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20 Pictures of South Pacific Islands You Need to Visit

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It’s been a long year so far, hasn’t it? And you know what that means? No, it’s not time to have another cocktail; it’s time for you to take a vacation. In fact, we think that this year has been so rough, that perhaps its high time you take that bucket-list kind of vacation that you’ve long been dreaming of… And, since we’re in the business of reading minds through the Internet, we’re willing to be that we’ve got a pretty good idea about what that bucket-list destination just might be…

We’re talking about islands in the South Pacific, of course! (We know, given that you’re reading this, you already know what we’re going to be exploring… So much for that third eye of ours!)

In the pictures below, we’re going to show you some of the most beautiful islands that there are to explore in this incredibly beautiful region of the world. As you go through each pictures, try to imagine yourself enjoying what you’re looking at. Wherever you most see yourself is where you should take your next vacation. Will it be Bora Bora? Will it be Tahiti? There’s only one way to find out… Read on to explore the South Pacific islands you need to visit!

1. Easter Island

This one may be a little obvious, but make no mistake that Easter Island is a place you need to see.

2. Moai

You’re familiar with the Easter Island statues, well they’re known locally as Moai, and they’re beguiling.

3. Super Remote

This is where you want to go if you really want to escape it all; Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited places on the globe!

4. Tetiaroa

Wouldn’t you know that this beautiful spot was originally a place where Tahitian royalty would vacation?

5. Hollywood Royalty

So beautiful and historic is this island that none other than Marlon Brando decided to purchase it!

6. Marlon!

If you want to experience the finest accommodations here, you’ll have to book your stay at The Brando.

7. Laucala Island

If you’re looking for the very best of Fiji, then look no further than the stunning Laucala Island.

8. Super Exclusive

You’ll really get to experience the areas natural beauty here, as there are only 25 villas on the island.

9. Super Large

And there’s plenty to explore, as this is the largest privately owned island in the entirety of the southern hemisphere.

10. Tikehau

Here’s a place where you can experience white and pink sand beaches in equal measure.

11. Something Fishy

The waters just off of this beautiful island are home to one of the richest collection of fish in the entire world.

12. Stay Awhile

If you want to experience this world treasure, you’ll want to book your stay at Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.

13. Taha’a

As a part of the Society Islands, Tahaa offers some of the best that French Polynesia has to offer.

14. Vanilla Island

If you find Taha’a too hard to pronounce, you can just call it Vanilla Island, which it is named for… You guess it! Its vanilla harvesting.

15. La Taha’a Island Resort & Spa

If you’re looking to check this gorgeous place out, then this is absolutely where you’ll need to stay.

16. Bora Bora

Increasing in popularity by the day, Bora Bora has practically become synonymous with the South Pacific.

17. Resplendent Beauty

And it’s easy to understand why, because Bora Bora is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world.

18. Stay for Awhile

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s home to some of the most luxurious hotels, like the St. Regis and the Four Seasons, each of which offer overwater bungalows.

19. Rangiroa

This small string of islands is like something you’d see in a picture book; it’s that gorgeous!

20. Scuba Away

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to go scuba diving, then this is the place for you in the South Pacific.

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13 Best Gifts for Tech-Savvy Globetrotters

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Watch: Is This Robotic Hotel Room on Wheels the Future of Travel?

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It’s a personal taxi and luxury hotel room in one — and it might just be the future of travel.

Toronto-based design firm Aprilli Design Studio designed the “Autonomous Travel Suite,” a hotel suite housed within a self-driving vehicle, which lets travelers visit multiple destinations anytime, day or night.

[embedded content]

Conceptual renderings show a battery-powered, mobile hotel room on wheels, equipped with sleeping, working, and washroom facilities. It features a double bed, desk area and workspace, shower, panoramic windows, and a retractable roof where room service can be dropped off via drones.

The travel suite will allow “guests to use their travel time more efficiently and productively,” according to Aprilli.

There will also be an indoor temperature control system, which responds to climates and environments automatically.

The Autonomous Travel Suite is equipped with sleeping, working, and washroom facilities. It also has a retractable roof where room service can be dropped off via drones.(Photo Credit: Aprilli Design Studio)

Aprilli says the Autonomous Travel Suite communicates through a central platform for “intelligent hospitality service” called Autonomous Interface that controls the various operations and services between the travel suites and hotel facilities using advanced technology.

Travelers would simply specify the destinations they want to visit via an online app, and the interface will analyze the best routes to take. Any necessary services can also be requested through the app.

And since many travelers would still prefer the perks of stationary hotels, Aprilli says it will install hotel facilities across road networks. The stationary “parent units,” which the Autonomous Travel Suites can dock into, will provide public amenities, such as a meeting room, spa, pol, and gym, along with housekeeping and charging services for the mobile suites.

Stationary “parent units,” which the Autonomous Travel Suites can dock into, will provide public amenities, such as a meeting room, spa, pol, and gym, along with housekeeping and charging services for the mobile suites. (Photo Credit: Aprilli Design Studio)

“As a new way of traveling, the Autonomous Travel Suite will become a strong competitive form of inter-city travel option, impacting the conventional transportation and hospitality industry,” the design firm says on their website. “Along with future technologies including Artificial Intelligence, robotics, drones, among others, the Autonomous Travel Suite will become your companion, changing your journey into a destination.”

Aprilli’s concept for the Autonomous Travel Suite was awarded the top prize at this year’s Radical Innovation Award, which recognizes innovative ideas relating to hospitality.

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This Embraer ‘Shark’ Plane Has No Dreaded Middle Seats

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a great white shark.

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is turning heads with its new E190-E2 plane, painted up in a special great white shark livery.

The jet, nicknamed the “Shark Profit Hunter” has been touring the world, making appearances at various airshows, including at Airshow China 2018, held earlier this month in Zhuhai in Guangdong Province. It’s the show plane for Boeing and Embraer’s E2 family of regional jets, which encompasses the E175-E2, E190-E2, and E195-E2.

Embraer’s “Shark Profit Hunter” has been making appearances at air shows, including at Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, China. (Photo Credit: VCG via Getty Images)

The E190-E2 boasts a 2-2 seating configuration, getting rid of the dreaded middle seats. It also features re-designed, larger windows to make the cabin brighter, overhead bins that are 40 percent larger and able to fit standard carry-on luggage wheels-first, and no under-seat support rails to impede legroom.

“Preserving passenger personal space is the goal,” Rodrigo Silva e Souza, vice-president of marketing for Embraer Commercial Aviation, told CNN Travel.

The shark-themed E190-E2 aircraft arrives at the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in Chengdu, China. (Photo Credit: VCG via Getty Images)

The aircraft can carry up to 150 passengers, and is the world’s “quietest, cleanest and most efficient new generation single-aisle aircraft in the segment,” according to an Embraer press release. The jet is said to burn 17 per cent less fuel than its predecessor, the E190. It’s main rival is the new Airbus A220 plane.

The E190-E2 is currently in commercial operation with Norway’s Widerøe, since April of this year, and Embraer forecasts 2,820 commercial aircraft up to 150 seats to be delivered over the next 20 years to European operators.

Embraer has highlighted Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines as US carriers that would most benefit from operating E2 jets, FlightGlobal reported. However, the first E175-E2 orders are not scheduled for delivery until 2021

In the meantime, look out for a shark on the runway.

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