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20 Warm Places Where You Can Escape During the Holidays

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Wouldn’t you know that Halloween is now firmly in the rearview mirror. And that can only mean one thing! Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away now… And what happens after the turkey comes out of the oven and the calendar switches over to the last month of the year? Well, that means that the holidays are finally upon us!


Sure, the holidays are all well and good! It’s great to have the opportunity to gather with friends and family and to celebrate. However, let’s face the facts. As fun as the holidays can be, they can also be mighty stressful – and not to mention a bit cold and dreary.

That’s why so many people start thinking of getting away from it all to a place that’s warm and sunny during the holiday season. And if you’re one of those kinds of people, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. On the list below, we’re going to review our picks for 20 warm places where you can go in order to escape the holidays this winter. From incredible islands to warm desert locales, they’re all here. So, take your pick, and save yourself from the winter doldrums!

1. Little Palm Island, Florida

Part of the Keys, this relaxed Florida destination features winter-time temps that over in the mid 70s.


2. Hamilton Parish, Bermuda

Only a short plane ride away from the East Coast of the U.S., Hamilton Parish features great weather and some gorgeous pink-sand beaches.

3. Deep Water Cay, Bahamas

If you fancy a warm deep-water fishing excursion as your winter holiday getaway, then this Bahamas destination is a great choice.

4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Home to some of the very best resorts in the world, there’s always a good time to be had here during the winter months.


5. Nicaragua

If you’re looking for a warm place to head this winter where the surfing is good, Nicaragua is a sneaky-good destination.

6. Hermitage Bay, Antigua

The rugged coastline along Hermitage Bay means that it’s eminently possible to find a beautiful stretch of sand and surf to call your own.

7. St. John, USVI

You won’t need to take out your passport in order to pay this wonderful island – which will have temps in the low 80s – a visit.

8. Christiansted, St. Croix

This beautiful historic town has a unique splendor that’s only eclipsed by the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding.

9. Willemstad, Curacao

Featuring exquisite Dutch architecture, you won’t get those low Dutch winter temps here.


10. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

If you pay this destination a visit during the holidays, be sure to take part in some of the best snorkeling on the planet.

11. Viti Levu, Fiji

As you’re enjoying temperatures that can reach up into the high 80s, you’ll likely be blown away by the incredible beauty of the deep blue waters around you.

12. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

You’ll find plenty of beautiful resorts along the coastline here, a place where the average temps during the holidays are in the mid 80s.

13. The Maldives

This chain of islands is famous for a reason, and you’ll definitely enjoy the warm weather when you’re staying in a gorgeous overwater bungalow.

14. Saba

If you’re looking for an uncommon Caribbean experience, the island of Saba is definitely there to accommodate.

15. San Diego, California

The beautiful city of San Diego has beautiful weather year round and is home to some great cultural attractions, such as the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

16. Todos Santos, Mexico

Why put up with the party crowds of places like Cabo when you can enjoy a relaxing and warm vacation here?

17. Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

If you find yourself here during the holiday season, it’s entirely possible that you might be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

18. Paracas, Peru

The gorgeous cliffs of Paracas are only a few hours away from Lima. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches and an incredible diversity of wildlife.

19. Roatan, Honduras

Here’s the place you’ll want to hit up if your idea of a warm holiday getaway includes getting some great scuba-diving in.


20. Virgin Gorda, BVI

When you’re looking for a warm-weather getaway this winter that’s high on romance, don’t sleep on Virgin Gorda.




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Explore Harry Potter Film Locations Around England And Wales

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Harry Potter was a book and movie series that has changed a generation. If you happen to be a true Potterhead then a trip around England visiting some major film locations might be just for you. Here at Places You’ll See we thought we would make things easier for you and have come up with a list of our favourite Harry Potter film locations throughout London, the English countryside and Wales.


London was a major filming location throughout all the movies and you could spend days hunting down little Harry Potter gems. Here are 4 stops to get you started.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour:

HP Studio Tour

No true Harry Potter fan would pass up the opportunity to visit the Harry Potter studio where much of the filming takes place. You can easily spend a full day here as you browse through thousands of props, enjoy short videos by all the major actors, sit on the Knight Bus, and drink a mug of Butterbeer. The cost is £50 for the day and includes transport by bus from several locations

Platform 9 ¾:

Platform 9 and 3 quaters

Who knew a book would propel a random platform in Kings Cross Station to international fame? Well Harry Potter has done just that. Thousands of tourists flock to the platform every week to see where the magical world begins. There is a baggage trolley half through the wall where you can have your next Instagram photo taken as well as a store selling nothing but Harry Potter merchandise.

Millennium Bridge:

No doubt you’ll be visiting the Thames anyway (to see Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge etc) so while you are here why not walk across the bridge that the Death Eaters

Claremont Square:

Siruis Blacks House

Sirius Black was always our favorite character so a trip to 12 Grimmauld place was a must. This line of streets was used as the exterior to Sirius Black’s (and then Harry’s) house in the later films.

Film Locations In The English Countryside:

Harry Potter film locations can be found throughout England, Wales and Scotland so no tour would be complete if we didn’t step outside of the city and find some more rural locations.

Hardwick Hall:

Malfoy Manor And Voldermort Stronghold

If you head north of London you can find Hardwick Hall. A beautiful English countryside manor which just so happened to be owned by the Malfoys. This manor was used in a number of the later films especially once Voldemort chose it as his base of operations. Entry into the grounds and manor only costs £12 for adults and £6 for children. If you like the countryside you can continue heading north into Scotland to see some of the lakes and mountains used as beautiful backdrops for the films.

Ashbridge wood:

Quidditch World Cup

Heading west of London you’ll soon find yourself at Ashbridge Wood. Home of the Quidditch World Cup. Grab a bottle of water and walk through the lovely landscape and take in the fresh air found outside of London.

Gloucester Cathedral:

Hogwartz Interiors

Continue heading west of Ashbridge Wood and you’ll find yourself at Gloucester Cathedral where many Hogwarts interior shots are taken. This beautiful old church has free entry and its architecture is a wonder to see.

Freshwater West beach:

The Beach Dobby Died At

If you get lucky and have a few sunny days then a trip to Freshwater West Beach in Wales is a great way to spend the day. Enjoy the sun and the sand and try not to think about the death of Dobby too much as you visit the place where it all happened.


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The 7 Best DIY Campervans & How To Build Them Yourself

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One of the latest trends that have been popping up around the world is the “glamper camper”. A beautifully designed and built campervan made into often times an old van or bus. Chucking a bed in a van has been around since at least the 60’s when surfers and hippies made the Volkswagen Kombi van as iconic as the Beatles, but these new designs have taken them to the next level. Here at PlacesYoullSee we decided to make a list of our favourite 7.

#1 Mercedes Sprinter by Daniel B

Campervan number one

Decked out in white with a sideways bed and kictchenette Daniel has made an absolute masterpiece. See more pictures on his instagram.

#2. More Bedroom Than Van

A campervan that looks like a bedroom

We loved how much this van looked like a bedroom compared to a van with a bed in it. The use of wood on the floor and ceiling gives this camper a touch of class that you rarely see. Little touches like a bookshelf show just how much planning went into the design and building on this campervan. Read about the conversion here.

#3 The Top and bottom split

This van takes a different approach to give you a lot more storage room. By splitting the van into 2 levels the entire bottom half of the van can be used for storing anything large (think mountain bikes, canoes etc). The upper level has a large bed and classy wooden roof. See more build photos here.

#4 Wood Wall To Walls In A Ford Transit

Prize number 4

The more wood the better! This beautiful design fits out a Ford Transit with a luxurious interior. To see some build photos click here:

#5 Drop Down Table And Beds

Drop down bed campervan

This van made our list due to how well they have taken advantage of limited space. Much smaller than a lot of the other vans used here the use of fold down beds and a hanging table allows for a great use of available space.

#6. Simple And Stylish

A simple design campervan

This simple and elegant design has couches that can be converted into beds by removing the back cushions. To see the build click here

#7 Window Addons To Enjoy The Great Views

This build has had window flaps cut into their Mercedes Sprinter so you can enjoy the amazing views you see as your travel. If you’d like to build something like this you can read all about it here:


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9 Reasons Why Winter Vacations Kill Summer Vacations

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With Winter fast approaching lots of people think the ideal holiday is a beach front hotel and a cocktail. A few of us here at Places You’ll See disagree with that statement so we have decided to come up with a list of reasons why Winter vacations are better than Summer vacations.

Skiing and Snowboarding

There’s not much that tops a bluebird day with a foot of fresh snow. Every year thousands of people around the world flock to the mountains chasing the snow. Whether you’re a skier or a boarder the mountains in Winter can offer as much fun as anywhere in the world. This Winter head north to some of the worlds iconic snow resorts including Whistler, Aspen or Vail. If you’re looking for something a little different this Winter check out some of the European resorts such as Chamonix, Innsbruck or Val Thorens. If you’re one of those people chasing deep untracked powder Japan if the place to be although it doesn’t have the same after ski atmosphere as the resorts in Europe and North America.

The Northern Lights

The northen lights in Winter

The northern lights are one of the most beautiful, captivating and aw inspiring sights in the world. They are only found a long way north (or south for the Aurora Australis) and they can only be seen in the Winter. Some of the most famous places for seeing the northern lights include all of Iceland, Lapland in northern Norway, and Fairbanks Alaska. You can take Northern light tours or if you are looking for something truly unique and magical Kakskauttanen Resort in Finland offers glass igloo accommodation allowing you to spend the night cuddled under a blanket watching the lights roll by above you.

Apres Bar Parties

There is just something about the vibe of Apres bars and after ski parties that regular bars just cannot compete with. The nightlife in some Apres bars such as Krazy Kangaruh or Rond Point is so famous that people travel to them even if they don’t want to ski or snowboard. A sunny afternoon on a mountain with a live band playing and everybody having a great time is something all people should experience at least once in their life. And you never know, you might even find some time to go skiing or boarding while you wait for the bars to open up again.

Dog Sledding

Step back into the olden days with a dog sled across the snow. Dog sledding tours can be found in a number of Winter towns throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Sit back, relax and take in the serenity as you glide silently though snow covered trees. Just a tip we have learned: When giving your weight it’s better to exaggerate how much you weigh so they use more dogs otherwise you might find yourself walking up a hill because there were not strong enough dogs to pull you up.

A Jacuzzi In The Mountains

Grab a bunch of beers, a few friends, and sit in a jacuzzi outside. The cold of the air on your face and warmth of the water make for an amazing time. If it’s clear you get to sit back and see all the stars that you don’t normally get to see in the city. If its cloudy you might get lucky and see some snow start to fall from the sky.

Ice Skatting Outdoors

Ice Skating On A Lake

In the Winter and if you are far enough north you can enjoy ice-skating the way it is supposed to be done. Forget indoor arenas, ice-skating should be done outdoors on lakes or canals. If you find yourself in Ottowa during the Winter make sure to grab some skates and head to Rideau Canal or if you happen to be in Europe when a cold front hits you might be one of the lucky people that gets to skate around the canals of Amsterdam. Remember to always play it safe and make sure the ice is deep enough to safely hold your weight. Speaking from experience a Winter swim is not much fun.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing at sunset

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then you have to try ice fishing at least once in your life. Head onto the water and see if you can’t jag a hungry trout looking for some snacks to get through the Winter. When you do hook a fish remember to keep the line away from ice or you might never get to see that hungry trout. A quick tip: A small cover tent, a heater, beers and a good friend or two make this a much more enjoyable adventure.



For the adrenaline junkies who love the sound of an engine and the air rushing past your face then you can’t go past a snowmobiling trip. While they may seem slow as the cruise around ski resorts with the sirens blaring looking for people skiers and boarders breaking the rules a snowmobile in the backcountry is an adrenaline junkies dream. These things are fast, scary fast! Go out for an afternoon and you’ll be smiling the whole time.

That Fresh Mountain Air

The number one thing to enjoy about Winter holidays is the fresh, cold, mountain air. It makes you feel alive. Forget humid tropical beach, a cold clear mountain view is the best way to start the day.

Got a friend that disagrees with you? Send them this article and prove them wrong.


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