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20 Warm Places Where You Can Escape During the Holidays

Wouldn’t you know that Halloween is now firmly in the rearview mirror. And that can only mean one thing! Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away now… And what happens after the turkey comes out of the oven and the calendar switches over to the last month of the year? Well, that means that the holidays are finally upon us!


Sure, the holidays are all well and good! It’s great to have the opportunity to gather with friends and family and to celebrate. However, let’s face the facts. As fun as the holidays can be, they can also be mighty stressful – and not to mention a bit cold and dreary.

That’s why so many people start thinking of getting away from it all to a place that’s warm and sunny during the holiday season. And if you’re one of those kinds of people, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. On the list below, we’re going to review our picks for 20 warm places where you can go in order to escape the holidays this winter. From incredible islands to warm desert locales, they’re all here. So, take your pick, and save yourself from the winter doldrums!

1. Little Palm Island, Florida

Part of the Keys, this relaxed Florida destination features winter-time temps that over in the mid 70s.


2. Hamilton Parish, Bermuda

Only a short plane ride away from the East Coast of the U.S., Hamilton Parish features great weather and some gorgeous pink-sand beaches.

3. Deep Water Cay, Bahamas

If you fancy a warm deep-water fishing excursion as your winter holiday getaway, then this Bahamas destination is a great choice.

4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Home to some of the very best resorts in the world, there’s always a good time to be had here during the winter months.


5. Nicaragua

If you’re looking for a warm place to head this winter where the surfing is good, Nicaragua is a sneaky-good destination.

6. Hermitage Bay, Antigua

The rugged coastline along Hermitage Bay means that it’s eminently possible to find a beautiful stretch of sand and surf to call your own.

7. St. John, USVI

You won’t need to take out your passport in order to pay this wonderful island – which will have temps in the low 80s – a visit.

8. Christiansted, St. Croix

This beautiful historic town has a unique splendor that’s only eclipsed by the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding.

9. Willemstad, Curacao

Featuring exquisite Dutch architecture, you won’t get those low Dutch winter temps here.


10. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

If you pay this destination a visit during the holidays, be sure to take part in some of the best snorkeling on the planet.

11. Viti Levu, Fiji

As you’re enjoying temperatures that can reach up into the high 80s, you’ll likely be blown away by the incredible beauty of the deep blue waters around you.

12. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

You’ll find plenty of beautiful resorts along the coastline here, a place where the average temps during the holidays are in the mid 80s.

13. The Maldives

This chain of islands is famous for a reason, and you’ll definitely enjoy the warm weather when you’re staying in a gorgeous overwater bungalow.

14. Saba

If you’re looking for an uncommon Caribbean experience, the island of Saba is definitely there to accommodate.

15. San Diego, California

The beautiful city of San Diego has beautiful weather year round and is home to some great cultural attractions, such as the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

16. Todos Santos, Mexico

Why put up with the party crowds of places like Cabo when you can enjoy a relaxing and warm vacation here?

17. Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

If you find yourself here during the holiday season, it’s entirely possible that you might be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

18. Paracas, Peru

The gorgeous cliffs of Paracas are only a few hours away from Lima. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches and an incredible diversity of wildlife.

19. Roatan, Honduras

Here’s the place you’ll want to hit up if your idea of a warm holiday getaway includes getting some great scuba-diving in.


20. Virgin Gorda, BVI

When you’re looking for a warm-weather getaway this winter that’s high on romance, don’t sleep on Virgin Gorda.





20 Travel Experiences You Must Have in the United States

The United States is a land of absolutely incredible diversity. Every region of the country is different. From the kinds of cuisine you’ll sample, to the places you’ll see, and even to the people you’ll meet, there’s no shortage of incredible things to experience in the great ol’ U. S. of A.

If you’re visiting the country, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. There are simply to many things to list that you absolutely must see and do… But, even if you’re an American, there is still a long list of places to visit and things to experience that you need to cross off of your bucket list!

On the list below, we’ve pulled together our 20 picks for the travel experiences that everyone must have in the United States. On this list, we’ll share our picks for some of our favorite road trips that you can take. In addition, we’ll share our picks for the best landmarks for you and yours to check out. And, we’ve even got a few surprises on here for you! It’s not going to just be a list of places like Mount Rushmore and the Empire State Building, after all!

1. White Sands National Monument

The white sand of this landmark located in New Mexico will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto the surface of another planet.

2. Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

There’s much and more to see in our nation’s capital, and it never looks better than it does when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

3. Yellowstone National Park

The natural beauty of Yellowstone cannot easily be put into words; it’s just one of those things you need to experience for yourself.

4. Napa Valley Wine Tasting

There’s nothing quite as relaxing, fun and – yes – a little tipsy than cruising the Napa Valley and visiting its sundry wineries.

5. Top of the Statue of Liberty

This is one of the quintessential things one should do at least once when visiting the Big Apple. So what if it’s a little cliché?

6. Drive the Florida Keys

There may be no United States road trip that’s more laidback and invigorating the cruising through the Florida Keys.

7. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

Stretching from the bottom of California and all the way up the Pacific coast, we simply can’t count the number of incredible things you’ll see along this cruise.

8. The Golden Gate Bridge

On a clear day, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco is one of the most beautiful drives on the planet.

9. Palm Springs

Long the playground of the stars, this town out in the desert features awesome midcentury architecture, incredible restaurants and shops… And golf!

10. Skiing in Jackson Hole

There are plenty of incredible places to go skiing in the United States, but our pick for the best of them is without a doubt Jackson Hole.

11. Hike the Grand Canyon

You need to see the Grand Canyon in order to believe it… But, don’t just look at it from an observation point! Actually go hiking around and through it.

12. 360degrees Chicago

The city of Chicago has one of the country’s most impressive skylines, and this 1000-foot high destination offers the greatest vantage point form which to view it.

13. Graceland

Elvis is pretty much American royalty, and taking a trip to his home in Memphis, Tennessee, is something everyone should do.

14. Cruise Route 66

Running all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles, cruising Route 66 is an easy way to see much of what the country has to offer.

15. The New Orleans Jazz Festival

Mardi Gras may get much of the press when it comes to New Orleans’ events, but ask a local. The Jazz Festival is the most fun.

16. Mammoth Cave National Park

This destination in Kentucky is home to an incredible and extremely massive cave system that’s sure to impress.

17. Sequoia National Park

You haven’t seen a tall tree until you’ve had the chance to step underneath that absolutely massive redwoods you’ll find here.

18. Leaf Peeping in New England

Once the autumn months come along, the landscape of New England turns all kinds of bright yellows and fiery reds.

19. Las Vegas Party

At least once in every life one needs to take the opportunity to live the high-roller lifestyle in Sin City.

20. Badlands National Park

It’s just like the name of this park says, and the landscape you’ll find here in South Dakota is unlike anything else in the world.


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20 Things You Have to Do When You Visit Mexico

When you’re looking to take an incredible vacation, it’s definitely worth considering a trip south of the border. Mexico is an incredibly diverse country, and one that’s home to some of the very best travel destinations on the planet.

If you’re looking to have an incredible time on the beach sipping tropical cocktails while letting the cool ocean breeze wash over you, then you can do that. If you’re looking to tour ancient ruins that will awe you in their majesty, then you can do that too. You can even visit some of the world’s finest museums and sample some of the best cuisine on the planet. Mexico has all of these things and so much more!

The point is this. There’s much and more to see in Mexico, and if you want to have the best experience possible when visiting, then you have to know what those things are! On the list below, we’re going to share out 20 picks for the things that you absolutely have to do when you visit Mexico. From incredible museums, to great places to eat, and even the very best beaches, we’ve got it covered. So come take a tour with us, and learn about all the things you need to see, hear, taste and do the next time you head south of the border.

1. Monte Alban

Just a short way away from Oaxaca, these Zapotec ruins are some of the most incredible things you’ll see on the planet.

2. San Miguel de Allende

There’s a strange magic and beauty to this city, which is why Travel + Leisure recently rated it as the world’s best.

3. Puerto Vallarta’s Baby Turtles

Sea Turtles use Puerto Vallarta as a place to lay their nests and rear their young. When the baby turtle’s hatch, it’s a thing of beauty.

4. Rio Secreto

Have you ever dreamed of checking out an underground river? Well, you can when you visit this spot in Mexico!

5. Tulum Clifftop Castle

This castle is the focal point of Tulum and is itself a relic of the ancient Mayan civilization that once abounded.

6. Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres

When you want to visit the very best beach that Mexico has to offer, then take this as our recommendation.

7. Mexican Wrestling

Forget about what you think of the WWE. There’s no substitute for the fun of visiting a bona fide Mexican wrestling match.

8. Frida Kahlo’s Home

Fans of this artist must make it a point to visit her home in Mexico City, which doubles a museum.

9. Chichen Itza

Perhaps the most famous of the Mayan ruin sites in Mexico, this is one of those things that isn’t done justice by pictures.

10. Las Pozas Surrealist Gardens

Created by an eccentric artist over a period of two decades, this incredible garden in the jungle is supposed to resemble the ruins of a fictional ancient civilization.

11. Museo Soumaya

Having finished construction in 1994, this museum is itself a world of art, which is to say nothing of the incredible works of art you’ll find inside.

12. Sunset at Land’s End

From the right vantage point, you can watch the sun as it dips below the horizon through the unique rock formations just off shore.

13. Cancun Underwater Museum

Provided you’re a capable scuba diver, you can head to Cancun and check out one of the world’s only underwater sculpture gardens.

14. Palacio des Bellas Artes in Mexico City

One of the most incredible examples of architecture in the entire world, this place is not to be skipped if you’re in Mexico City.

15. Playa del Carmen

A bit more laid back than the party atmosphere you’ll find in Cabo, Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to go if you want to relax on your Mexican vacation.

16. Guadalajara

You definitely want to pay a visit to this incredible city, which perfectly mixes the modern world with classic and ancient architecture.

17. The Tequila Trail

Hop on a train, start drinking some tequila, and then learn about this unique Mexican libation as you do so. What’s not to love?

18. Day of the Dead

You’ll never think of Halloween in the same way after you’ve had a chance to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico on November 1st.

19. Playa Escondida

It’s a beach that’s literally located inside of a cave… If that doesn’t sell this as a must-see destination, we don’t know what will!

20. Island of Dolls

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this landmark was created by one man over many years and has a very haunting quality to it.


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20 Ways to Experience Mexico on the Cheap

When you’re looking to have an incredible vacation experience and one that doesn’t involve an inordinate amount of travel, you’re going to consider a trip to Mexico. But, just like many other hot international destinations, taking a vacation down in Mexico can definitely become something that quickly breaks the bank. After all, don’t you want to stay in all of the hottest resorts with all the craziest amenities?

Well, you don’t exactly have to go that route if you want to have an incredible Mexican vacation experience. As a matter of fact, you might want to do the exact opposite!

If done in the right way, it’s possible to have both a vacation experience in Mexico that’s authentic and incredible and also something that’s not going to break your bank. So, just how do you go about doing this? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to be covering!

Below, we’re going to share 20 different ways in which you can experience Mexico on the cheap! Not only are we going to tell you all about the places that you’ll want to stay, we’ll also tell you about what you should do once you get there! Let’s take a look…

1. Mexico City

You can spend a lot of money here if you want to, but it’s actually quite easy to find great hotel rooms for as little as $60 per night.

2. Mezcal Bars

If you want to hang with the youth of Mexico city and get a little drunk besides, then check out the Mezcal Bars where $20 can get you good and tipsy.

3. San Miguel de Allende

If you’re looking for a quiet and beautiful place to have your Mexican vacation, you’ll appreciate the inexpensive rates here.

4. Street Food

Those with a culinary streak will want to sample all of the street food that distinguishes this wonderful city from others.

5. Morelia

This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the most amazing and sumptuous architecture in all of Mexico.

6. The Cathedral

If you go, you’ll definitely want to check out the city’s famous cathedral, which won’t even cost you a thing to do.

7. Palenque

Here’s a great place you can visit on the cheap if you’re looking to get up-close and personal with Mayan ruins.

8. Hotel Transportation

Getting back and forth from the ruins is usually quite easy, with most of the hotels in Palenque offering their own transportation.

9. Puerto Escondido

If you’re looking for a quiet and intimate Mexican vacation, then check out this inexpensive spot whose name translates to “Hidden Port”.

10. Walk to the Beach

For about $50 per night, you can get a solid hotel room that’s right within walking distance of the gorgeous beach.

11. Puebla

Wonderful rooms can be found in this city about an hour and a half away from Mexico city for less than $30 per night.

12. Cantona

You can catch tours of this amazing ruin, complete with an English-speaking tour guide, for around $35 a day.

13. Juchitan de Zaragoza

This wonderful city has great color and charm, and stays here can be had for as little as $35 per night.

14. The Market

When you visit this city, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible at the market, where all manner of foods and items can be found.

15. Puerto Vallarta

The beach in Puerto Vallarta is open to the public, meaning you don’t have to plunk down oodles of cash on a resort stay for access.

16. The Boardwalk

And when you don’t spend all of your money on a resort, you have the chance to sample the sundry foods and wares of the famous boardwalk.

17. Guanajuato

This beautiful city is one of many colors, and also one that has many stairs winding through its streets.

18. Cheap Eats

Your money will go a long way here if you choose to eat out, as three-course meals typically run about $15.

19. Oaxaca

Rooms for the night can be found for far less than $100 per night in the city of Oaxaca, a place that’s home to a thriving food culture.

20. Monte Alban

If you visit Oaxaca, be sure to pay a visit to the beautiful Monte Alban, which will only set you back about $5.


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