises NSG Rosenergo to reduce the portfolio insurance due to the fact that this segment is, according to him, unprofitable. Earlier it became known that insurers have again started to threaten record losses. Thus, the ratio of the average expected loss for the current year will reach 92% (last year it was 84%). In the beginning of the current year the sum of payments has declined: in January-may, customers received 32% less money than in the same period last year.


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New joint cross for Nissan and Dongfeng: the first photo without camouflage

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Photos of the camouflaged crossover Venucia posted last week. At the same time, the brand has extended the first official teaser novelties. And now the Ministry of industry of China there are shots of the cross without any masking. Judging by the nameplate located on the rear doors, the model will go on sale under the symbol T60.


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Ex-Kalina: first photos of the hatchback Lada Granta without camouflage

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AVTOVAZ plans to update models Granta and Kalina, after which they will be United in one family. As a result, to the sedan and liftback Granta will join the five-door hatch, wagon and its cross-version, which is currently presented on the market under the name Kalina, after which it will disappear from the product line.

Recently was declassified a restyled Lada Granta sedan, whose appearance has been given in compliance with the latest X-style, which debuted at Lada Vesta and Lada Xray. The upgrade process has been significantly redesigned front of the car where there is a new head optics, grille, bumper, hood and fenders.

Передняя панель обновленной Lada Granta

The front panel of the updated Lada Granta

Передняя панель Lada Kalina

Front panel Lada Kalina

Now on the page “Lada Granta FL club” the social network “Vkontakte” there were photos of hatchback Lada Granta, which bore the earlier name of Lada Kalina. In the pictures the car is embodied without any camouflage, fully revealing changes in appearance. By the way, the front is fully repeats the updated sedan, and in the stern the only noticeable change is the redesigned logo of the manufacturer.


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